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17. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre 2013: Teaching Medical Skills

4. - 6. April 2013, Wien, Österreich


Poster (P01)

LivePopups – effektive Kommunikation in Massenlehrveranstaltungen

Anner P, Niedermaier T, Pavelka P, Winkler M
Poster (P02)

Usage Behavior of students in a moodle online course called "case-based learning"

Bernhardt-Melischnig J
Poster (P03)

A Successful Tradition of Innovation – Anamnesegruppen & Interdisciplinarity

Ferstl P, Pirgie L, Spiess K, TAs of the Anamnesegruppen Wien
Poster (P04)

Gender Gap in Medical Admission Test

Habersack M, Dimai HP, Ithaler D, Reibnegger G
Poster (P05)

Factors behind – Medical College Admission Test Scores

Habersack M, Gero L, Dimai HP
Poster (P06)

CRS – Teaching Psychosocial and Psychosomatic Medicine at the Medical University of Graz

Hörlesberger N, Trapp EM, Trapp M, Rohrer PM, Egger JW
Poster (P07)

Der Ethikunterricht im Spiegel von Studentenbefragungen an der Medizinischen Fakultät von der Universität Szeged

Kapocsi E, Barabás K
Poster (P08)

Students's individual work as an important part of high skilled professional formation

Kapustnik V, Kovalyova O, Demydenko G
Poster (P09)

Studying Bioethics as an opportunity for a medical student to become perfect clinicist

Lesovoy V, Markovskyi V, Kovalyova O
Poster (P10)

Gender equivalent interactive lecture format for surgical subspecialities – raising interest and improvin recruitment rates into residency programs

Lumenta DB, Datfar T, Manhal S, Kamolz P
Poster (P11)

From concept to reality: The implementation of simulation-based education into the paediatrics curriculum of the Medical University of Graz

Mileder LP, Raith W, Pansy J, Eber E, Urlesberger B
Poster (P12)

Development of a catalogue of preclinical learning objctives and competency levels

Oettl K, Kresse A, Manhal S
Poster (P13)

How an integrated module works – the experience gained during a summer shool focused on respiratory allergies

Panaitescu C, Pitic C, Tatu C, Raica M
Poster (P14)

Questionnaire about the individual-related evaluation of teaching among clinical teachers and students of the Medical University of Graz

Pfurtscheller K, Wendelin G
Poster (P15)

Tailored skills training for undergraduate dentistry students in year 2: Implementation and challenges

Preusche I, Jandrasits O, Knaus A
Poster (P16)

Interdisciplinary teaching and small group lessons within the special study module – "Connective tissue diseases, diagnosis and treatment" of the curriculum of medicine at the Medical University of Graz

Rabensteiner DF, Wagner J, Borkenstein A, Horwath-Winter J, Weger M, Heidinger A, Paschke E, Greilberger J, Obermayer-Pietsch B, Stojakovic T, Aberer E, Schmut O, Smolle J
Poster (P17)

Video-Feedback in teaching Doctor-Patient-Communication at the Medical University of Graz

Rohrer PM, Trapp M, Trapp EM, Hörlesberger N, Egger JW
Poster (P18)

CAM Research in Austria: The 1st National Survery* and CAM Education

Sützl-Klein H, Mladen S, Pohler G, Kaplaner M, Bruckner U, Ried-Keita M, Frass M, Mosgöller M, Stumptner E
Poster (P19)

How to teach biosignalling from bascis to clinical applications in a modular way?

Tatu C, Panaitescu C, Pitic C, Puscasiu D, Dragan S
Poster (P20)

An individual approach of teaching: mentoring and training for tutors at the medical university of Graz

Trapp M, Trapp EM, Egger JM
Poster (P21)

How do medical undergraduates infer a self-judgement when practicing information gathering with simulated patients?

Wagner-Menghin M, van Dalen J, van Merrienboer J, der Bruin A
Poster (P22)

Maintaining quality in light of increased qantity

Zeme K, Todorovic T, Zdravkovic M, Bevc S