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22. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Audiologie e. V.

06.03. - 09.03.2019, Heidelberg


Dear colleagues and guests,

we welcome you to our GMS presentation of the 22nd annual meeting of the German Society of Audiology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Audiologie, DGA). The meeting took place from March 6th to 9th 2019 in Heidelberg, the site of the most ancient university of Germany. One of the outstanding personalities of this university was Hermann von Helmholtz, whose oeuvre „Die Lehre von den Tonempfindungen“ (On the sensations of tones), published in 1863 and even today still available as printed edition, is closely related to the topics of interests of scientific investigators, product engineers and practitioners who came from all German speaking countries to join at this conference.

The main topics of the meeting were the objective measures, which help us to examine many details of normal and pathologic hearing, and the models of hearing, which follow the aim to compensate deficits of hearing and substitute organic structures by technical devices. These focal points were mirrored in the presentations of the plenary sessions, in the contents of structured sessions, and in the topics of several tutorials.

Additionally, the congress participants could attend a large number of scientific sessions with free papers, where they found opportunity to share their experiences and scientific results with the community of their colleagues.

The scientific chair, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hoth, and the president of the DGA, Prof. Dr. Martin Walger, welcomed the participants and guests in the city of unique historic documents of literature and the residence of many important literary and musical poets during the romantic period. It appears justified to assume that the congress participants enjoyed their stay in the city of the 633-years-old university, four institutes Max Planck and two national and European research centers (DKFZ and EMBL) – with the famous flair of the „most northern place of Italy“.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hoth
Scientific chair

Prof. Dr. Martin Walger
President of DGA

Scientific Program