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Artificial Vision 2019

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

13.12. - 14.12.2019, Aachen

Perception in artificial vision

Meeting Abstract (19artvis38)

A model of sight ın artificial vision and some of its perception properties

Meeting Abstract (19artvis39)

A suprachoroidal retinal prosthesis: initial functional results

Allen PJ, Nayagam D A X, Luu C D, Barnes N, Kolic M, Young K, Baglin E K, Abbott C J, Briggs R J, Yeoh J, Kentler W G, Kvansakul J, Titchener S A, Petoe M A, Williams C E
Meeting Abstract (19artvis40)

Perception of motion in a 2nd generation suprachoroidal retinal implant

Titchener SA, Petoe M A, Kvansakul J, Shivdasani M N, Fallon J B, Nayagam D A X, Epp S B, Williams C E, Barnes N, Kentler W G, Kolic M, Baglin E K, Abbott C J, Luu C D, Allen P J
Meeting Abstract (19artvis41)

The effect of eye and head position on reading speed in a simulation of prosthetic vision

Paraskevoudi N, Pezaris J S
Meeting Abstract (19artvis42)

Object recognition training with simulated retina implant perception

Pollmann S, Nath C, Wang L
Meeting Abstract (19artvis43)

Towards a unified set of performance outcomes for vision restoration trials

Dagnelie G, Kartha A, Sadeghi R, Bradley C, Geruschat D