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7th International Symposium on AMD: Age-related Macular Degeneration – Understanding Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Disease

20.09. - 21.09.2019, Baden-Baden

Phenotyping AMD: advances in imaging

Meeting Abstract (19amd46)

Choriocapillaris status as a risk factor in AMD

Sadda S
Meeting Abstract (19amd47)

Choriocapillaris imaging using SS-OCT angiography in AMD

Rosenfeld PJ, Thulliez M, Zhang Q, Shi Y, Zhou H, Chu Z, Lyu C, de Sisternes L, Durbin MK, Feuer W, Gregori G, Wang RK
Meeting Abstract (19amd48)

Clinicopathologic comparison of fluorescence lifetimes and spectral characteristics in AMD

Hammer M, Schultz R, Meller D
Meeting Abstract (19amd49)

Fluorescence lifetimes in AMD

Wolf S, Dysli C, Zinkernagel MS
Meeting Abstract (19amd50)

Imaging of AMD with FLIO

Sauer L, Vitale AS, Modersitzki NK, Hansen ED, Komanski CB, Bernstein PS
Meeting Abstract (19amd51)

Adaptive optics photoreceptor imaging, function and survival in AMD

Dubis A
Meeting Abstract (19amd52)

In vivo photoreceptor imaging by non-adaptive optics confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy

Theelen T, Dhooge PPA, Mulders TWF, Hoyng CB
Meeting Abstract (19amd53)

Quantitative fundus autofluorescence (qAF) of SA secondary to AMD

Smith RT, Freund KB
Meeting Abstract (19amd54)

Neuroprotection as a therapeutic option for GA

Chong V