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First Joint Conference of the German Society of Nursing Science (DGP) and the European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegewissenschaft e. V.

08.07.2021, online


Meeting Abstract (21dgp01)

The origins of DGP

Auer C
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp02)

Nursing-sensitive events and the association with individual patient levels nurse staffing – a study protocol

Bachnick S, Simon M, Unbeck M, Dhaini S, Ahmadishad M, Bartáková J, Müller K, Holle D
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp03)

The Covid-19 nursing study

Begerow A, Holle A, Gaidys U
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp04)

The impact of covid-19 on district nursing care in the Netherlands: a nationwide qualitative study

Bleijenberg N, Veldhuzen JD, Buurman BM, Zwakhalen SMG
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp05)

Accompanying of dying people during COVID-19 pandemic. Italian nurses’ experience through a qualitative study

Castaldo A, Papini M, Matarese M, Eleuteri S, Lusignani M
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp06)

Health literacy and the Sustainable Development Goals: role of nurses in migrant’s communities

Costa A, Silva P, Henriques A
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp07)

The intervention of the community health nurse in the promotion of physical activity of the elderly with type 2 diabetes

Costa A, Nogueira M, Henriques A
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp08)

The NUPHAC-EU framework about NUrses’ role in interprofessional PHArmaceutical Care: Cross-sectional evaluation in EUrope.

de Baetselier E, Van Rompaey B, Dijkstra N, Sino S, Batalha L, Foliv I, Grřndahl V, Heczkova J
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp09)

Developing a complex intervention to prevent delirium during transitional care in older patients: the TRADE study

Denninger NE, Skudlik S, Dallmeier D, Leinert C, Brefka S, Denkinger M, Müller M
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp10)

Relatives’ perspectives on pandemic-related visiting restrictions in nursing homes – a qualitative interview study

Dinand C, Heimke R, Halek M, Möhler R
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp11)

Teaching-integrated student’s research concerning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different vulnerable groups

Ebinger M, Bauch S, Nöst S
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp12)

Best practice models for nursing care in the COVID-19 pandemic: a web-based survey

Eggers D, Schmidt M, Gärtner L, Henkel A, Weltermann B, Balzer K
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp13)

Care during a blackout? Perceptions of disaster resilience in ambulatory care services

Ewers M, Thiele A, Lehmann Y
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp14)

Accompanying counselling for families with children with disabilities. First results of a participative study

Falkson S
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp15)

Social presence in online nursing education: exploring its relevance amongst different types of learners

Grech J
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp16)

Practices, opinions, and attitudes of healthcare professionals after a nurse-led tobacco cessation training programme

Grech J
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp17)

A partnership to improve and defragmentize the transition from home to a nursing home: TRANSCIT model

Groenvynck L, de Boer B, Hamers JPH, van Achterberg T, van Rossum E, Verbeek H
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp18)

COVID-19 associated experience and action in the setting of inpatient dementia care in Eastern Switzerland

Heinrich S, Beer T, Zeller A
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp19)

Transition to a nursing home – experiences of residents under 65 years of age

Heinze C
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp20)

A qualitative study on the perspective of nursing home managers of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hoffmann AL, Teupen S, Roes M, Holle B, Laporte Uribe F, Palm R
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp21)

Intensive care professionals’ perspectives on dysphagia management: a focus group study

Hřjager Nielsen A, Kaldan G, Husted Nielsen B, Juhl Kristensen G, Shiv L, Egerod I
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp22)

The use of robotic systems for early mobilization of intensive care patients: a scoping review

Klamt AC, Frey J, Schmidbauer L, Warmbein A, Rathgeber I, Fischer U, Eberl I
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp23)

Novice nurses’ occupational commitment – did the COVID-19 outbreak make a difference?

Koskinen S, Burke E, Fuster P, Salminen L, Stubner J, Sveinsdóttir H, Truš M, Leino-Kilpi H
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp24)

COVID-19 in nursing homes – lessons learned in Dutch UKON organizations

Lovink M, Ranke S, van Kordelaar M, Persoon A
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp25)

Needs Assessment for an Interprofessional Academic Program for Medication Safety – a nursing perspective

Mahler C, Thevissen J, Böhmer A, Al Ghaddioui R, Olejniczak K, Dartsch D, Haenisch B, Laven A
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp26)

Health and well-being of the elderly during the Corona pandemic: challenges for nursing in community-based care settings

Makowsky K, Mazi H
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp27)

Situation of older people at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review

Möhler R, Gaertner B, Fuchs J, Meyer G, Scheidt-Nave C
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp28)

Attitudes towards advanced nursing roles in primary dementia care – results of an observational study (Germany)

Mühlichen F
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp29)

Service and assistance robotics in nursing care. The results of a scoping review

Ohneberg C, Stöbich N, Warmbein A, Rathgeber I, Fischer U, Eberl I
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp30)

Domain knowledge for the development of a chatbot to support family carers of people with dementia

Pinkert C, Hochraeber I, Holle B, Halek M
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp31)

Developing the ‘COVID-NURSE’ clinical guideline for patients with SARS-CoV-2: missed care and barriers to care

Richards D
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp32)

COVID-19 has changed the lifestyles of Spanish university students during lockdown: a Spanish online survey

Ruiz-Zaldibar C, García-Garcés L, Vicario-Merino Á, Mayoral-Gonzalo N, Lluesma-Vidal M, Ruiz-López M, Pérez-Manchón D
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp33)

COVID-19 pandemic: challenges, strategies and consequences for direct nursing home care – multi-centre qualitative study

Sander M, Bieber A, Dammermann A, Fleischer S, Köpke S, Dichter MN
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp34)

Exploring career capital of overseas nurses seeking registration and work opportunities in Malta

Schembri N
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp35)

Measuring readiness for discharge in German hospital care: a review of suitable tools

Schmickt H, Nöst S
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp36)

First steps towards an intersectoral electronic hygiene report

Schulte G, Przysucha M, Hübner U
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp37)

Understandig the role of nurses with expanded/advanced competencies in primary care

Seismann-Petersen S, Köpke S, Inkrot S
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp38)

Rationing and prioritisation of nursing care in acute inpatient setting during the Covid-19 pandemic (RaPiD Care)

Sill J, Silies K, Schley A, Fleischer S, Müller M, Balzer K
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp39)

Effective interventions supporting nurses working in epidemics or pandemics: a meta-review of systematic reviews

Sin J
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp40)

Perspectives of technical aids providers on establishing patient safety in home mechanical ventilation

Stark S, Lehmann Y
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp41)

Creating evidence for naturopathic nursing interventions in oncology – a systematic approach

Stolz R, Boltenhagen U, Kaltenbach A, Klafke N, Joos S, Mahler C
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp42)

Coping with COVID-19: the experience of nurse leaders in Southern Switzerland. A narrative inquiry

Tolotti A, Levati S, Bonetti L, Fiala S, Cavatorti S, Sari D, Caoduro L, Valcarenghi D
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp43)

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on home health care: focus-group results from different perspectives

van den Bulck A, de Korte MH, Elissen AMJ, Metzelthin SF, Everink IHJ, Mikker MC, Ruwaard D
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp44)

Nursing profession in Belgium during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned

van Hecke A, Beeckman D, Bergs J, Dobbels F, Goossens E, van Achterberg T, van Bogaert P, Verhaeghe S
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Meeting Abstract (21dgp45)

COVID symptomatology and post exposure quality of life in institutionalized and non-institutionalized patients

Velasco-González V, Verde Z, Gómez-Castro J, Martín-Cabeza M, Dubrava- Dubrava Y, Sainz-Gil M, Martín LH, Fernández-Araque AM
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