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GMS Journal for Medical Education (GMS J Med Educ) – formerly GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung – publishes scientific articles on all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and other health professions. Research and review articles, project reports, short communications as well as discussion papers and comments may be submitted. Manuscripts may be submitted in English or German. Each Articles will be translated into the other language respectively. GMS Journal for Medical Education is published regularly as an unrestricted open access journal with at least four issues per year. In addition, special issues on current topics in medical education research are also published.

The journal is the organ of the DACH Association for Medical Education (GMA) ( Until 2015 the journal was published under its German name GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung.

Published articles are available worldwide to anyone who is interested: Without any delay, permanently, searchable and without costs. We cordially invite you to use our journal as a reader or as an author for the benefit of medical education.

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Recent Publications
GMS Journal for Medical Education Volume 41

Issue 2

editorial editorial

Interprofessional education in medicine

Wijnen-Meijer M
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc23 (20240415)
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commentary specialist training

Position paper on postgraduate medical education on the occasion of hospital reform – postgraduate medical education must be considered. A joint position paper by Bündnis Junge Ärztinnen und Ärzte and AG Junge Gastroenterologie of the DGVS as well as the Young DGN

Hahn EG
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc22 (20240415)
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article recruiting junior staff

Encouraging medical students to become surgeons? Impact of psychological and surgical factors on career choice at medical school

Brügge S, Günther V, Cascorbi I, Maass N, Ruchay Z, Fischer MR, Huber J, Alkatout I
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc21 (20240415)
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how to artificial intelligence

Crafting medical MCQs with generative AI: A how-to guide on leveraging ChatGPT

Stadler M, Horrer A, Fischer MR
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc20 (20240415)
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article evaluation of teaching

Position statement of the GMA committee “teaching evaluation”

Haverkamp N, Barth J, Schmidt D, Dahmen U, Keis O, Raupach T
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc19 (20240415)
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article teacher training

What do the teachers want? A targeted needs assessment survey for prospective didactic training of psychiatry medical educators

Baessler F, Zafar A, Koelkebeck K, Frodl T, Signerski-Krieger J, Pinilla S, Barth GM, Jannowitz D, Speerforck S, Roesch-Ely D, Kluge I, Aust M, Utz J, Kersten GM, Spitzer P
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc18 (20240415)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article cross-border healthcare

Qualitative expert evaluation of an educational intervention outline aimed at developing a shared understanding of cross-border healthcare

Beuken JA, Bouwmans ME, Dolmans DJ, Hoven MF, Verstegen DM
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc17 (20240415)
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article scientific competence

Planning, implementation and revision of the longitudinal scientific curriculum at the Medical School Brandenburg

Schendzielorz J, Jaehn P, Holmberg C
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc16 (20240415)
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article empathy

The level and determinants of empathy among medical students from Arabic speaking countries: A systematic review

Benmaarmar S, Bourkhime H, El Harch I, El Rhazi K
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc15 (20240415)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article simulation

Development and evaluation of three-dimensional transfers to depict skin conditions in simulation-based education

Schnabel KP, Lörwald AC, Beltraminelli H, Germano M, Brem BG, Wüst S, Bauer D
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(2):Doc14 (20240415)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Issue 1

editorial editorial

Dealing with uncertainty

Harendza S
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc13 (20240215)
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article online teaching

Development of a strategy for the expansion of online teaching at the University of Würzburg based on the experiences of lecturers and students in the pandemic years 2020/21

Kühl LM, Zerban NL, Tiedemann E, König S
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc12 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article mentoring

Development and implementation of digital peer mentoring in small groups for first-year medical students

Drossard S, Härtl A
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc11 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on medical students

Wang W, Li G, Lei J
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc10 (20240215)
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article mental health

Neuroenhancement and mental health in students from four faculties – a cross-sectional questionnaire study

Hajduk M, Tiedemann E, Romanos M, Simmenroth A
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc9 (20240215)
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article gratitude and resilience

On the correlation between gratitude and resilience in medical students

Hahn N, Brzoska P, Kiessling C
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc8 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article empathy

Comparison of empathy profiles of medical students at the start and in the advanced clinical phase of their training

Schrötter S, Kropp P, Müller B
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc7 (20240215)
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article interprofessional education

“It is great what we have learned from each other!” – Bedside teaching in interprofessional small groups using the example of Parkinson’s disease

Schneider C, Anders P, Rotthoff T
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc6 (20240215)
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article postgraduate medical education

Career and life planning in the context of the postgraduate medical training – current challenges and opportunities

Oberberg S, Enax-Krumova EK, Kruppa C, Meyer-Frießem CH, Denz R, Funhoff A, Behrens V, Berres D, Fortmeier V, Sträter D, Strotmann J, von Glinski M
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc5 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article prevention of infections

Infection prevention in medical education – results of a descriptive cross-sectional study in Germany

Tingelhoff PD, Hufert F, Kiessling C, Otto B
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc4 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
commentary assessment

On including assessments in the calculation of teaching loads

Fischer V
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc3 (20240215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
book review book review

Christian Jassoy, Jens-Karl Eilers, Andreas Sönnichsen: Wissenschaftskompetenz in der Medizin

Paulmann V
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc2 (20240215)
[Full Text] [PDF]
thanks acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to the reviewers of GMS Journal for Medical Education

Fischer MR, Fabry G
GMS J Med Educ 2024; 41(1):Doc1 (20240215)
[Full Text] [PDF]