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Deutsche Agentur für Health Technology Assessment (DAHTA)

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The HTA eJournal is published jointly by the German Agency for Health Technology Assessment (DAHTA), a division of the DIMDI and the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED), and is designed as an eJournal in the areas of German Medical Science (gms).

gms Health Technology Assessment makes current information from all areas of medicine and public health, mainly those concerning HTA, quickly and easily accessible. The Executive Summaries of HTA reports are published in this journal. It is a part of DIMDI’s mission to establish and maintain an information system for the Federal Republic of Germany.

gms Health Technology Assessment is free and will be perpetually available.

Recent Publications
GMS Health Technology Assessment Volume 10

Research Article

Vaccination of children with a live-attenuated, intranasal influenza vaccine – analysis and evaluation through a Health Technology Assessment

Andersohn F, Bornemann R, Damm O, Frank M, Mittendorf T, Theidel U
GMS Health Technol Assess 2014; 10:Doc03 (20141030)
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Short Report

Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of fissure sealants in children and adolescents with a high caries risk

Neusser S, Krauth C, Hussein R, Bitzer EM
GMS Health Technol Assess 2014; 10:Doc02 (20141001)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
Short Report

Effectiveness and efficacy of minimally invasive lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema

Pertl D, Eisenmann A, Holzer U, Renner AT, Valipour A
GMS Health Technol Assess 2014; 10:Doc01 (20141001)
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