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VI. International Symposium on AMD – Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Emerging Concepts – Exploring known and Identifying new Pathways

11. - 12.09.2015, Baden-Baden

Genetic risk factors for AMD susceptibility

Meeting Abstract (15amd01)

Changing prevalence of AMD degeneration in Europe

Colijn JM, Buitendijk GHS, Vingerling JR, Hofman A, Klaver CCW
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Meeting Abstract (15amd02)

AMD polymorphisms – risk vs. protection

Weber BHF
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Meeting Abstract (15amd03)

The majority of familial AMD can be explained by clustering of common risk factors

Kersten E, Lechanteur YTE, Saksens NTM, Geerlings MJ, Schick T, Fauser S, Boon CJF, den Hollander AI, Hoyng CB
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Meeting Abstract (15amd04)

The level of complement activation varies between the stages of AMD degeneration

Lechanteur Y, Schick T, Groenewoud JMM, Ersoy L, Liakopoulos S, den Hollander AI, Hoyng CB, Klevering BJ
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Meeting Abstract (15amd05)

Correlation between morphological and functional changes in patients with early AMD and the presence of risk polymorphisms in CFH- and ARMS2 genes

Oeverhaus M, Dietzel M, Meyer zu Westrup V, Pauleikhof D, Hense HW
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Meeting Abstract (15amd06)

Engineering viral gene transfer vectors to treat retinal dystrophies

Flannery JG
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Meeting Abstract (15amd07)

Gene therapy for macular degeneration

Lotery A
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Meeting Abstract (15amd08)

Prospective assessment of macular pigment over time – results from the Münster Ageing Retina Study

Meyer zu Westrup V, Dietze M, Pauleikhoff D, Hense HW
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Meeting Abstract (15amd09)

Elevated plasma HDL-cholesterol is associated with incident early AMD and progression to geographic atrophy and not to exudative AMD

Jonasson F, Fisher D, Eiriksdottir G, Sigurdsson S, Klein R, Loner L, Harris T, Gudnason V, Cotch MF
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