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14. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre: New Horizons in Teaching and Learning

22. - 24.04.2010, Wien, Österreich


Dear Colleagues,

It is a special pleasure for me, for Jörg Stein, and for our hosts and co-organisers from the Medical University of Vienna to welcome you to the 14th Graz Conference on medical education. Graz was the venue of the first conference that Jörg Stein and I organized in 1995 and we met there almost yearly until 2004. This is after 2006 our second time in Vienna.

This year the disruption of air travel after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption provided a special challenge for some speakers as well as the organizers. David Taylor came by train from Liverpool and in the process found out how much long-distance train service in Europe has deteriorated over the last years. Geoff Norman and Jeremy Wasser could not come at all but delivered their contributions via Skype. This was possible thanks to their willingness to experiment with restrictive conditions and the unwavering technical optimism of Herbert Plass. Karl Kremser, and Florian Kampl at the Vienna end.

Susi Legenstein did a superb job in assuring a smooth running of the event. Herbert Plass was again the conference web-master and edited the conference program booklet. This year he also updated the site after the conference, so that all presentations are available for download. As a new feature video of three presentations can also be downloaded. Wolfgang Schreiner and Michael Cibena are thankfully acknowledged for this innovation:

The conference gave us an opportunity to learn from our colleagues and to discuss new ideas. We enjoyed yourselves! Please come to next year’s conference, which will take place at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, April 28-30, 2011.

Richard Marz

Scientific Program