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GMS Journal for Medical Education (GMS J Med Educ) – formerly GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung – publishes scientific articles on all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and other health professions. Research and review articles, project reports, short communications as well as discussion papers and comments may be submitted. Manuscripts may be submitted in English or German. Each Articles will be translated into the other language respectively. GMS Journal for Medical Education is published regularly as an unrestricted open access journal with at least four issues per year. In addition, special issues on current topics in medical education research are also published.

The journal is the organ of the German Association for Medical Education (GMA) ( Until 2015 the journal was published under its German name GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung.

Published articles are available worldwide to anyone who is interested: Without any delay, permanently, searchable and without costs. We cordially invite you to use our journal as a reader or as an author for the benefit of medical education.

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Recent Publications
GMS Journal for Medical Education Volume 36

Issue 1

editorial Medical student admission

Who is allowed to study medicine? – regulations and evidence

Hampe W, Kadmon M
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc10 (20190215)
[Full Text] [PDF]
article Family Medicine

What influence do courses at medical school and personal experience have on interest in practicing family medicine? – Results of a student survey in Hessia

Bien A, Ravens-Taeuber G, Stefanescu MC, Gerlach FM, Güthlin C
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc9 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Emergency Medicine

Instructors for on-the-job training of advanced paramedics – definition of competencies and development of a quality management tool for a "High Responsibility Organization"

Flentje M, Böhmelt D, Sieg L, Eismann H
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc8 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Reproductive Medicine

Is the clinician an independent variable in embryo transfer outcomes under standardized direct and indirect supervision? A 5-year observational cohort study

Mittal M, Supramaniam PR, Lim LN, Hamoda H, Savvas M, Narvekar N
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc7 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Motivation

Motivation as an important criterion for graduation among medical students admitted from the waiting list

Herbst CV, Müller-Hilke B
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc6 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Competency Based Assessment

Development of Entrustable Professional Activities for entry into residency at the Charité Berlin

Holzhausen Y, Maaz A, Renz A, Bosch J, Peters H
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc5 (20190215)
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article Interprofessional Learning

Suggestions for interprofessional educational courses from a students' perspective – a qualitative study

Schwarzbeck V, Hundertmark J, Wipfler K, Mahler C, Frankenhauser S, Schultz JH
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc4 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Student Selection

Qualitative Studies on Implicit Criteria during the Individualized Selection Procedure for Medical Studies at Witten/Herdecke University (UW/H)

Zupanic M, Ehlers JP, Fricke J, Gerken RM, Hofmann M, Nitsche J, Fischer MR, Bauer D
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc3 (20190215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Language Tests

Language Matters: Development of an Objective Structured Language Test for Foreign Physicians – Results of a Pilot Study in Germany

Lenz H, Opitz A, Huber D, Jacobs F, Paik WG, Roche J, Fischer MR
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc2 (20190215)
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thanks Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to the Reviewers of GMS Journal for Medical Education

Fischer MR, Fabry G
GMS J Med Educ 2019; 36(1):Doc1 (20190215)
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