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GMS Hygiene and Infection Control is an international open access e-journal. The journal publishes research articles, review articles and case reports from the field of infection control and prevention. Please read the “Aims & Scope” for further information.

The journal offers experts from the field of infection control and hospital hygiene the opportunity to publish their results online. Every submission is subject to a thorough peer review. The articles are published in English language supplemented by a German abstract. They are available online for anyone interested: immediately, permanently and free of charge. The journal serves as official publication organ of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene (DGKH).

Up to 2012 the journal has been published under the title GMS Krankenhaushygiene Interdisziplinär.

Recent Publications
GMS Hygiene and Infection Control Volume 16

Research Article

Partition walls as effective protection from bio-aerosols in classrooms – an experimental investigation

Epple P, Steppert M, Florschütz M, Dahlem P
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc09 (20210226)
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Research Article

Gloves use and possible barriers – an observational study with concluding questionnaire

Imhof R, Chaberny IF, Schock B
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc08 (20210222)
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Review Article

The impact of far-UVC radiation (200–230 nm) on pathogens, cells, skin, and eyes – a collection and analysis of a hundred years of data

Hessling M, Haag R, Sieber N, Vatter P
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc07 (20210216)
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Research Article

Prevalence and risk factors of colonisation with vancomycin-resistant Enterococci faecium upon admission to Germany’s largest university hospital

Bui MT, Rohde AM, Schwab F, Märtin N, Kipnis M, Boldt AC, Behnke M, Denkel LA, Kola A, Zweigner J, Gastmeier P, Wiese-Posselt M
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc06 (20210129)
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Research Article

Comparative in vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial activities of povidone-iodine and other commercially available antiseptics against clinically relevant pathogens

Tan EL, Johari NH
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc05 (20210126)
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Research Article

Sero-survey of measles virus antibodies among symptomatic children attending Abuja Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Adekola HA, Abdullahi IN, Emeribe AU, Faruku N, Uzairue L, Adeyemi Billyrose OM, Shuwa HA
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc04 (20210126)
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Research Article

Comparison of pre-analytical characteristics for molecular and serological diagnostics of COVID-19

Wendt R, Nickel O, Kalbitz S, Fertey J, Ulbert S, Wolf J, Lübbert C, Borte S
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc03 (20210119)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

Virucidal gargling and virucidal nasal spray

Kramer A, Eggers M, Hübner NO, Walger P, Steinmann E, Exner M
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc02 (20210118)
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Letter to the Editor

Is there a link between COVID-19 and cutaneous hyperesthesia? Confirmation of a recent observation

Harsch IA, Atudorei I, Frank K
GMS Hyg Infect Control 2021; 16:Doc01 (20210112)
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