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VI. International Symposium on AMD – Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Emerging Concepts – Exploring known and Identifying new Pathways

11. - 12.09.2015, Baden-Baden

Neurobiology of the outer retina and management II

Meeting Abstract (15amd27)

The impact of subretinal drusenoid deposits (SDD) on surrounding photoreceptors revealed by multimodal imaging and mesopic and scotopic microperimetry

Zhang Y, Wang X, Clark M, Owsley C, Curcio CA
Meeting Abstract (15amd28)

Monitoring of photoreceptor survival by AO-SLO

Harmening WM, Domdei N, Sincich L, Holz FG
Meeting Abstract (15amd29)

Visual Cycle adducts and AMD

Sparrow J
Meeting Abstract (15amd30)

As the bright light dims: loss of lipofuscin-attributable autofluorescence from RPE in aging and AMD

Ach T, Smith RT, Ablonczy Z, Hillenkamp J, Heintzmann R, Sloan KR, Curcio CA
Meeting Abstract (15amd31)

Can we influence the risk for AMD – new results from AREDS 2

Chew EY
Meeting Abstract (15amd32)

Correlation of outer nuclear layer thickness with scotopic and photopic fundus-controlled perimetry in patients with reticular drusen

Steinberg JS, Fleckenstein M, Fimmers R, Holz FG, Schmitz-Valckenberg S
Meeting Abstract (15amd33)

Inner nuclear layer thickening in patients with geographic atrophy

Zinkernagel M, Jaggi D, Wolf S, Berger L, Ebneter A
Meeting Abstract (15amd34)

Hyperspectral autofluorescence (AF) imaging of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) ex vivo in AMD

Smith RT, Ablonczy Z, Gerig G, Hong S, Tong Y, Ami TB, Curcio C, Ach T
Meeting Abstract (15amd35)

Mitochondria as a therapeutic target for treating AMD

Ferrington D