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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Poster Sessions
Guideline development

Meeting Abstract (P025)

Clinical practice guidelines for elderly people with constipation in Taiwan

Yang SC, Lin CC, Shin EC, Leng YC, Liu CF, Lin FM
Meeting Abstract (P026)

Clinical practice guidelines on gastro-intestinal feeding in critically ill patients in Taiwan

Yurh YS, Huang CF, Lin CC, Bai KJ, Chin MY, Hunag SP, Liao KH, Hsu YM, Chen MY
Meeting Abstract (P027)

Accreditation of a Professional Society´s Guideline Programme

Welham S, Edwards S, White J
Meeting Abstract (P028)

Assessing Australian Guidelines

McCallum J, Forster R, Marshall C, Cook R, Davies J
Meeting Abstract (P029)

Clinical protocols as a measure for quality assurance: experiences from a large teleconsultation centre in Switzerland

Blozik E, Bobbia S, Sommer-Meyer C, von Overbeck J
Meeting Abstract (P030)

Inter-rater reliability of AGREE II: need for refining the criteria?

Goossens M, Bekkering GE, Smets K, Aertgeerts B, Autrique M, Van Royen P, Hannes K
Meeting Abstract (P031)

Bridging the GaP between Guidelines and their Prospects

Agbassi C, Messersmith H, McNair S, Brouwers M
Meeting Abstract (P032)

Quality of clinical practice guidelines in prostate cancer: A systematic review

López DF, Fuentes JC, Castillo JS, González AL, Cataño JG, Sierra F
Meeting Abstract (P033)

Factors associated with methodological rigor of clinical guidelines

González A, Castillo J, López D, Fuentes J, Gamba M, Ibáñez C, Villamizar L, Sánchez R, Sierra F
Meeting Abstract (P034)

Lessons learned using AGREE II: Linking methodological rigour of a guideline and guideline content

Bernloehr A
Meeting Abstract (P035)

Updated DEGAM Guideline „Stroke“: Consensus-based recommendations

Barzel A, Hensler S, Koneczny N, Hänsel M, Scherer M
Meeting Abstract (P036)

Dissemination and Evaluation of clinical practice guidelines in Japan – MINDS project as guideline clearinghouse

Okumura A, Yoshida M, Takahashi N, Kikuta K, Hatakeyama Y, HTUN NC, Sato Y, Kiyohara K, Kojimahara N, Yamaguchi N
Meeting Abstract (P037)

Development and Validation of the Quality Assessment Instrument for Adapted Clinical Practice Guidelines

Kim N, Choi SM, Ji SM, Lee HY, Sheen S, Park HA, Kim SY
Meeting Abstract (P038)

Too early or too late: updating guidelines within a large guideline program for general practice

Burgers J, Wiersma T
Meeting Abstract (P039)

When and how to update clinical guidelines: a systematic review of the literature

Post P, Lugtenberg M, Burgers J
Meeting Abstract (P040)

Evidence Based Medicine in wiki-format

Ploegmakers M, Ensink R, Verschuur H, van Barneveld T
Meeting Abstract (P041)

Comparing European guidelines on hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

Wiegerinck M, Huigen S, van Barneveld T, Mol BW, Duvekot H
Meeting Abstract (P042)

Development of optimal presentation formats of guidelines for health care professionals

Brandt L, Kristiansen A, Rosenbaum S, Riagu D, Alonso-Coello P, Akl E, Sepencer F, Neumann I, Guyatt G, Vandvik PO
Meeting Abstract (P043)

Survival analysis of a cohort of Clinical Practice Guidelines from the Spanish National Guideline Programme

Martínez García L, Díaz del Campo P, Estrada MD, Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I, Louro González A, Rigau D, Salcedo-Fernandez F, Trujillo Martín MDM, Alonso-Coello P
Meeting Abstract (P044)

Strategies for updating clinical practice guidelines: feasibility and efficiency

Martínez García L, García Álvarez E, Gracia J, Haynes RB, Kotzeva A, Lawson J, Mejuto Martí T, Navarro T, Solà I, Alonso-Coello P
Meeting Abstract (P045)

Updating a knee osteoarthritis clinical practice guideline for primary care

Gracia J, Calcerrada N, Guerra M, Díaz del Campo P, Blasco JA
Meeting Abstract (P046)

The experience with GRADE in a national clinical practice guideline: practical issues around risk of bias and safety

López-Alcalde J, Nieto B, Gracia J, Miravitlles M, Blasco JA
Meeting Abstract (P047)

Development of multidisciplinary guidelines for perioperative processes: how to reach consensus efficiently?

Pols M, Ouwens M, van Barneveld T, Wolff A
Meeting Abstract (P048)

e-Consensus: An efficient method for attaining consensus using a Modified Delphi process

Gronseth G, Getchius T, Hagen E
Meeting Abstract (P049)

Laboratory Testing by the General Practitioner

Avonts M, Cloetens H, Leyns C, Demulder A, Van Royen P, Michels J, Philips H
Meeting Abstract (P050)

Addressing methodological challenges for the evaluation of diagnostic tests: development of clinical recommendations combining the GRADE approach and the RAND Method

Ballini L, Vignatelli L, Maltoni S, Negro A, Trimaglio F, Grilli R
Meeting Abstract (P051)

The importance of involving the target population in guideline development: experiences from the development of evidence-based African prevention guidelines

De Buck E, Dieltjens T, Pauwels N, Volmink J, Vandekerckhove P
Meeting Abstract (P052)

How can guideline recommendations on disease specific ethical issues be developed in a systematic and transparent manner? Opportunities and challenges within seven methodological steps

Strech D, Knüppel H, Neitzke G, Schmidhuber M, Mertz M
Meeting Abstract (P053)

Problematic guidance for politically controversial treatments – the case of medical marijuana

Indyk D
Meeting Abstract (P054)

Price-tag of a European ESHRE guideline: price versus quality and speed of development

Vermeulen N, Nelen WLDM
Meeting Abstract (P055)

Financing of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) – what do we really know?

Köpp J, Rütters D, Langer T, Weikert B, Schirm J, Fishman L, Nothacker M, Ollenschläger G, Weinbrenner S
Meeting Abstract (P056)

The challenges of using GRADE methodology with prognostic studies-a case study of managing an acute painful sickle cell episode in hospital

Senthinathan A, Tan T, Jones D, Alderson P, McFarlane E
Meeting Abstract (P057)

Potential Impacts of Grading vs. Not Grading Literature

Hegmann K, Wolfkiel C, Harris J, Thiese M, Hughes M, Biggs J, Ott U, Ording J
Meeting Abstract (P058)

How many guidelines use GRADE system in National Guideline Clearinghouse

Chen Y, Xu H, Wang Q, Li X, Yao L, Luo H, Chen Y, Xu H, Wang M, Yang K
Meeting Abstract (P059)

Clinical Practice Guidelines and Patient Safety – Do Clinical Practice Guidelines play a role in critical incident reporting systems?

Sanguino Heinrich A, Rohe J, Hahnenkamp C, Thomeczek C
Meeting Abstract (P060)

Short Patient Information Leaflet 'Medication Safety' – an approach to link patient safety with evidenced-based patient information

Hahnenkamp C, Schwencke S, Rohe J, Sanguino Heinrich A, Rütters D, Siegert S, Schirm J, Schaefer C, Thomeczek C
Meeting Abstract (P061)

Patient safety: Is there a role of guidelines?

Van Dulmen S, Tacken M, Nijhuis- van der Sanden R
Meeting Abstract (P062)

Difficulties using GRADE with guidelines for intermediary process

Marin-Leon I, Buzon-Barrera M, Medrano J, Calderon E, Briones E, Marin-Cabañas M, Moreno-Machuca J, Alonso-Ortiz C, Romero-Alonso A, Lopez-Rodriguez L, Gonzalez M
Meeting Abstract (P063)

Better Practices in Rehabilitation in Africa: Learning collaboratively to change frontline practices

Cockburn L, Wango J, Anjonga E, Nicholas M, Benuh E, Chow K, Kiani S, Bramall A
Meeting Abstract (P064)

Guidelines and Guidance in Psychiatry

Gaebel W, Becker T, Falkai P
Meeting Abstract (P065)

Methodological quality and editorial independence of supranational guidelines for chronic diseases in comparison to national guidelines: progress or regress?

Langer T, Weinbrenner S, Nothacker M, Conrad S, Bartel C, Hoffmann-Eßer W, Höfer E, Rüther A, Siering U, Ollenschläger G
Meeting Abstract (P066)

Presentation of the newly developed portal of the Central Asian Republics Evidence Based Medicine Specialists (

Turgunbaev M
Meeting Abstract (P067)

Sharing knowledge and experience an international collaboration on guideline development

Stemkens D, Follmann M, James R, Vlayen J, Kersten S
Meeting Abstract (P068)

International collaboration in guideline development: physiotherapy in Parkinson’s

Keus S, Munneke M, van der Wees P, Nieuwboer A, Jones D, Graziano M, Graham L, Bloem B
Meeting Abstract (P069)

Handling conflicts of interest in guideline development: experience of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Nelen WLDM, Vermeulen N
Meeting Abstract (P070)

Influence of conflicts of interests on the guideline development process

Khan C, Rütters D, Ollenschläger G, Babitsch B, Weinbrenner S
Meeting Abstract (P071)

A model for living guidelines

Von Dincklage J, Olver AM I, Vuletich C
Meeting Abstract (P072)

Establishing the database of guideline glossary

Chen Y, Yao L, Wang Q, Yang K, Wang M
Meeting Abstract (P073)

Clinical Practice Guidelines-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, Behavior, and Practices: A Comprehensive Email Survey of all Chinese guideline developers

Chen Y, Wang T, Wang Q, Yuan B, Yao L, Chen M, Xu F, Fan L, Wang M, Yang K
Meeting Abstract (P074)

The importance of wording in guidelines recommendations – a German evaluation

Sporbeck B, Rosumeck S, Pathirana D, Erdmann R, Nast A
Meeting Abstract (P075)

Identifying health care problems: Health service research methods in the context of guideline development

Langer T, Rütters D, Khan C, Köpp J, Weinbrenner S, Ollenschläger G
Meeting Abstract (P076)

Recommendation for psychotherapy, antidepressants and their combination in Clinical Guidelines – does a further differentiation of interventions make sense?

Harfst T, Richter R, von Wietersheim J, Reinecker H
Meeting Abstract (P077)

An example of applying GRADE and an 'across studies' grading system in a guideline on asthma management in children: contrasting recommendations

Langendam M, Boluyt N, Rottier B
Meeting Abstract (P078)

Feasibility of a patient-centred network approach to guideline development

Den Breejen E, Hilbink M, Nelen W, Wiersma T, Kremer J, Hermens R
Meeting Abstract (P079)

Qualitative methods in guideline research

Daniels K, Abrams A, Lewin S
Meeting Abstract (P080)

Simultaneous development of an educational guide for adults and young people with type 1 diabetes and of an evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

Lopez-Argumedo M, Landajo I, Camarero M, Rubio MA, Gamiz A, Paskual A, Artetxe C, Lavin G, Altuzarra L, Villanueva G
Meeting Abstract (P081)

Experience of the development and implementation of medical and technological documents for the treatment of glaucoma on the principles of evidence-based medicine

Rykov S, Shylkina O
Meeting Abstract (P082)

Are clinical guideline recommendations for primary care based on research conducted in, or generalisable to, a primary care setting?

Stokes T, Steel N, Abdelhamid A, Edwards H
Meeting Abstract (P083)

A new bespoke web-based application for producing the European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines

Madden T, Parsons E, Parsons K
Meeting Abstract (P084)

A collaborative web application for the early stages of an evidence review

Bromham N, Schmidt-Hansen M, O'Connell S
Meeting Abstract (P085)

Patient participation in medical guideline development on cystic fibrosis

Brunsmann F, Bremer W, Bend J, Kopp I, Rietschel E, Müller FM
Mit Erratum (31.07.2012)
Meeting Abstract (P086)

A Methodological Handbook to involve Patients in the context of the National Guideline Development Program in Spain (GuiaSalud)

Vicente-Edo MJ, Salcedo-Fernández F, Díaz del Campo P, Gracia-San Román J
Meeting Abstract (P087)

Patient opinions in the outcome selection for the development of a clinical practice guideline

Ibargoyen-Roteta N, Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I, Aldasoro A, Galardi-Andonegui E, Callén-Blecua M, Villar-Álvarez M, Elorz-Lambarri JJ
Meeting Abstract (P088)

Consumer and Public Involvement in Guideline Development

Robertson P, Hussey H
Meeting Abstract (P089)

Do we really need clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) on comorbidities?

Ertel-Pau V, Petitprez K, Laurence M
Meeting Abstract (P090)

Methods of patients' involvement in clinical practice guidelines on controversial conditions

Häuser W, Settan M, Eis S
Meeting Abstract (P091)

A tool for systematically considering sex differences in guideline development

Hilbink M, Keuken D, Burgers J, Van der Wees P, Kool T
Meeting Abstract (P092)

Guidelines for the management of depression in primary health care, their quality and relevance for the depressed elderly: A systematic review

Aakhus E, Flottorp SA, Vandvik PO, Brandt L, Oxman AD
Meeting Abstract (P093)

Survey: Prioritization of clinical practice guideline topics

Haensel, MPH M, Beyer M, Wollny A, Scherer M
Meeting Abstract (P094)

Experience of Mexican National System of Health on the development of clinical practice guidelines

Sosa García JO, Martínez Aldana S, Cárdenas Hernández JL, Ramírez Rivera A
Meeting Abstract (P095)

Patient-centered approach in clinical guidelines

Van Dulmen S, Lukersmith S, Muxlow J, Santa Mina E, van der Wees P
Meeting Abstract (P096)

Developing scoring guide for the AGREE 2 instrument in Korea: a modified Delphi approach

Lee YK, Shin E, Shim JY, Min KJ, Kim JM, Lee S
Meeting Abstract (P097)

Equity in clinical guidelines: Stakeholder involvement

Fields E, Bickerdike L
Meeting Abstract (P098)

Developing best practice guidance for a longstanding dental programme

Parnell C, James P, Whelton H
Meeting Abstract (P099)

When does guideline production reley on qualitative consideration of cost effectiveness?

Wilkinson T, Hayre J, Dzingina M, Ward S, Rogers G
Meeting Abstract (P100)

Initial evaluation using a web-based platform for cancer guideline development

Von Dincklage J, Olver AM I, Vuletich C
Meeting Abstract (P101)

Factors influencing the number of days required for cancer guideline development projects from initiation to completion at Cancer Care Ontario’s Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC)

McNair S, Messersmith H, Brouwers M
Meeting Abstract (P102)

Development of clinical practice guidelines in paediatrics in the Czech Republic

Klikova K, Licenik R, Mihal V, Ivanova K
Meeting Abstract (P103)

Physiotherapy master students' contribution in developing clinical guidelines

Kettunen J, Wikström-Grotell C, Kangas H
Meeting Abstract (P104)

S3-Guidelines for Intensive Care in Cardiac Surgery Patients Hemodynamic Monitoring and Cardiocirculary System

Kastrup M, Carl M, Spies C
Meeting Abstract (P105)

A content analysis of clinical practice guidelines developed in Japan 2012: follow-up report

Suzuki H, Nakayama T
Meeting Abstract (P106)

Guidelines program for pharmaceutical care in the Netherlands

Daemen B, Meijer W, Ten Cate N, Buurma H
Meeting Abstract (P107)

Dutch guidelines for medication safety

Meijer WM, Heringa M, Buurma H, ten Cate NA, Daemen BJG
Meeting Abstract (P108)

Collaboration between general practitioners and medical specialists in guidelines for primary care

De Vries L
Meeting Abstract (P109)

The influence of focus groups on the development and implementation of guidelines for general practice

Mol S, Van Gunst S, Burgers J, Pigmans V, Opstelten W
Meeting Abstract (P110)

A Systematic Review of Recent Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Hypertension

Al-Ansary L, Tricco A, Adi Y, Bawazeer G, Perrier L, Al-Ghonaim M, Al-Yousefi N, Tashkandi M, Strauss S
Meeting Abstract (P111)

Adaptation of type Diabetes Guideline for Primary Care, Saudi Arabia

Dashash N, Sabban S, Alzahrani S, Al-wafi O, Bardisi W, Bardisi S, Ezzidein Z, Alraddadi R, Alromeihi I, Alhajar H, Bamia S, Shabooni O
Meeting Abstract (P112)

What makes a good guideline? Evidence from NICE accreditation

Leng G, Chrisp P, Birtles S, Kunnamo I