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3rd International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e.V.

12.02.2016, Fulda


Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP1)

Caseload Midwifery – Australian experts’ experiences regarding the implementation of a model of care in midwifery

Bruhn AM, Hellmers C
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP2)

UNAMID "Call A Midwife" Initiative: Reducing maternal mortality in Darfur

Elzarov Z
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP3)

Mothers and Newborns: Statistics of self-employed midwives on postpartum care of families at risk in Switzerland

Erdin R, Iljuschin I, Pehlke-Milde J
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP4)

The work of family midwives and family health and children's nurses from the perspective of the visited families

von Haldenwang U
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP5)

Place of birth – Do women have a free choice?

Kunes J
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP6)

Traumatic stress in midwives – Prevalence and risk factors

Leinweber J, Creedy D, Rowe H, Gamble J
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP7)

Reviewing scientific evidence for one’s own practice: A new method for midwives

Loytved C, Erdin R
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP8)

Active shaping of pregnancy and influences on well-being

Rauer I, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP9)

Cooperative activities of midwives in the field of community care – Results of a literature review

Schlüter-Cruse M, zu Sayn-Wittgenstein F, Schnepp W
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP10)

Training profile in outpatient midwifery care: Experiences and future perspectives from the point of view of self-employed midwives

Scholz G
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP11)

A qualitative study of midwife-woman interaction in terms of embodiment and autonomy

Skeide A
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP12)

Current opportunities and challenges in the academic qualification of midwives in Germany – a qualitative study as part of the evaluation of the Evangelische Hochschule Berlin (EHB)’s model degree program in Midwifery

Striebich S, Grieshop M, Tegethoff D
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP13)

Stillbirth in Germany – What parents need and what care providers are able to give

de Wall S, Groß M, Gehling H, Grylka-Bäschlin S, Schwarz C, Weckend M
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Meeting Abstract (16dghwiP14)

Health and maternity care in transition: What do women report about deficiencies and potential in Germany? – The Babies Born Better User Survey

Weckend M, Downe S, Balaam MC, Lengler L, de Wall S, Gehling H, Grylka-Bäschlin S, Groß M
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