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17. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre 2013: Teaching Medical Skills

4. - 6. April 2013, Wien, Österreich


Poster (P01)

LivePopups – effektive Kommunikation in Massenlehrveranstaltungen

Anner P, Niedermaier T, Pavelka P, Winkler M
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Poster (P02)

Usage Behavior of students in a moodle online course called "case-based learning"

Bernhardt-Melischnig J
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Poster (P03)

A Successful Tradition of Innovation – Anamnesegruppen & Interdisciplinarity

Ferstl P, Pirgie L, Spiess K, TAs of the Anamnesegruppen Wien
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Poster (P04)

Gender Gap in Medical Admission Test

Habersack M, Dimai HP, Ithaler D, Reibnegger G
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Poster (P05)

Factors behind – Medical College Admission Test Scores

Habersack M, Gero L, Dimai HP
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Poster (P06)

CRS – Teaching Psychosocial and Psychosomatic Medicine at the Medical University of Graz

Hörlesberger N, Trapp EM, Trapp M, Rohrer PM, Egger JW
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Poster (P07)

Der Ethikunterricht im Spiegel von Studentenbefragungen an der Medizinischen Fakultät von der Universität Szeged

Kapocsi E, Barabás K
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Poster (P08)

Students's individual work as an important part of high skilled professional formation

Kapustnik V, Kovalyova O, Demydenko G
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Poster (P09)

Studying Bioethics as an opportunity for a medical student to become perfect clinicist

Lesovoy V, Markovskyi V, Kovalyova O
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Poster (P10)

Gender equivalent interactive lecture format for surgical subspecialities – raising interest and improvin recruitment rates into residency programs

Lumenta DB, Datfar T, Manhal S, Kamolz P
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Poster (P11)

From concept to reality: The implementation of simulation-based education into the paediatrics curriculum of the Medical University of Graz

Mileder LP, Raith W, Pansy J, Eber E, Urlesberger B
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Poster (P12)

Development of a catalogue of preclinical learning objctives and competency levels

Oettl K, Kresse A, Manhal S
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Poster (P13)

How an integrated module works – the experience gained during a summer shool focused on respiratory allergies

Panaitescu C, Pitic C, Tatu C, Raica M
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Poster (P14)

Questionnaire about the individual-related evaluation of teaching among clinical teachers and students of the Medical University of Graz

Pfurtscheller K, Wendelin G
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Poster (P15)

Tailored skills training for undergraduate dentistry students in year 2: Implementation and challenges

Preusche I, Jandrasits O, Knaus A
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Poster (P16)

Interdisciplinary teaching and small group lessons within the special study module – "Connective tissue diseases, diagnosis and treatment" of the curriculum of medicine at the Medical University of Graz

Rabensteiner DF, Wagner J, Borkenstein A, Horwath-Winter J, Weger M, Heidinger A, Paschke E, Greilberger J, Obermayer-Pietsch B, Stojakovic T, Aberer E, Schmut O, Smolle J
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Poster (P17)

Video-Feedback in teaching Doctor-Patient-Communication at the Medical University of Graz

Rohrer PM, Trapp M, Trapp EM, Hörlesberger N, Egger JW
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Poster (P18)

CAM Research in Austria: The 1st National Survery* and CAM Education

Sützl-Klein H, Mladen S, Pohler G, Kaplaner M, Bruckner U, Ried-Keita M, Frass M, Mosgöller M, Stumptner E
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Poster (P19)

How to teach biosignalling from bascis to clinical applications in a modular way?

Tatu C, Panaitescu C, Pitic C, Puscasiu D, Dragan S
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Poster (P20)

An individual approach of teaching: mentoring and training for tutors at the medical university of Graz

Trapp M, Trapp EM, Egger JM
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Poster (P21)

How do medical undergraduates infer a self-judgement when practicing information gathering with simulated patients?

Wagner-Menghin M, van Dalen J, van Merrienboer J, der Bruin A
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Poster (P22)

Maintaining quality in light of increased qantity

Zeme K, Todorovic T, Zdravkovic M, Bevc S
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