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July 2, 2019
New Journal: GMS Journal of Arts Therapies

On June 25, 2019, GMS Journal of Arts Therapies – Journal of Art-, Music-, Dance-, Drama- and Poetry-Therapy went online, a new journal edited by the German Scientific Association for Creative Arts Therapies (Wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaft für Künstlerische Therapien, WFKT).

With GMS Journal of Arts Therapies original publications and reviews devoted to all aspects of creative arts therapies will be quickly available to interested readers following the successful completion of the review process.

The contributions appear in German or English. Further, a bilingual publication is also possible. Authors are encouraged to consider GMS Journal of Arts Therapies for submission of their work for peer review.

The availability of original scientific papers in open access at GMS is of great interest to all members of the WFKT. The initiators of this project look forward to a broad public attention and a positive resonance.

GMS Journal of Arts Therapies is published with German Medical Science, a portal for Open Access journals and other medical publications. German Medical Science is a co-operation of AWMF, DIMDI and ZB MED.

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