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June 7, 2019
Call for papers by GMS Journal for Medical Education for its special issue on digitalization

Society is undergoing a digital transformation – the Internet is no longer a "strange territory". This transformation has far-reaching consequences for both medicine and medical education. The healthcare sector is changing in response to Big Data and blockchains; modern information and communication technologies enable e-health. Individualized medicine is technically feasible only through digitalization. Patients can research information on the Internet and get access to many of their personal health records using health apps. "Dr. Google" is changing the flow of information and the relationship between doctor and patient.

These challenges must also be faced by universities in the future. The central issues are: which digital competencies physicians will need in the future, how does digitalization influence the doctor/patient relationship, diagnostics and therapy; and how will medical education evolve to meet the challenges of a digital society.

Different sources of funding (federal ministries, foundations, etc.) have made substantial grant programs available in recent years to study digitalization, and many research groups from the medical field have participated successfully. As a result, more scientific knowledge about digital formats is being brought to light specifically in the German-speaking countries. It is the desired aim and clearly stated goal of this special issue, to bundle the results of this work and to present it to an interested audience.

The GMA Committee on Digitalization is in charge of identifying the focal topics of the special issue.

The special issue aims to address the digital transformation of medicine and preparing future physicians for these new challenges.

The special issue is meant to create a basis for discussion which medical schools. It can be used to identify the basic challenges associated with digitalization, and it can serve as a starting point for developing a digitalization strategy.

The special issue will foreseeably have

  1. Invited submissions (5‐6 articles, 1‐2 overviews)
  2. Submissions from current research projects (3-4 articles)
  3. Submission from GMA members, in particular the Committee on Digitalization (6‐10 articles).

The deadline for submitting papers for the special issue is 30th of September 2019.

The further schedule is:

Manuscripts may be submitted through MOPS (Manuscript Operating System) or sent directly to During submission please indicate that your manuscript is intended for the special issue on digitalization.

Before submitting a manuscript please read the information for authors of the GMS Journal for Medical Education and adhere to these guidelines.

All submissions will undergo the usual review process of the GMS Journal for Medical Education.

We are looking forward to receiving your submission!

Daniel Tolks, Inga Hege, Sebastian Kuhn, Thomas Shiozawa
(GMA Committee on Digitalization)

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