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VI. International Symposium on AMD – Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Emerging Concepts – Exploring known and Identifying new Pathways

11. - 12.09.2015, Baden-Baden

Neurobiology of the outer retina and management III

Meeting Abstract (15amd36)

Exudative AMD in OCT-angiography – correlation of classic and occult CNV in fluorescein angiography and OCT-angiography

Farecki ML, Ziegler M, Heimes B, Gutfleisch M, Spital G, Lommatzsch A, Pauleikhoff D
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Meeting Abstract (15amd37)

New concepts of Anti-VEGF-treatment in AMD by OCT angiography

Spaide RF
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Meeting Abstract (15amd38)

The effect of aflibercept on polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Oishi A, Tsujikawa A, Yoshimura N
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Meeting Abstract (15amd39)

Pharmacogenetics in neovascular AMD: useful or useless?

van Asten F, Lorés-Motta L, den Hollander AI, Fauser S, Hoyng CB
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Meeting Abstract (15amd40)

Fc-receptors in uptake and transport of bevacizumab and aflibercept in retinal pigment epithelial cells

Klettner A, Dithmer M, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (15amd41)

A genetic variant in NRP1 is associated with worse response to ranibizumab treatment in neovascular AMD

Lorés de Motta L, van Asten F, Muether P, Smailhodzic D, Chen JC, Koenekoop RK, Fauser S, Hoyng C, den Hollander A, de Jong E
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Meeting Abstract (15amd42)

Role of PlGF in CNV

Reichhart N, Crespo-Garcia S, Kociok N, Joussen AM, Strauß O
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