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7th EFSMA – European Congress of Sports Medicine, 3rd Central European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Annual Assembly of the German and the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

26.-29.10.2011, Salzburg, Österreich

Poster Presentations
Exercises & Diseases

Meeting Abstract (11esm114)

Acute effects of whole-body vibration on testosterone responses in the athlete and non athlete

Nameni F
Meeting Abstract (11esm115)

Adaptation of patella and achilles tendon to different forms of loading patterns in young elite athletes

Riegels N, Cassel M, Mayer F
Meeting Abstract (11esm116)

Adverse responses of the musculoskeletal system during 4 weeks resistance-endurance training in a cardiovascular rehabilitation program

Gruber S, Miehl M, Schmid P, Berent R, Hofer C, Würth S, P. von Duvillard S, Wonisch M, Pokan R
Meeting Abstract (11esm117)

Breast cancer and exercise

Mitsakis I, Mitsakis M, Mitsaki C, Lyrtzis C, Sianou K, Anastasiou A, Loufopoulos A
Meeting Abstract (11esm118)

Cardiovascular complications during combined resistance-endurance training of a 4 weeks cardiac rehabilitation program

Miehl M, Gruber S, Schmid P, Berent R, Hofer C, Wonisch M, P. von Duvillard S, Pokan R
Meeting Abstract (11esm119)

Comparison of physical capacity on short and long term cardiac transplantation

Guimaraes GV, Venancio R, Teixeira I, Pascoaline L, Tavares A, Carvalho V, Rodrigues O, Bocchi E
Meeting Abstract (11esm120)

Eccentric endurance training and its consequences on physical performance in sedentary overweight individuals

Zeppetzauer M, Bochdansky T, Kollos AL, Drexel H
Meeting Abstract (11esm121)

Effect of 2 months endurance training on immune cells and humoral

Nameni F
Meeting Abstract (11esm122)

Effect of Tendoactive® on tendon organization

Torrent A, Ruhí R, Martínez C, Cid M, Buhrmann C, Shakibaei M
Meeting Abstract (11esm123)

Effects of aerobics and body-building programs in motor balance in elderly women

Ferst NC, Matos O, Bassan JC, Moraes L
Meeting Abstract (11esm124)

Effects of exercise intensity on the oxidation of carbihydrates and fats during recovery in type 2 diabetes

Asano R, Lima L, Sales M, Cunha G, Motta D, Almeida W, Campbell C, Simões H
Meeting Abstract (11esm125)

Efficiency of physiotherapy in Romanian toddlers and young children with cystic fibrosis

Almajan-Guta B, Avram C, Rusu AM, Almajan-Guta V, Cluci OO
Meeting Abstract (11esm126)

Extensor flexor ratio and anterior knee pain

Edtinger S, Selhofer A, Matschi W
Meeting Abstract (11esm127)

From neuromuscular stimulation and/or biofeedback-assisted exercise up to Triathlon competitions – regular physical activity in cancer patients and its different ways

Crevenna R, Marosi C, Keilani M
Meeting Abstract (11esm128)

Functional evaluation of patients undergoing hemodialysis with chronic kidney disease

Novo A, Travassos F, Teixeira F, Múrua A, Azevedo J, Alves MJ, de Paz J
Meeting Abstract (11esm129)

High motivation for blind children to practice swimming activities authors

Almajan-Guta B, Almajan-Guta V, Avram C, Rusu AM, Cluci OO, Gheltofan S
Meeting Abstract (11esm130)

Impact of a functuinal recovery program on muscular strength, exercise tolerance and quality of life in a patient with cystic fibrosis: A case report

Clemente Polán C, Olcina Camacho G
Meeting Abstract (11esm131)

Incidence of musculoskeletal injuries in professional athletes Figueirense Futebol Clube in the period January to December 2010

Parucker S, Kimura M, Giuliano M, Felipe R, Jose Fernando G
Meeting Abstract (11esm132)

Minimal repolarization abnormalities as a manifestation of muscle bridging in asymptomatic adolescent soccer player

Kisko A, Dernarova L, Kmec J, Stasko J, Mikulak M
Meeting Abstract (11esm133)

Peak cardiac power output and cardiac reserve in women

Klasnja A, Knezevic A, Galic V, Barak O
Meeting Abstract (11esm134)

Proprioceptive training vs classical physiotherapy in children with Down Syndrome

Almajan-Guta B, Almajan-Guta V, Avram C, Rusu AM, Cluci OO, Gheltofan S, Filipescu H
Meeting Abstract (11esm135)

Rehabilitation of patients suffering from metastatic bone disease

Crevenna R, Mähr B, Sedghi Komanadj T, Keilani M
Meeting Abstract (11esm136)

Resistance exercise elicits acute blood pressure reduction in type-2 diabetics

Sales M, Campbell C, Segundo P, Simões H
Meeting Abstract (11esm137)

Results of aerobic training in adolescent patients with moderate idiopathic scoliosis

Villar Aura J, Romagnoli M, Alis R, Pozo A, Bas P
Meeting Abstract (11esm138)

Swimming induced pulmonary edema in triathletes, red flag sign for medical personel at races

Vlahek P, Lodeta M
Meeting Abstract (11esm139)

The comparison of two types exercise on innate immune

Nameni F
Meeting Abstract (11esm140)

The effect of physical exercise on abdominal adiposity and serum lipids in young obese subjects

Vasilescu MM, Rusu L, Enescu Bieru D, Cosma G
Meeting Abstract (11esm141)

The effects of manual mobilisation on the mobility of the thoracic spine in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Sperling M, Tarner IH, Müller-Ladner U, Lange U
Meeting Abstract (11esm142)

Worrisome Prevalence of Waterpipe Smoking among Athletes

Nakhostin-Roohi B, Valizadeh S