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Top 10 most popular articles of the last month

1)  480 requests in October 2022

commentary medicine

Terminology for interprofessional collaboration: Definition and current practice

Mahler C, Gutmann T, Karstens S, Joos S
GMS Z Med Ausbild 2014; 31(4):Doc40 (20141117)
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2)  318 requests in October 2022

Guideline Calculated parenteral initial therapy

Calculated initial parenteral treatment of bacterial infections: Skin and soft tissue infections

Sunderkötter C, Becker K, Eckmann C, Graninger W, Kujath P, Schöfer H
GMS Infect Dis 2020; 8:Doc11 (20200326)
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3)  269 requests in October 2022

Übersichtsarbeit Cancer Survivorship

Chemotherapieinduzierte Polyneuropathie: Grundlagen, Diagnostik und Prävention

Steimann M
GMS Onkol Rehabil Sozialmed 2014; 3:Doc05 (20140604)
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4)  214 requests in October 2022

Review Article Special issue: Health care utilization in Germany: The NWIn research network

Re-revisiting Andersen’s Behavioral Model of Health Services Use: a systematic review of studies from 1998–2011

Babitsch B, Gohl D, von Lengerke T
GMS Psychosoc Med 2012; 9:Doc11 (20121025)
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5)  201 requests in October 2022

Review Article

Clinical characteristics of Staphylococcus epidermidis: a systematic review

Namvar AE, Bastarahang S, Abbasi N, Ghehi GS, Farhadbakhtiarian S, Arezi P, Hosseini M, Baravati SZ, Jokar Z, Chermahin SG
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2014; 9(3):Doc23 (20140930)
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6)  184 requests in October 2022


Infection prevention requirements for the medical care of immunosuppressed patients: recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute

Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO)
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2022; 17:Doc07 (20220413)
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7)  182 requests in October 2022

Research Article

Concentration of tin in breastmilk after the use of pewter nursing caps by breastfeeding women for the treatment of painful nipples

Komlew A, Hupfer C, Reuschenbach B
GMS Z Hebammenwiss 2020; 7:Doc03 (20200907)
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8)  181 requests in October 2022


Virucidal gargling and virucidal nasal spray

Kramer A, Eggers M, Hübner NO, Walger P, Steinmann E, Exner M
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc02 (20210118)
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9)  177 requests in October 2022

Review Article

The time is now: Achieving FH paediatric screening across Europe – The Prague Declaration

Bedlington N, Abifadel M, Beger B, Bourbon M, Bueno H, Ceska R, Cillíková K, Cimická Z, Daccord M, de Beaufort C, Dharmayat KI, Ference BA, Freiberger T, Geanta M, Gidding SS, Grošelj U, Halle M, Johnson N, Novakovic T, Májek O, Pallidis A, Peretti N, Pinto FJ, Ray KK, Rees B, Reeve J, Reiner Ž, Santos RD, Schunkert H, Šikonja J, Sokolovic M, Tokgözoglu L, Vrablík M, Wiegman A, Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea I
GMS Health Innov Technol 2022; 16:Doc04 (20220930)
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10)  176 requests in October 2022

Guideline Calculated parenteral initial therapy

Calculated parenteral initial treatment of bacterial infections: Introduction and antibiotics

Bodmann KF, Kresken M, Grabein B, Dohmen PM, Wilke M
GMS Infect Dis 2020; 8:Doc19 (20200326)
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