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5th International Conference of the German Society of Midwifery Science (DGHWi)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hebammenwissenschaft e. V.

13. - 14.02.2020, Bochum


Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP01)

Gaining Access to Protection Seeking Women

Averdunk K, zu Sayn-Wittgenstein F
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP02)

Learing and support need of midwives from non-EU countries for entering the job market in Germany

Behrendt R, Grieshop M, Herzberg J
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP03)

Problem-based learning in midwifery education – students assess their own social and self-directed learning process and their practical acquisition of competences

Berthold A, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP04)

Women’s view of the placenta

Blissenbach I, Luksch K, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP05)

Implementing an Internationalization Strategy in the Study Programme Midwifery

Bode A, Lange U
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP06)

Antenatal corticosteroid administration in pregnancies with increased risk of preterm birth – how often is the relevant time window achieved?

Graf J, Schönhardt S, Pauluschke-Fröhlich J, Kemmler AK, Abele H, Plappert CF
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP07)

Support for parents versus stigmatisation – Early contact with young parents in early intervention programs

Grieshop M, Dorothea T, Streffing J
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP08)

Preferences of first-time mothers regarding a clinical model of care

Herrmann V, Peters M, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP09)

How clinical work structures influences the quality of obstetrics – A quantitative survey on the relationship between birth setting, time of birth and mode of delivery

Ihlenfeldt F
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP10)

New ways of german midwifery care – which concepts and models of care do already exist?

Jacobi M, Hausen A
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP11)

Cultures of Teaching in Undergraduate Studies in Midwifery: Self-Conception and Orientation Patterns of Teachers – Presentation of a qualitative study design

Kahlke D
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP12)

The formation of maternal health care in refugee women

Kasper A
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP13)

Influence of professional identity of midwives on midwifery care and interprofessional collaboration

Kraienhemke M
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP14)

The motivation of Estonian midwives in career development

Kruus A, Bartels I, Soone HO
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP15)

Orientation patterns of midwives in hospitals taking part in the study “Be-Up: Geburt aktiv” – Proposal for a doctoral study

Luegmair K, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP16)

Midwife agencies – a key factor in simplifying the work of midwives?

Luksch K, Villmar A, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP17)

Participative Implementation of study results concerning midwifery care in Hesse into practice

Luksch K, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP18)

„Mentorship Programme“ evaluation of the first eight years

Luksch K, Buschmann H, Berthold A, Bode A, Villmar A, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP19)

Support for women with miscarriage

Neher K, Simon S
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP20)

Why we act as we act – What orientation can the Hierarchical Model of Midwifery offer in everyday practice, education and for the professional role within the health system

Peters M, Kolip P, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP21)

What means risk during childbirth? – Preliminary results of the risk perception study of obstetric health professionals (MORP-IDM)

Peterwerth N, Schnepp W, Schäfers R
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP22)

Conscientious objection to abortion-related care – insights in midwifery research within a complex research field

Ramsayer B, Fleming V
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP23)

I’ll tell you about my pregnancy – The storytelling project “Midwifery students learn from pregnant women at the beginning of their study program” at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum

Rocholl A, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP24)

Interprofessional Learning & Acting – Establishment of Interprofessional Case Conferences in Midwifery Education

Schlüter-Cruse M, Ontrup L
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP25)

The effect of midwives’ own birth experiences on their obstetrical care

Schulte S, Schlüter-Cruse M
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP26)

Effects of the birthroom design on midwives’ job satisfaction

Streffing J, Wangler S, Ayerle GM
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP27)

Readability of information material in obstetrics

Tegethoff D
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP28)

Midwifery care in North Rhine-Westphalia – Offer und Access – Results of the HebAB.NRW study

Villmar A, Peters M, Hering T, Schäfers R, Bauer NH
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP29)

Promotion of the physiological latent phase of labour

Walter PS, Wolf E
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP30)

Family Oriented Work of Midwives – Developmental Steps for a Care Model

Wolf C, Hellmers C, Schnepp W
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Meeting Abstract (20dghwiP31)

Postnatal debriefing – Father’s needs

Yahi R, Simon S
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