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3. Winter School des GMA-Ausschusses für Methodik der Ausbildungsforschung 2021

02.12.-03.12.2021, online


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

The way medical education is taught and learned must be based on scientific evidence. As recently as 2014, the Science Council recommended that "universities and the federal states strengthen and systematically network medical education research in Germany".

In addition to the need to ensure the quality of teaching on a scientific basis and to further develop medical education in a well-designed didactic manner, a motivation for educational research can also be derived from the fact that this field of research has become increasingly established and emancipated in the medical context. The number of publications on medical education research coming from the German-speaking area has steadily increased in international, English-language journals and is quite respectable in an international comparison.

The “Methodology of Education Research" committee of the Society for Medical Education (GMA) has been making its contribution to the development of the scientific examination of teaching and learning in theory and practice for many years. For some years now, an important element of these efforts has been the Winter School on "Methodology of Education Research". Here, recognised experts present quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as overarching topics of education research, and convey these in an interactive way. The offers are aimed at both advanced learners and those who still have little expertise.

In keeping with the spirit of the GMA, the Winter School also offers a valuable opportunity for informal exchange among each other and provides an ideal setting for networking and collecting ideas.

We are pleased to offer a Winter School again this year and warmly invite you to attend. The language of the Winter School is German.

With best regards,

PD Dr. Katrin Schüttpelz-Brauns
Head of the Committee

PD Dr. Jan Matthes, MMEd
Deputy Head of the Committee


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