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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2016)

25.10. - 28.10.2016, Berlin

About this meeting

“The good old days” vs. “tomorrow, everything will be perfect”. These figures of speech often accompany us.

It’s a fact that orthopaedic and orthopaedic trauma surgery have a long lasting tradition in German-speaking countries. More than 100 years ago the basic foundation for conservative fracture management was laid here. Over 50 years ago the principles of modern operative fracture care, osteotomies and joint replacement were also invented in this part of the world. More recent developments like ultrasound screening of the neonatal hip, the concept of femoroacetabular impingement, or concepts for trauma care in multiple injured patients have influenced our way of thinking and are now part of our tradition.

Apart from that, orthopaedic surgery is increasingly characterized through high tech and innovations. Computer assisted surgery and pre-op planning contributed significantly to our field. There are constant advances of technically-assisted, minimally-invasive procedures. When attending the sessions or the industrial exhibitions of this meeting, one can get a good impression of how dynamic this process really is. The scientific topics of this meeting reflect the broadness of our fascinating field and represent today’s state of knowledge. The dichotomy of tradition vs. modern trends – looking back and ahead – is part of our daily practice. Our actions are determined by the balance of dependable standards and an open mind towards new technologies. This challenge is reflected in this meeting’s motto – ”Back to the future”.

Past and Future – these terms fit a lot of different countries. They are particularly underlined by our two guest nations, Israel and Switzerland.

Besides the scientific topics, there are many other problems that our colleagues in the hospital or in private practice have to deal with. Work environment, compatibility of family and work, questions concerning training and specialization or simply medical billing. These subjects and many more are also represented in our programme.

You are all invited to actively participate in our discussion forums. We already want to draw your attention to the ”German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology” (DKOU) in October. We are looking forward to debate with you about the past, present and future of orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

Professor Dr. med. Heiko Reichel, President 2016 (DGOOC)
Professor Dr. med. Florian Gebhard, President 2016 (DGU)
Dr. med. Manfred Neubert, Congresspresident 2016 (BVOU)