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1st International Conference of the German Society of Nursing Science

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegewissenschaft e. V.

04.05. - 05.05.2018, Berlin

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Meeting Abstract (18dgpP35)

From the perspective of nurses: How can patients participate in home care in Germany?

Messer M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP36)

Non-specialist nurses providing palliative end-of-life cancer care: a systematic review and meta-synthesis

Thorn H, Uhrenfeldt L
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP37)

Shared decision making in chronic care in the context of evidence-based practice in nursing: a topic for discussion

Friesen J, Bours G, van der Weijden T, Beurskens A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP38)

The effect of correcting illness perceptions on adherence to therapeutic regimen in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Zakerimoghadam M, Fathollahbeigi F, Ghiyasvandian S, Kazemnejad A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP39)

The delirium Screening Tool RADAR-A: translation, validity, and reliability

Wetzlmair J, Lohr P, Steininger A, Schulc E, Mueller G
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP40)

Basic care revisited: the development of a research program to optimise basic nursing care

Zwakhalen S, Metzelthin S, Hamers JPH, de Man-van Ginkel JM, Roelof E, Maud H, Vermeulen H, Huisman-de Waal G, Schuurmans M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP42)

Practicability of an in-ear sensor for sensory seizure detection in children and adolescents with epilepsy

Riede J, Bachmann S, Hering T
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP44)

The emotional status of patients with chronic lower limb ischaemia

Piotrkowska R, Książek J, Jarzynkowski P
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP45)

The non-compliance behavior among TB multidrug-resistance TB (MDR-TB) patients

Yang YM
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP46)

Complementary therapies in social psychiatry

Dürr DW, Lunde A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP47)

Perspective of patients with acute coronary syndrome after percutaneous coronary intervention: a descriptive quantitative study

Qin H, Mayer H
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP48)

Baseline inquiries for the nursing science evaluation of the AGQua project

von Mandelsloh F, Begerow A, Morciniec D, Gaidys U
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP49)

Evaluation of patient satisfaction with emergency department nursing care

Małecka-Dubiela A, Medrzycka W, Kwiecień-Jaguś K
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP50)

A participatory approach to develop a special health assessment instrument for people with intellectual disabilities

Stölting L, Greskötter J, Hasseler M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP51)

Emotional safety of people with dementia: first results of EMSIDE – a model project

Kuske S, Grobosch S, Wolf F, Hagedorn A, Wolpers G
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP52)

Living with dying – patients perspective on decision making

Begerow A, Gaidys U
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP53)

Which non-cognitive aspects enable persons with dementia to make decisions?

Wied T, Haberstroh J
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP54)

Nursing tasks without direct patient contacts in German mental hospitals

Blume A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP55)

Nursing case mix in the hospital. Development of two systems for case mix classification

Grebe C, Trompetter E, Nauerth A, Schneider M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP56)

The digital nurse – social participation by using a digital, linked education management

Haupeltshofer A, Seeling S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP57)

Looking for the way out – a multi-method study facing the lack of nursing professionals

Mohr J, Lämmel N, Müller D, Sandow B, Fischer G, Reiber K
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP58)

Development of nursing care professionalization elements in Slovenia – group interview technique

Skela-Savič B
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP59)

Housing-options for the elderly in rural areas – a systematic review

Erjauz B, Eichhorn J
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP60)

Nursing Care for tracheotomised patients – a spatial perspective from three German federal states

Stark S, Ewers M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP62)

Palliative care needs of residents living with advanced Parkinson disease in nursing homes in Salzburg

Lex K, Lorenzl S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP63)

Survey and modelling of structural and procedural quality criteria as evidence-based decision-making guidelines for operative care management

Fischer U, Koutrafouris C
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP64)

empCARE – an evidence based stress reducing training programme for nurses

Thiry L, Kaschull K, Kocks A, Lux V
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP65)

Participation and drop-out by nurses in longitudinal research: lessons learned from the EvaSIS-study

Seibert K, Peschke D, Richter C, Hanf M, Langer G, Aichinger H, Bratan T, Wolf-Ostermann K
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP66)

Satisfaction of students with communication with nurses during the practical training

Malnar D, Uljancic S, Bikvić M, Bošković S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP67)

Development of a theory based practice guideline for a quality of life oriented palliative care in residential care homes

Linde AC, Treff N, Riedel A, Lehmeyer S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP68)

Responsible science – the interlocking of different kinds of knowledge. Pure theory or a beneficial approach?

Mayer H, Breuer J, Mattes M, Andrea S