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68th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
7th Joint Meeting with the British Neurosurgical Society (SBNS)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

14 - 17 May 2017, Magdeburg


Meeting Abstract (P 001)

The combined presigmoidal approach – own experience with the increasingly outmoded approach over the last seven years

Asgari S
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Meeting Abstract (P 002)

Idiopathic pachymeningitis cervicalis hypertrophic: case report and critical review of the literature

Hijazi MM, Kirsch M, Krex D, Podlesek D, Rieger B, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (P 003)

Smith-Robinson Procedure with and without Caspar Plating as a Treatment for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy: A 26 year follow-up of 23 patients

Burkhardt B, Brielmaier M, Schwerdtfeger K, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 004)

Radiation-induced meningioma (RIM) 54 years after radiotherapy for unilateral hereditary form of retinoblastoma – case report and critical review of the literature

Hijazi MM, Schackert G, Krex D, Rieger B, Podlesek D, Kirsch M
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Meeting Abstract (P 005)

Intramedullary lesions of the spinal cord – experiences from 426 cases

Mende C, Westphal M, Eicker SO
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Meeting Abstract (P 007)

Visualization in tubular assisted spinal surgery. Is there a difference between HD-endoscopy and microscopy?

Burkhardt B, Wilmes M, Sharif S, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 008)

Pathophysiological concepts for posttraumatic anisocoria in and after the thirties

Hagel V, Woischneck D, Kapapa T
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Meeting Abstract (P 009)

Historical review of sciatica prior to the era of lumbar disc herniation

Hagel V, Kapapa T, Woischneck D
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Meeting Abstract (P 010)

Intraoperative MRI for Resection Guidance in Neurosurgery – A Report from the German Study Group of Intraoperative MRI (GeSGIM)

Scherer M, Merkel A, Coburger J, Ahmeti H, Roder C, Scholz T, Banat M, Senft C, Wirtz CR, Unterberg A
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Meeting Abstract (P 011)

Anticoagulants that block von Willebrand factor fiber formation prevent thrombotic complications associated with intracranial metastases

Seiz-Rosenhagen M, Robador J, Mayer T, Brehmer S, Hänggi D, Schneider SW, Bauer AT
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Meeting Abstract (P 012)

Resting state functional MRI in the Setting of the intraoperative MRI: Early Experience

Metwali H, Akbarian A, Kabelitz U, Mohammadi B, Samii M, Samii A
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Meeting Abstract (P 013)

Cognitive and neuropsychological outcome after awake surgery for left frontal and temporal tumor resection

Noack A, Frisch S, Kell C, Seifert V, Forster MT
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Meeting Abstract (P 014)

Tumor-Treating-Fields treatment for Glioblastoma multiforme in daily praxis

May S, Kirchner A, Göbel J, Krex D, Gerlach R
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Meeting Abstract (P 015)

Radio frequency ablation as a minimally invasive Treatment in patients with spinal metastases

Kohl J, Jöllenbeck BA, Class D, Donitza A, Firsching R
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Meeting Abstract (P 016)

The history of cerebral vasospasm – diagnostics and treatment over the past 80 years

Dubinski D, Seifert V
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Meeting Abstract (P 017)

eLearning resources to supplement postgraduate neurosurgery training

Stienen MN, Schaller K, Cock H, Lisnic V, Regli L, Thomson S
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Meeting Abstract (P 018)

Progress of neuroendoscopy in the last 80 years

Ebner FH, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (P 019)

The impact of Robot-assisted spine surgery – shown on the example of our center

Haj A, Doenitz C, Brawanski A
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Meeting Abstract (P 020)

Intradural nodular fasciitis mimicking spinal glioblastoma metastasis

Behling F, Zipser C, Beschorner R, Füllbier L, Skardelly M, Ziehmann U, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (P 021)

Primary Gliosarcoma in adults: Clinical characteristics, Management and Outcomes in a series from a single German institution

Kuhna V, Viñas-Rios JM, Kretschmer T, Schmidt T
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Meeting Abstract (P 022)

Pupillary dilation in flurane sedation – report of two cases

Nowak S, Rehberg S, Schroeder H, Fleck S
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Meeting Abstract (P 023)

An antibody-guided poly-propylene-imine (PPI)-based polyplex-system for siRNA-treatment of EGFRvIII-positive tumors

Michen S, Tietze S, Ennen F, Janke A, Schackert G, Appelhans D, Temme A
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Meeting Abstract (P 024)

Fluorescein Sodium and YELLOW 560 nm filter for improved visualization of brain abscesses

Schebesch KM, Brawanski AT, Höhne J
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Meeting Abstract (P 025)

Gamma Knife radiosurgery for radiation resistant brain metastases

Fitschek F, Gatterbauer B, Frischer J
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Meeting Abstract (P 026)

Quality Indicators in Neurosurgery- Which are presently substantiated? A systematic review

Schipmann S, Schwake M, Suero Molina EJ, Roeder N, Steudel WI, Warneke N, Stummer W
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Meeting Abstract (P 027)

Electromagnetic navigation for intracranial neuroendoscopic operations

Hertel F, Berthold C, Schröder L, Gunness N, Raket M
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Meeting Abstract (P 028)

Hyperthermia increases temozolomide induced cell death in MGMT-unmethylated human glioblastoma specimens in vitro

Beher A, Kolodziej M, Koch C, Schwarm F, Uhl E, Stein M
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Meeting Abstract (P 029)

Deletion of chromosome 17q as an important step in the clonal cytogenetic evolution of recurrent meningiomas

Hemmer S, Ketter R, Urbschat S, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 030)

The transfalcine interhemispheric approach to contralateral paramedian, parafalcin lesions

Baldauf J, Schroeder HWS
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Meeting Abstract (P 031)

Critique of approximate entropy as complexity measure of intracranial pressure

Heissler HE, Alam M, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 032)

Precursors of ICP changes: The analysis of causal relationships

Heissler HE, Alam M, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 033)

Repurposing of the old sulfone antibiotic dapsone for the treatment of gliomas

Karpel-Massler G, Kast R, Chen XY, Wirtz CR, Halatsch ME, Bolm C
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Meeting Abstract (P 034)

Time-course of plasma chemokine and cytokine increases in a rat model of brain death

Esmaeilzadeh M, Sadeghi M, Galmbacher R, Daniel V, Mehrabi A, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 035)

Pathology of Pituicytoma – Indicators for treatment alternatives?

Mende C, Matschke J, Buslei R, Saeger W, Fahlbusch R, Buchfelder M, Westphal M, Flitsch J
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Meeting Abstract (P 036)

The influence of brain tumor localisation and isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) on reorganisatory processes of the language system

Rosengarth K, Dodoo-Schittko F, Doenitz C, Popp T, Brawanski A
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Meeting Abstract (P 037)

Restless legs syndrome as a first indicator of a meningioma-induced compression of brainstem and cervical spinal cord: a case report

Tatagiba M, Liepert J
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Meeting Abstract (P 038)

Carnosine's anti-neoplastic effect on glioblastoma cell growth is independent of its cleavage

Purcz K, Seidel C, Birkemeyer C, Dietterle J, Meixensberger J, Gaunitz F, Oppermann H
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Meeting Abstract (P 039)

Diverse effect of acetazolamide administration in murine Close Head Injury with versus without surgical decompression

Szczygielski J, Hubertus V, Kruchten E, Müller A, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 040)

Neuroendoscopic biopsy of paraventricular intraparenchymal tumors

Keiner D, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 041)

Experimental 5-ALA Photodynamic Therapy of a Human Chordoma Cell Line

Eismann L, Senger B, Steiger HJ, Cornelius JF
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Meeting Abstract (P 042)

Large cerebellopontine angle tumors: Long term follow-up of facial nerve function

Yildiz ÖC, Class D, Firsching R
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Meeting Abstract (P 043)

One year with Optune in Austria: First report on clinical experiences

Freyschlag C, Kerschbaumer J, Pinggera D, Thomé C
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Meeting Abstract (P 044)

Survival of patients undergoing resection of multiple lesions vs. one lesion in the presence of multiple metastases – a survival analysis based on the prospective Metasys-trial-data

Wolfert C, Hussein A, Fiss I, Hernandez Duran S, Bleckmann A, Rohde V, Schatlo B
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Meeting Abstract (P 045)

Interaction of nanoparticles with Neurons – a Liaison with potential?

Glumm J, Neubert J, Wagner S, Kiwit JCW
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Meeting Abstract (P 046)

Interneurons in the spotlight for recovery after spinal cord injury

Glumm J, Pohland M, Kiwit JCW
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Meeting Abstract (P 047)

IVH Score for the prediction of shunt dependency in patients suffering from aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular hemorrhage

Iliev B, Gasimov T, Mielke D, Rohde V, Malinova V
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Meeting Abstract (P 048)

Prophylactic spinal expansile duraplasty in patients with intramedullary tumors undergoing radiation therapy

Fiss I, Bettag C, Schatlo B, Behm T, Rohde V, von Eckardstein K, von der Brelie C
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Meeting Abstract (P 049)

Preoperative assessment of haemostasis in patients undergoing stereotactic brain biopsy

Beynon C, Wei S, Radbruch A, Capper D, Unterberg A, Kiening K
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Meeting Abstract (P 050)

Beneficial role of combination therapy on TFPI2 and cell viability in U87MG glioblastoma cell line

Sachkova A, Sperling S, Ninkovic M, Rohde V
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Meeting Abstract (P 051)

Visualization Needs in Brain Tumor Surgery – A Multicenter Observational Study

Roethe A, Vajkoczy P, Picht T
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Meeting Abstract (P 052)

Characterization of an intracranial rat model for local treatment

Wu Z, Schwabe K, Krauss JK, Nakamura M, John N
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Meeting Abstract (P 053)

Iterative Analysis for the temporal decomposition of CVR dynamic Response in neurovascular patients

van Niftrik B, Piccirelli M, Pangalu A, Valavanis A, Regli L, Fierstra J, Bozinov O
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Meeting Abstract (P 054)

Delayed malignant transformation of vestibular swannoma after stereotactic radiation

Simmermacher S, Vordermark D, Kegel T, Strauss C
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Meeting Abstract (P 055)

Hippocampal and cerebellar atrophy in patients with Cushing's Disease

Burkhardt T, Lüdecke D, Spiess L, Wittmann L, Westphal M, Flitsch J
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Meeting Abstract (P 056)

Intracerebral hemorrhage in patients with oral anticoagulation therapy

Schomacher M, Kramer U, Moskopp D
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Meeting Abstract (P 057)

Extended Surgical Therapy of Glioblastoma multiforme in Elderly Patients

Haaker G, Heiland DH, Watzlawick R, Delev D, Mercas B, Schnell O
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Meeting Abstract (P 058)

Multiphoton imaging of deparaffinized brain tissue sections

Tamosaityte S, Galli R, Uckermann O, Leipnitz E, Koch E, Steiner G, Kirsch M
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Meeting Abstract (P 059)

Cumulative surgical morbidity in patients with multiple cerebellar and medullary hemangioblastomas

Steiert C, Krüger MT, Jilg CA, Zschiedrich S, Klingler JH, Van Velthoven V, Gläsker S
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Meeting Abstract (P 060)

A new model for the determination of glioblastoma cell Invasion reveals that carnosine inhibits Infiltration of tumor cells into patient derived fibroblast culture

Dietterle J, Oppermann H, Meixensberger J, Gaunitz F
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Meeting Abstract (P 061)

Perioperative neuropsychological screening with Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) in patients with brain tumors – Feasibility, Acceptance and first Results

Reitzug L, Messing L, Ringel F, Renovanz M
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Meeting Abstract (P 062)

Massive activation of various angiogenic signaling pathways in sporadic and hereditary hemangioblastoma

Pierscianek D, Wolf S, El Hindy N, Sandalcioglu IE, Sure U, Müller OM, Zhu Y
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Meeting Abstract (P 063)

Cerebellar liponeurocytoma – molecular signature of a rare entity and the importance of accurate diagnosis

Linsenmann T, Monoranu CM, Keßler AF, Ernestus RI, Westermaier T, Löhr M
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Meeting Abstract (P 064)

CT-morphometric-analysis of C2 to evaluate the "safety zones" for anterior transarticular screw plaecements

Leyrer R, El Hindy N, Gembruch O, Wrede KH, Sure U, Müller OM
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Meeting Abstract (P 065)

Intraoperative Arterial Spin Labeling- Technical considerations and first results

Ahmeti H, Lindner T, Lübbing I, Jansen O, Synowitz M, Ulmer S
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Meeting Abstract (P 066)

Preliminary clinical results with the new Codman Certas Plus valve

Antes S, Stadie A, Oertel J
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Meeting Abstract (P 067)

Development of fluorescent dyes for the detection of DNA sequences in cell lines of malignant gliomas

Müller I, Samsoniya S, Chikvaidze IS, Schwabe K, Makoto N, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 068)

Perforated brain injuries during routine sinonasal surgery

Al-Afif S, Nakamura M, Lenarz T, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 069)

Melanoma and Melanotic Schwannoma: A Challenging Histological and Clinical Distinction

Velz J, Neidert MC, Rushing E, Bellut D, Regli L
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Meeting Abstract (P 070)

A case of isolated angiitis of the central nervous system mimicking a malignant tumor

Krämer J, Sahm F, Mührle B, Stefanie B, Büsing K, Hänggi D, Seiz-Rosenhagen M
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Meeting Abstract (P 071)

Complete resection as the only option? Impact of the molecular tumor pattern following subtotal resection

Ehrmann J, Steiger HJ, Sabel MC, Kamp MA, Rapp M
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Meeting Abstract (P 072)

Tumor on a string: Mobility of an intradural, extramedullary paraganglioma. Report of a case

Spindler KJ, Strauss C, Prell J
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Meeting Abstract (P 073)

Surgery as part of a multimodal therapy in a rapid progressive extraosseus Ewing sarcoma of the cervical spine

Petridis AK, Cornelius JF, Steiger HJ, Bostelmann R
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Meeting Abstract (P 074)

Bilateral duplication of superior cerebellar artery with double helix "DNA-like" morphology

Tortora A, Turowski B, Steiger HJ
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Meeting Abstract (P 075)

Chemokine secretion and glykom profile of murine neuron-glia co-cultures influences neuronal vitality and neurite branching after exposure to supraparamagnetic iron oxid nanoparticles

Glumm J, Neubert J, Biskup K, Kiwit JCW
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Meeting Abstract (P 076)

Impact of treatment on survival in patients with secondary glioblastoma

Hamisch CA, Ruge MI, Kellermann S, Kohl AC, Duval I, Goldbrunner R, Grau S
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Meeting Abstract (P 077)

Codman-Hakim programmable valve dysfunction after using VPV Programmer

Rensch L, Simmermacher S, Strauss C
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Meeting Abstract (P 078)

Impact of inflammation and Staphylococcus infection on survival of glioblastoma patients

Grube S, Ewald C, Kalff R, Walter J
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Meeting Abstract (P 079)

Intraoperative Computed Tomography as an automatic Registration Device for Navigation

Carl B, Bopp M, Kerl A, Nimsky C
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Meeting Abstract (P 080)

Proinflammatory cytokines as a predictor for the postoperative outcome in minimally invasive lumbar spine procedures

Fröhner P, Leimert M
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Meeting Abstract (P 081)

Unforgettable neurosurgical operation of musicians in history

Gasenzer ER, Kanat A, Neugebauer E
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Meeting Abstract (P 082)

Altered somatosensory cortex neuronal activity in a rat model of Parkinson's disease and levodopa-induced dyskinesias

Alam M, Rumpel R, Jin X, von Wrangel C, Tschirner S, Krauss J, Grothe C, Ratzka A, Schwabe K
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Meeting Abstract (P 083)

Attention and impulsivity in the rat 6-hydroxydopamine Parkinson model

Holslag J, Beck AK, Krauss JK, Schwabe K
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Meeting Abstract (P 084)

Systematic approach for apparent diffusion coefficient assessment in vestibular schwannomas: methodology and morphological correlations

Giordano M, Nabavi A, Gerganov VM, Samii M, Samii A
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Meeting Abstract (P 085)

Local neurosurgical treatment concepts for circumscribed glioblastoma multiforme WHO IV recurrences: microsurgical resection and interstitial brachytherapy

Schwartz C, Romagna A, Steinbacher J, Thon N, Weis S, Winkler PA, Kreth FW
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Meeting Abstract (P 086)

Intramedullary Tuberculoma. Rare differential diagnosis of paraplegia

Klausnitzer M, Waschke A, Kalff R
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Meeting Abstract (P 087)

Observer-independent automated analysis of label-free multiphoton images of human brain tumors

Mark G, Uckermann O, Galli R, Meinhard M, Steiner G, Schackert G, Kirsch M
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Meeting Abstract (P 088)

Anterior spinal artery syndrome after cervical vertebroplasty via ventral approach in a 57-year old woman with metastasized breast cancer. Review of the literature and case report

Ehrlich G, Arp M, Hänggi D, Perrin J, Hegewald AA
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Meeting Abstract (P 089)

Modulation of neuronal network disinhibition in treatment of spreading depression-related brain disorders

Khaleghi Ghadiri M, Mesgari M, Stummer W, Gorji A
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Meeting Abstract (P 090)

Intracranial plasmacytomas mimicking meningiomas – two remarkable cases

Fortmann T, Brokinkel B, Stummer W, Holling M
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Meeting Abstract (P 091)

Staggered reversal of rivaroxaban in setting of decompressive craniectomy after severe TBI: a case report

Borger V, Pötzsch B, Güresir A, Schuss P, Lehmann F, Vatter H, Güresir E
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Meeting Abstract (P 092)

The value of the intraoperative MRI in resection of skull base chordoma

Metwali H, Gerganov V, Bertalanffy H, Fahlbusch R, Samii M, Samii A
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Meeting Abstract (P 093)

Clinical Evaluation of the non motirc facial nerve dysfunction after resection of vestibular schwannoma

Metwali H, Kniese K, Aftahy K, Kardavani B, Samii A, Samii M
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Meeting Abstract (P 094)

Chronic Subdural Hematoma: The Impact of Head Trauma and Anticoagulative Medication, a Single Center Experience

Kramer F, Patzer J, Hosch H, Leibling J, Moskopp D
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Meeting Abstract (P 095)

Human cortical tissue obtained from epilepsy surgery as a model system to study plasticity of human neuronal networks and mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Wuttke T, Schwarz N, Dammeier N, Auffenberg E, Honegger J, Lerche H, Koch H
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Meeting Abstract (P 096)

New craniocaudal expendable implant for the minimally invasive reconstruction of vertebral body compression fractures

Assaf JA, Fritsch MJ
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Meeting Abstract (P 097)

Towards systematic screening of gene signatures mediating resistance to radio- and chemotherapy in GBM

Hauswald M, Hannen R, Carl B, Nimsky C, Acker T, Garvalov B, Bartsch JW
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Meeting Abstract (P 098)

Surgical treatment for metastatic disease of the cervicothoracic junction (C6-D2) – A single center experience

Baumann A, Igressa A, Bulmus R, Nakamura M
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Meeting Abstract (P 099)

First Intraoperative Experiences with a Hyperspectral Imaging Setup for Cortical Brain Tumor Identification

Mühle R, Oelschlägel M, Morgenstern U, Schackert G, Sobottka SB
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Meeting Abstract (P 100)

Combined surgery and fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy for the treatment of meningiomas involving the cavernous sinus

Polemikos M, Krauss JK, Steinmann D, Christiansen H, Nakamura M
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Meeting Abstract (P 101)

Factors related to a prolonged hospital stay in spinal neurosurgery

Schöller K, Zen Vukovic E, Uhl E
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Meeting Abstract (P 102)

The metalloprotease ADAM8 mediates brain metastasis formation by regulating transendothelial migration

Conrad C, Götte M, Schlomann U, Carl B, Nimsky C, Bartsch JW
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Meeting Abstract (P 103)

Intra-operative molecular spectroscopy of brain metastases

Steiner G, Galli R, Uckermann O, Meinhardt M, Koch E, Schackert G, Kirsch M
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Meeting Abstract (P 104)

Stereotactic biopsy in old and very old patients

Quick J, Won SY, Dinc N, Behmanesh B, Seifert V, Marquardt G
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Meeting Abstract (P 105)

A self inflicted penetrating brain injury by an electric drill – a rare case of suicide attempt in a patient with acute schizophrenic disorder

Schomacher M, Pöllmann A, Kramer U, Moskopp D
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Meeting Abstract (P 106)

Syringomyelia associated with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy causing Canal Stenosis. A rare Asscociation

Pillich D, EL Refaee E, Mueller JU, Safwat A, Schroeder HWS, Baldauf J
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Meeting Abstract (P 107)

Pituitary melanoma with pulmonary metastasis: case report and review of the literature

Görtz L, Von Spreckelsen N, Brinker G, Krischek B, Blau T, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
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Meeting Abstract (P 108)

Cyclooxygenase (COX) Inhibition by acetyl salicylic acid (ASA) enhances antitumor effects of nitric oxide in glioblastoma in vitro

Garrelfs N, Günzle J, Weyerbrock A
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Meeting Abstract (P 109)

Impact of burrhole placement on the revision rate of patients with chronic subdural hematoma

Younsi A, Daotrong P, Riemann L, Zweckberger K, Unterberg A
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Meeting Abstract (P 110)

Intraoperative radiotherapy after the resection of brain metastases (INTRAMET) – protocol of a phase 2 feasibility study

Brehmer S, Giordano FA, Welsch M, Ratliff M, Seiz-Rosenhagen M, Wenz F, Hänggi D
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Meeting Abstract (P 111)

The prognostic value of Fas and FasL in WHO grade II glioma progression

Werner J, Röhn G, Krischek B, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
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Meeting Abstract (P 112)

ENPP3 overexpression in astrocytomas

Werner J, Röhn G, Krischek B, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
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Meeting Abstract (P 113)

Regional spinal cord atrophy is associated with poor outcome after surgery on intramedullary spinal cord ependymoma: a new aspect of delayed neurological deterioration

Behmanesh B, Quick-Weller J, Spyrantis A, Gessler F, Imöhl L, Seifert V, Marquardt G
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Meeting Abstract (P 114)

Analysis of impaired cerebral perfusion in a murine model of subarachnoid hemorrhage by laser speckle contrast imaging

Neulen A, Meyer S, Kramer A, Thal SC
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Meeting Abstract (P 115)

Neurosurgical interventions for spinal disorders during pregnancy

Esmaeilzadeh M, Hong B, Hermann EJ, von Kaisenberg C, Hillemanns P, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 116)

Fixation of subdural strip electrodes during brain tumour surgery – comparison between different fixation options: Technical note

Knipps J, Kamp MA, Neumann LM, Rapp M, Smuga M, Steiger HJ, Sabel M
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Meeting Abstract (P 117)

External ventricular drain placement: Two techniques-one result?

Brand C, Kielhorn W, Pala A, Wirtz CR, Kapapa T
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Meeting Abstract (P 118)

Cerebrospinal fluid fistulae in macroprolactinomas

Hertz S, Nakamura M, Terkamp C, Leitolf H, Stolle S, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (P 119)

Zileuton stimulates expression of Sema 3A-mRNA in hypothalamus of ovariectomized rats

Gasimov T, Sperling S, Komrakova M, Menger B, Ninkovic M, Rohde V, Sehmisch S
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Meeting Abstract (P 120)

Predictors of outcome after decompressive hemicraniectomy for malignant cerebral infarction

Bettag C, Mielke D, Rohde V, Malinova V
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Meeting Abstract (P 121)

The use of programmable shunts in patients treated with tumor treating fields: Multicentric case series

Schreiber L, Rapp M, Sabel M, Onken J, Misch M, Kinzel A, Thomé C, Martin S, Vajkoczy P, Freyschlag C
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Meeting Abstract (P 122)

Rapid cortical reorganization following traumatic spinal shock: a well-documented case

Dias Leao MT, Naros G, Wiesinger L, Ziemann U, Tatagiba M
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Meeting Abstract (P 123)

Upregulated expression of the Aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway in brain metastases from malignant melanoma

Von Spreckelsen N, Röhn G, Görtz L, Telentschak S, Krischek B, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
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Meeting Abstract (P 124)

Ventral C1 fracture combined with congenital posterior cleft: what to do?

Gembruch O, Dammann P, Schoemberg T, Payer M, Sure U, Tessitore E, Özkan N
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Meeting Abstract (P 125)

Giant lipomas as an extremely rare cause for brachial plexus compression

Gembruch O, Krogias C, Leyrer R, Müller O, Sure U, Wrede K, Uerschels AK
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Meeting Abstract (P 126)

Psycho-oncological counseling in neuro-oncology – analysis of topics and needs of brain tumor patients

Schipmann S, Suero Molina EJ, Frasch A, Stummer W, Wiewrodt D
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Meeting Abstract (P 127)

Intrinsic hyperexcitability of the distant spinal cord in patients with cervical cord lesions

Naros G, Liebsch M, Tatagiba M, Ebner F
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Meeting Abstract (P 128)

Segmental Lordosis Restoration with Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) following Rigid and Semi-rigid Posterior Pedicle Screw Fixation

Vazan M, Ryang YM, Janssen I, Barz M, Gempt J, Meyer B
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Meeting Abstract (P 129)

The use of ultrasound Doppler enhances the precision in image-guided approaches to the cerebello-pontine angle

Albrecht M, Rosahl S
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Meeting Abstract (P 130)

NKG2D ligands in glioma stem-like cells: Expression in situ and in vitro

Flüh C, Adamski V, Hattermann-Koch K, Chitadze G, Synowitz M, Kabelitz D, Held-Feindt J
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Meeting Abstract (P 131)

Navigation guided endoscopic decompression of lumar spinal stenosis via translaminar approach. Introduction of the Spondyloscop

Polanski W, Jiang H, Molcanyi M, Zivcak J, Ruess D, Reinshagen C, Schackert G, Rieger B
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 132)

Comparison between open-door laminoplasty and bilateral spinal canal decompression via unilateral approach in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Hernandez Duran S, Zafar N, Momber M, Mielke D, Rohde V, Fiss I
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Meeting Abstract (P 133)

Minimally invasive endoscopic rhizotomy: a treatment for lumbar facet and Iliosacral joint syndrome – technique and clinical experience

Igressa A, Bulmus R, Bendella H, Nakamura M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 134)

Indirect decompression by ELIF – potential and limitations

Perrech M, Lang G, Navarro-Ramirez R, Hartl R, Goldbrunner R
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 135)

Cervical device study (CDS): Is adjacent Level disease a device specific pattern or the natural course? Introduction of biokinemetric triangle

Polanski W, Jiang H, Molcanyi M, Zivcak J, Ruess D, Reinshagen C, Schackert G, Rieger B
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 136)

Is an effective functional replacement of a lumbar Segment possible? Biokinemetrie as a surgical projection

Rieger B, Jiang H, Polanski W, Molcanyi M, Zivcak J, Reinshagen C, Schackert G, Welsch N
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 137)

Petroclival meningiomas: Which is the ideal surgical approach?

Wayhs S, Lepski G, Dini L, Lavinsky J, Isolan G
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 138)

Endoscopic assisted surgery of posterior skull base. Analysis of the advantages

Mourad M, Adib SD, Ebner F, Honegger J, Tatagiba M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 139)

Impact of anticoagulants in elderly patients with sella pathologies

Wang Y, Hammersen S, Moskopp D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 140)

Expectations and outcome of patients undergoing stabilization surgery of the cervical spine – a prospective monocentric observational study

Meyer HS, Reinartz F, Sonnleitner C, Vazan M, Meyer B, Ringel F
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 141)

Serious implications due to radiation necrosis – mimicking a recurrent brain metastasis

Simon M, Moskopp D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 142)

Modulation of vasomotor response in rat cerebral arteries in response to extracellular acidosis: role of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs)?

Akanji O, Weinzierl N, Schilling L
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 143)

Brain metastasis in the precentral region due to choriocarcinoma – mimicking an acute cavernoma haemorrhage with recurrent seizures

Hammersen S, Simon M, Moskopp D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 144)

Quadriplegia after trauma of the cervical spine without radiographic signs of injury – immediate surgery or wait and see?

Knie B, Leibling J, Moskopp D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 145)

30-day complication rate following cranioplasty: incidence and predictors

Shiban E, Hauser A, Meyer B, Lehmberg J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 146)

Postoperative evaluation after VP-Shunt Operation using low dose CT vs conventional imaging using cCT and X-ray of skull, thorax and abdomen

Awad F, Pala A, Braun M, Schmitz B, Wirtz C, Coburger J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 147)

Unusual polytopic pleomorphic tumor of the CNS: a case report

Igressa A, Herrlinger U, Deckert M, Spreer J, Kimmich O, Hartmann A, Liebetrau U, Borger V, Nakamura M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 148)

Postinflammatory polycystic circulation disturbances of the cerebrospinal fluid treated by a lumbar-peritoneal shunt

Igressa A, Spreer J, El-Khatib M, Bulmus R, Hartmann A, Nakamura M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 149)

In vitro system to dissect the molecular basis of vanilloid/TRPV1 mediated anti-tumoral activity of human neural progenitor cells in glioblastoma multiforme

Azmitia L, Uyar R, Kälin R, Brändl B, Müller F, Glaß R, Synowitz M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 150)

HF 10 Stimulation for treating complex regional pain Syndrome: A case series

Preuss-Hernandez C, Tüttenberg J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 151)

Impressions of Boston scientific Cartesia directional lead (Boston scientific) after 61 implantations

Fricke P, Nickl R, Ernestus RI, Steigerwald F, Volkmann J, Matthies C
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 152)

Neurophysiological investigation of patients treated with Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) for chronic pain

Ahmadi R, Unterberg A, Treede R, Schuh-Hofer S
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 153)

Complications in impulse generator exchange surgery for Deep Brain Stimulation

Helmers AK, Lübbing I, Witt K, Synowitz M, Mehdorn HM, Falk D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 154)

Rechargeable pacemaker technology in deep brain stimulation: a step forward, but nor for everyone

Runge J, Wloch A, Abdallat M, Saryyeva A, Krauss JK
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 155)

Reward processing modulates subthalamic beta band activity in patients with Parkinson's disease

Schroll H, Runge J, Lipp A, Schneider GH, Krauss JK, Hamker F, Kühn A
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 156)

Deep brain stimulation of the internal capsule or the nucleus accumbens in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder: where to modulate?

Andrade P, Baldermann J, Kohl S, Kuhn J, Visser-Vandewalle V
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 157)

Neuromodulation against resistant hypertension: Efficiency of ECG-synchronized selective vagal nerve stimulation in an acute sheep model

Gierthmuehlen M, Aguirre D, Koenne N, Plachta DTT
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 158)

Comparison of battery-life of non-rechargeable generators in Deep Brain Stimulation Kinetra versus Activa-PC

Helmers AK, Lübbing I, Witt K, Synowitz M, Mehdorn HM, Falk D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 159)

Burst Motor Cortex Stimulation neuropathischer trigeminaler Beschwerden

Abushaba Y, Vesper J, Slotty PJ
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 160)

Impact of Susceptibility Artifact Correction on Fiber Tractography of the Corticospinal Tracts

Bopp M, Knopf JR, Carl B, Nimsky C
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 161)

Diffusion Kurtosis Fiber Tractography of the Arcuate Fascicle

Bopp M, Arhelger J, Carl B, Nimsky C
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 162)

Deep Brain Stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus improves sensorimotor gating in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease

Schuster J, Galazky I, Voges J, Heinze HJ, Andreas K, Tino Z, Panther P
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 163)

Functional intraoperative Navigation using preoperative TMS and direct intraoperative Stimulation of the Motor Cortex in Patients with Brain Tumors in the Vicinity of the Central Region

Jähne K, Köhlert K, Meixensberger J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 164)

Comparison of techniques to measure visual evoked potentials in neurosurgical patients with deseases affecting the visual pathway

Manu M, Hartmann A, Baumann A, Nakamura M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 165)

Successful pain relief using Multiple Independent Current Control technology (MICC) and 3D-IlluminaTM programming platform following failure of the conventional SCS systems

Maciaczyk J, Koulousakis A, Visser-Vandewalle V, Vesper J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 166)

Long-term surgical complications of Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's disease patients – single center experience

LI L, Maciaczyk J, Slotty PJ, Vesper J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 167)

Occipital Nerve stimulation (ONS) with body compliant leads for treatment of chronic migraine

Vesper J, Maciaczyk J, Slotty PJ
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 168)

What do medical students know about DBS?

Wloch A, Saryyeva A, Heissler H, Schrader C, Capelle H, Krauss JK
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 169)

Succesful combination of ONS and SPG

Vesper J, Maciaczyk J, Slotty PJ
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 170)

SiLuDrain (silver-coated lumbar Drainage) Trial: Results from a prospective randomized study

Jakobs M, Klein S, Sakowitz O, Unterberg A
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 171)

Decrease in blood flow velocity in middle cerebral artery after Ganglion stellate block following non traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage

Wendel C, Scheibe R, Wagner S, Tangemann W, Ganslandt O, Schiff JH
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 172)

Second-look Strokectomy of Cerebral Infarction Areas in Petients with Severe Herniation

Schwake M, Schipmann S, Ewelt C, Holling M, Stummer W
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 173)

Predicting of in-hospital outcome in patients with spontaneous cerebellar hemorrhage

Al Safatli D, Lawson Mclean A, Ewald C, Kalff R
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 174)

Septic shock in spondylodiscitis: better survival with critical tretment strategies

Al-Afif S, Apallas S, Hatipoglu Majernik G, Hermann EJ, Krauss JK
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 175)

Limitation of therapy in neuro-intensive care emphasized by FDG-PET/CT

Hagel V, Kapapa T, Woischneck D
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 176)

Multimodal Interventional Therapy of Refractory Vasospasm after SAH

Kuršumovic A, Rath S
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 177)

Significance of Transcranial Doppler Sonography and CT Angiography in Vasospasm Monitoring of the Middle Cerebral Artery

Neulen A, Pantel T, Kosterhon M, Mayer A, Brockmann MA, Kantelhardt SR
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 178)

Measuring ICP by extraventricular drainage: common practice but not suitable for continuous ICP monitoring and prone to false negativity

Hockel K, Schuhmann M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 179)

Early impairment of pressure reactivity (PRx) after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage correlates to outcome and recovery of cerebral blood flow

Hockel K, Plesnila N, Schuhmann M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 180)

Review of literature, safety and feasibility of long-term volatile sedtion with isoflurane in patients with severe SAHCF and CVDB contributed equally

Flüh C, von der Brelie C, Weiler N, Synowitz M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 181)

Microdialysis findings in a patient with refractory generalized non-convulsive status epilepticus

Hurth H, Schlak D, Poli S, Birkenhauer U, Steiner J, Tatagiba M, Ebner FH
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 182)

Early and late cranioplasty in patients that underwent decompressive craniectomy for trauma: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

Zheng F, Zhang X, Von Spreckelsen N, Stavrinou P, Timmer M, Goldbrunner R, Krischek B
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 183)

Volumetric findings in patients with poor-grade aneurysmatic subarachnoid hemorrhage and their clinical association during a two-year follow-up period

Hurth H, Stanojevic M, Birkenhauer U, Steiner J, Ernemann U, Tatagiba M, Ebner FH
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 184)

Management of hyponatremia with the vasopressin V2-antagonist Tolvaptan in the neurosurgery

Georgiev S, Kleindienst A, Buchfelder M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 185)

Facial nevi, intracranial venous anomaly and hydrocephalus: A variant of Shapiro Shulman Syndrome?

Januschek E, Jochim J, Timofeev P, Ulrich PT
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 186)

The role of TET2-promotor methylation and -protein expression in pediatric posterior fossa ependymoma

Pierscianek D, Teuber-Hanselmann S, Larisch J, Zhu Y, Müller OM, Sure U, El Hindy N
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 187)

Unusual Cases of Programmable Valve Breakage in Shunt-Systems of Children with Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus

Schwarm FP, Graf K, Stein M, Reinges MHT, Uhl E, Kolodziej M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 188)

Isolated Intracerebral Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis with Multifocal Lesions

Velz J, Neidert MC, Rushing E, Bozinov O
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 189)

Identification of cellular and molecular markers in Tethered Cord Syndrome

Cohrs G, Kowitzke B, Leuschner I, Held-Feindt J, Synowitz M, Knerlich-Lukoschus F
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 190)

Automatic Volumetry of the Cerebrospinal Fluid in severe pediatric hydrocephalus

Grimm F, Edl F, Schuhmann M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 191)

Laminoplasty in children: is it a safe and feasible procedure?

Wild F, Güster J, Lang JM, Krauss JK, Hermann EJ
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 192)

5 years, 476 children, hydrocephalus and its treatment in the complete range

Januschek E, Evertz N, Röhrig A, Kunze S, Messing-Jünger M
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 193)

It's not always the shunt to blame: sterile peritoneal malabsorption of cerebrospinal fluid in children

Beez T, Krause Molle Z, Steiger HJ, Sarikaya-Seiwert S
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 194)

A diagnostic conundrum: Temporal arachnoid cyst and limbic encephalitis

Krause Molle Z, Sarikaya-Seiwert S, Steiger HJ, Müller K, Karenfort M, Beez T
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 195)

Osteopetrosis, Chiari type I malformation and Hydrocephalus – a rare combination

Anetsberger S, Unterberg A, Bächli H
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 196)

Erste Erfahrungen mit dem proGAV 2.0 Ventil in 51 pädiatrischen Patienten

Anetsberger S, Unterberg A, Bächli H
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 197)

Semi-sitting position in children younger than 3 years of age for resection of posterior fossa midline tumors

Hermann EJ, Al-Afif S, Palmaers T, Krauss JK
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 198)

Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage masking associated glioblastoma: case report and review of literature

Höhne J, Friedrich M, Brawanski AT, Schebesch KM
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 199)

Antyllos and the surgery of aneurysms in the imperial Romane time

Grunert P, Furlanetti L, Fischer G, Oertel J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 200)

Neurological deterioration after extra-/ intracranial bypass for Moyamoya disease: a tightrope act between hyper- and hypoperfusion shown in a special case

Januschek E, Ulrich PT
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 201)

Reliable? The value of early postoperative magnetic resonance imaging after CCM surgery

Chen B, Göricke S, Wrede KH, Jabbarli R, Sure U, Dammann P
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 202)

Endovascular intervention of an iatrogenic induced spinal pseudoaneurysm – rare complication after lumbar puncture

Guerrero-Gonzalez H, Alkonyi B, Westermaier T, Weiland J, Linsenmann T
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 203)

The AB bloody type is associated with an increased risk of non-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Dubinski D, Won SY, Behmanesh B, Geisen C, Seifert V, Senft C, Konczalla J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 204)

Cranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Type Cognard V: A Rare Cause of Cervical Myelopathy

Lang JM, Anani A, Götz F, Krauss JK
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 205)

Cavernoma of the foramen of Monroi

Timofeev P, Ulrich P, Januschek E
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 206)

The duration and rate of cerebrospinal fluid drainage during the acute phase after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage corellate with shunt dependency

Gasimov T, Iliev B, Mielke D, Rohde V, Malinova V
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 207)

Decision making in surgery for non-saccular PICA aneurysms

Narducci A, Xu R, Vajkoczy P
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 208)

Patient with two SAH from two different aneurysms, one of them a real de novo aneurysm – case report

Iordanidis A, Braun V
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 209)

Perfusion CT fails to predict vasospasms after subarachnoid hemorrhage but responds to intraarterial vasospasmolysis

Petridis AK, Dietrich C, van Lieshout J, Fischer I, Kamp MA, Cornelius JF, Steiger HJ
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 210)

Major depression caused by the unrupted right temporo-mesial arteriovenous malformation

Salobaiev M, Timofeev P, Schütz A, Ludolph A, Hartmann U, Ulrich P
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 211)

Early Mobilization in Patients with SAH – a Retrospective Sigle-Center Study

Maslarova A, Lehmann F, Güresir A, Schuss P, Vatter H, Güresir E
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 212)

Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage lead to elevated systemic levels of proinflammatory cytokine IL-23

Chaudhry SR, Güresir E, Vatter H, Muhammad S
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 213)

Influence of morphological vascular parameters and the anatomical variations of the Sylvian Fissure on the bleeding pattern of ruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysms

Maslehaty H, Frantsev R, Kleist B, Hütter BO, Sure U, Müller OM
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 214)

Development of a printed 3-D model of a complex aneurysm to simulate clipping and choose clips before surgery

Heudorfer F, Lackermair S, Egermann H, Müller A
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 215)

Relation between delayed cerebral ischemia and aneurysm localization in patients with aneurysmatic subarachnoid hemorrhage

Hurth H, Stanojevic M, Birkenhauer U, Steiner J, Ernemann U, Tatagiba M, Ebner FH
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 216)

Risk factors of shunt-dependency in patients presenting with brain arteriovenous malformations – a single center series

Ilic I, Schuss P, Hadjiathanasiou A, Borger V, Vatter H, Güresir E
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 217)

The impact of segmented leads for DBS

Vesper J
[Full Text]
Meeting Abstract (P 218)

Der therapeutische Effekt des BurstDRTM Microdosing in der Behandlung chronischer Schmerzen

Vesper J, Slotty PJ, Pöggel-Krämer K
[Full Text]