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16. Internationales SkillsLab Symposium 2022

17.03. - 19.03.2022, online


Welcome to the digital publication of the abstracts of the 16th International Skills Lab Symposium 2022.

The scientific congress, conceived by Bielefeld University and jointly organized by the “Practical Skills” and “Simulated Persons” committees of the German Society for Medical Education (GMA) as well as the University of Bern, the University of Cologne and the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences in Krems took place online from March 17th to 19th, 2022. Under the motto “Thinking about the future together”, a decidedly interprofessional orientation was implemented for the first time, which was reflected particular in the participation of the associations SimNAT Pflege e.V. (Simulation Network Education and Training in Nursing) and VIFSG e.V. (Interprofessional Association for the Integration and Promotion of the Skills Lab Concept in the Health Professions).

The keynotes came accordingly from the different associations and professions. Dr. Tim Herzig from VIFSG opened the conference with his cross-professional contribution “The skills lab as a field of action for teachers: potentials of the shift from teaching to learning”. Christine Loewenhardt and Meike Schwermann highlighted the nursing perspective in their talk “Presentation of the SimNAT Pflege e.V. guideline for simulation-based teaching and learning – development and professional orientation”. Lastly, Dr. Kai Schnabel reported in the third keynote on “Standardization in the federal clinical skills examination in human medicine” and thus rounded off the multi-faceted picture.

Numerous authors from the German-speaking countries participated in the 16th International Skills Lab Symposium with their exciting abstracts and thus actively contributed to the further development of teaching and training research. Our sincere thanks go to them.

The organizers wish you a stimulating reading of the abstracts from our symposium and much inspiration for your own work.

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