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commentary medicine

Terminology for interprofessional collaboration: Definition and current practice

Mahler C, Gutmann T, Karstens S, Joos S
GMS Z Med Ausbild 2014; 31(4):Doc40 (20141117)
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Infection prevention requirements for the medical care of immunosuppressed patients: recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute

Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO)
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2022; 17:Doc07 (20220413)
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Review Article

Physiology and pathophysiology of respiratory mucosa of the nose and the paranasal sinuses

Beule AG
GMS Curr Top Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2010; 9:Doc07 (20110427)
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Review Article

Paragangliomas and paraganglioma syndromes

Boedeker CC
GMS Curr Top Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2011; 10:Doc03 (20120426)
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position paper interprofessional education

Position paper of the GMA Committee Interprofessional Education in the Health Professions – current status and outlook

Kaap-Fröhlich S, Ulrich G, Wershofen B, Ahles J, Behrend R, Handgraaf M, Herinek D, Mitzkat A, Oberhauser H, Scherer T, Schlicker A, Straub C, Waury Eichler R, Wesselborg B, Witti M, Huber M, Bode SF
GMS J Med Educ 2022; 39(2):Doc17 (20220414)
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Suprathel® bei zweitgradig oberflächlichen Verbrennungen im Gesicht

Merz KM, Sievers R, Reichert B
GMS Verbrennungsmedizin 2011; 4:Doc01 (20110314)
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article physical examination

Virtual auscultation course via video chat in times of COVID-19 improves cardiac auscultation skills compared to literature self-study in third-year medical students: a prospective randomized controlled cross-over study

Rüllmann N, Hirtz R, Lee U, Klein K, Mayatepek E, Malzkorn B, Döing C
GMS J Med Educ 2022; 39(2):Doc21 (20220414)
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Guideline Emergency Medicine

S2k guideline diagnosis and treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning

Jüttner B, Busch HJ, Callies A, Dormann H, Janisch T, Kaiser G, Körner-Göbel H, Kluba K, Kluge S, Leidel BA, Müller O, Naser J, Pohl C, Reiter K, Schneider D, Staps E, Welslau W, Wißuwa H, Wöbker G, Muche-Borowski C
GMS Ger Med Sci 2021; 19:Doc13 (20211104)
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Übersichtsarbeit Cancer Survivorship

Chemotherapieinduzierte Polyneuropathie: Grundlagen, Diagnostik und Prävention

Steimann M
GMS Onkol Rehabil Sozialmed 2014; 3:Doc05 (20140604)
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Review Article Special issue: Health care utilization in Germany: The NWIn research network

Re-revisiting Andersen’s Behavioral Model of Health Services Use: a systematic review of studies from 1998–2011

Babitsch B, Gohl D, von Lengerke T
GMS Psychosoc Med 2012; 9:Doc11 (20121025)
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