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VI. International Symposium on AMD – Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Emerging Concepts – Exploring known and Identifying new Pathways

11. - 12.09.2015, Baden-Baden


Dear Colleague,

During recent years there have been major advances in understanding pathogenetic factors in multifactorial, complex AMD. The recent revolution in genetic, genomic and molecular biological studies has contributed significantly to our understanding of AMD.

However, many open questions are still to be addressed. We are approaching an era of new targets for therapy based on better differentiation and refined phenotyping of age-related macular disease. Four years after the last international Baden-Baden AMD meeting we will review emergingv concepts to ask new questions and spur new thinking. The Classification of Atrophy Meeting (CAM-2), supported by the Dr. Werner Jackstädt-Foundation, will precede the AMD meeting.

We welcome you to beautiful Baden-Baden in the heart of the Blackwood Forest to the VI. International Symposium on AMD – Age-related Macular Degeneration – Emerging Concepts – Exploring known and Identifying new Pathways – under the auspices of the DOG and look very much forward to a stimulating and inspiring conference.

Daniel Pauleikhoff
Frank G. Holz


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