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28. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der Deutschen Hochdruckliga

24. bis 27.11.2004, Hannover

Poster - klinisch

Meeting Abstract (04hochP71)

The angiotensin II-receptor antagonist valsartan and the alpha-1-receptor antagonist doxazosin inhibit endothelin-1-induced vasoconstriction in the skin microcirculation in man in vivo

Mitchell A, Rushentsova U, Nürnberger J, Philipp T, Wenzel R, Schäfers R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP72)

Clonidin senkt den Blutdruck durch Vasodilatation und Senkung des Herzminutenvolumens

Nürnberger J, Opazo Saez A, Mitchell A, Schäfers R, Philipp T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP73)

Stimulation of endothelial progenitor cells - a new putative therapeutic effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonists

Bahlmann F, de Groot K, Mueller O, Hertel B, Bahlmann E, Menne J, Haller H, Fliser D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP74)

Effects of Erythropoietin on Retinal Capillary Flow in Humans

Schäufele T, Harazny J, Oehmer S, Delles C, Michelson G, Schmieder R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP75)

Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells Express High Levels Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (Ace): Modulation By Vitamin-D And Implication For Renal Disease

Säemann M, Schmaldienst S, Kirsch B, Hörl W, Zlabinger G
Meeting Abstract (04hochP76)

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus: Treatment of Hypertension and microalbuminuria 1997 - 2003

Jungmann E, Bolle J, Schmitz C, Snelting U
Meeting Abstract (04hochP77)

Anti-inflammatory effects of angiotensin II subtype 1-receptor blockade in hypertensive patients with micro-inflammation

Fliser D, Haller H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP78)

The effect of clothes on blood pressure measurements

Liebl ME, Holzgreve H, Schulz M, Crispin A, Bogner JR
Meeting Abstract (04hochP79)

Role of NTPro-BNP in the diagnostic of isolated diastolic dysfunction

Tschöpe C, Kasner M, Westermann D, Schultheiss H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP80)

Prevention of Cardiovascular (CV) Diseases within Employees of the Ford Motor Company in Germany - the PräFord Study

Latsch J, Albus C, Bjarnason-Wehrens B, Gysan D, Herold G, Montiel G, Schneider C, Stützer H, Türk S, Predel HG
Meeting Abstract (04hochP81)

Blood pressure parameters and their correlation to NT-proBNP

Gremmler B, Kisters K, Kunert M, Schleiting H, Ulbricht L
Meeting Abstract (04hochP82)

Essential hypertensive patients show increased vascular motility during sleep

Tepel M, Mardanzei K, Scholze A
Meeting Abstract (04hochP83)

Beat-to-beat measurement of continuous NIBP by pulse wave velocity and transit time for diagnosing and monitoring hypertension

Brem MH, Boll P, Stork W, Müller-Glaser KD, Schüttler J, Lutter N
Meeting Abstract (04hochP84)

Phospholipase D signal transduction in endomyocardial biopsies from patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Burgdorf C, Prey A, Schunkert H, Kurz T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP85)

Influence of an AT 1-receptor antagonist and HCT based antihypertensive combination therapy on pulse pressure

Scholze J, Doerffel Y, Hansen A
Meeting Abstract (04hochP86)

Differential Combination Treatment Strategy in Hypertensive Patients with concomitant Metabolic Diseases

Rautenberg B, Scholze J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP87)

Persistent sympathetic overactivity in renal allograft recipients

Hausberg M, Barenbrock M, Levers A, Kosch M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP88)

Multicenter study on the diagnostic value of a new RIA for the detection of free plasma metanephrines

Lenz T, Kirchmaier C, Zomer J, Badenhoop K, Geiger H, Salewski L
Meeting Abstract (04hochP89)

Influence of Different Antihypertensive Treatment Strategies on Weight Reduction with Sibutramine vs Placebo

Scholze J, Grimm E, Herrmann D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP90)

Agonistic AT1-Receptor Autoantibodies and Monocyte-Stimulation in Hypertensive Patients

Dörffel Y, Wallukat G, Bochnig N, Herberg M, Scholze J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP91)

Prevalence of impaired glucose metabolism in hypertensive and normotensive patients

Eckert S, Vielhauer C, Horstkotte D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP92)

Antihypertensive Therapie - is a shared Decision Making Approach more effective?

Deinzer A, Kohnen C, Veelken R, Schmieder RE
Meeting Abstract (04hochP93)

Influence of chronic hemodialysis on blood pressure, left ventricular mass and function and vascular compliance

Schwarz TK, Schwab J, Schäufele T, Schmidt BMW, Bär I, Schmieder RE
Meeting Abstract (04hochP94)

Endogenous Ganglionic Blockade through Autoantibodies against the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor

Birkenfeld A, Heusser K, Kettritz R, Luft F, Vernino S, Jordan J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP95)

Baroreflex Regulation of Sympathetic Vasomotor Tone in Women and in Men

Tank J, Diedrich A, Szczech E, Luft F, Jordan J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP96)

Lipid Mobilization with Physiological Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Concentrations in Humans

Birkenfeld AL, Boschmann M, Moro C, Heusser K, Adams F, Berlan M, Luft FC, Lafontan M, Jordan J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP97)

Hypertension Disease Management in a German Private Health Insurance Health Care Setting

Lickvers K, Frye C, Kottmair S, Sander I, Ziegenhagen D, Derdzinski B, Middeke M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP98)

Valsartan 160/HCTZ 25 in hypertensive patients not controlled by AT1 receptor antagonists + low dose HCTZ

Fünfstück R, Hempel RD, Ansari A, Weidinger G, Klebs S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP99)

Aldosterone levels during head-up tilt correlate with myocardial structure and function

Schmidt B, Agafonov T, Rastätter A, Schleich M, Schäufele T, Schwarz T, Schmieder R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP100)

Symbolic dynamics for the prediction of ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Wessel N, Schirdewan A, Bauernschmitt R, Malberg H, Kurths J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP101)

Long-term heart rate turbulence analysis versus variability in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Malberg H, Bauernschmitt R, Wessel N
Meeting Abstract (04hochP102)

Adhesions molecules and homocysteine in hypertensive patients with coronary heart disease

Gruska S, Ehrlich I, Rose HJ, Kraatz G
Meeting Abstract (04hochP103)

Verschlechterung der diastolischen Funktion bereits bei 13 bis 15-jährigen Jugendlichen in Abhängigkeit vom Blutdruck und Body-Mass-Index

Rode U, Ketelhut RG, Rörsch T, Schröter J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP104)

AT-II-Antagonist is more effective than ACE-inhibitor on arterial pressure during exercise in hypertensive subjects

Ketelhut RG, Franz IW
Meeting Abstract (04hochP105)

Benefit of regular Exercise on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Motor Development in early childhood

Ketelhut K, Mohasseb I, Scheffler C, Gericke CA, Scholze J, Ketelhut RG
Meeting Abstract (04hochP106)

Different Methods To Measure Blood Pressure - Do They Lead To An Identical Classification Of Hypertensive Patients ?

Müller JMF, Franz IW
Meeting Abstract (04hochP107)

The angiotensin II-receptor antagonist valsartan and the alpha-1-receptor antagonist doxazosin inhibit endothelin-1-induced vasoconstriction in the skin microcirculation

Mitchell A, Ruzhentsova U, Nürnberger J, Schäfers RF, Philipp T, Wenzel R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP108)

Adding HCTZ to olmesartan therapy improves 24-hour blood pressure control and response rates in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension

Sellin L, Laeis P, Rump LC
Meeting Abstract (04hochP109)

Evidence for reduced myocardial sympathetic innervation in human essential hypertension

Schlaich MP, Lambert EA, Lambert GW, Esler MD
Meeting Abstract (04hochP110)

Beta-adrenoceptor-mediated, nitric oxide dependent vasodilation is abnormal in early hypertension: restoration by L-arginine

Schlaich MP, Ahlers BA, Parnell MM
Meeting Abstract (04hochP111)

Impact of CPAP on renal function in hypertensive patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Buchner NJ, Quack IA, Henning BF, Rump LC
Meeting Abstract (04hochP112)

The Influence Of Life Style Modification On Cardiovascular Riskstratification Of Hypertensive Patients

Müller JFM, Franz IW
Meeting Abstract (04hochP113)

Blood Pressure Screening by 24h-ABPM and Office Measurements During Long Term Follow-up After Kidney Transplantation

Bocker S, Bohlender J, Stein G
Meeting Abstract (04hochP114)

Identification of endogenous diadenosine tetraphosphate, diadenosine pentaphosphate and diadenosine hexaphosphate in human myocardial tissue

Jankowski V, Zidek W, Jankowski J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP115)

S1P3-receptor may play a role in blood pressure regulation and control of endothelial function

Tölle M, Zidek W, van der Giet M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP116)

Angiotensin II-induced vasoconstriction can be affected by coactivation of P2Y-Receptors

Tölle M, Zidek W, van der Giet M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP117)

Side effects of ABPM differ between various ABPM monitors

Straub-Hohenbleicher H, Tölle M, Zidek W, van der Giet M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP118)

Urotensin II-receptors schow rapid desensitization after stimulation with Urotensin II

Giebing G, Tölle M, Zidek W, van der Giet M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP119)

Transient myocardial ischemia is linked to increased pulse wave velocity, but not to augmentation index and stiffness index

Baulmann J, Homsi R, Ün S, Rickert S, Düsing S, Vetter H, Mengden T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP120)

Paradoxical Effect of Sibutramine on Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation in Obese Hypertensive Patients

Birkenfeld AL, Schroeder C, Pischon T, Tank J, Luft FC, Sharma AM, Jordan J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP121)

Quantification of antihypertensive treatment effects on carotid atherosclerosis by 3-dimensional ultrasound

Stumpe K, Ludwig M, Agabiti-Rosei E, Scholze J, Schwandt P, Schremmer D, Zielinski T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP122)

Impaired Basal NO Activity in Patients with Chronic Glomerulonephritis

Schäufele TG, Delles C, Klingbeil AU, Fleischmann EH, Schmieder RE
Meeting Abstract (04hochP123)

Test Seal Protocol (Prüfsiegel) - Results of 40 device tests

Tholl U, Anlauf M, Lichtblau U, Roggenbuck U, Hirche H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP124)

Comparison of ischemic threshold during exercise testing versus 24h ECG/ABPM monitoring

Uen S, Baulmann J, Düsing R, Vetter H, Mengden T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP125)

Norepinephrine Transporter (NET) Gene and Cardiovascular Regulation: a twin analysis

Jordan J, Aydin A, Luft FC, Busjahn A
Meeting Abstract (04hochP126)

Study on the Evaluation of Candesartan cilexetil after Renal Transplantation (SECRET-Study).

Philipp T, Legendre C, Geiger H, Girat F, Hübner R, Lievre R, Nisse-Durgat S, Schmieder RE
Meeting Abstract (04hochP127)

The ADaPT-project: ACE-inhibitor vs. diuretics in primary antihypertensive therapy in pre-diabetic patients. A long term observation in hypertensive patients: Study Outline

Lüders S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP128)

The PHARAO-Study: Prevention of hypertension in patients with high-normal blood pressure with the ACE-inhibitor ramipril - a randomised prevention trial of the German Hypertension League

Hammersen F
Meeting Abstract (04hochP129)

Telemonitoring of early morning hypertension - a pilot study for automatic transmission of bp measurements taken at home

Lüders S, Frerichs A, Frieg R, Reich G, Schnieders M, Rossmann S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP130)

Identifying pre-diabetes in hypertensives with screening-score in the office

Kulschewski A, Züchner C, Schnieders M, Lüders S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP131)

High protein nutrition during pregnancy and lactation programs blood pressure and body weigth of the offspring in a gender dependent manner

Thöne-Reineke C, Dorn M, Klaus S, Simon K, Pfab T, Godes M, Unger T, Hocher B
Meeting Abstract (04hochP132)

Bluthochdruck: Sorgenkind der Transplantationsmedizin im Spiegel aktueller immunsuppressiver Regime

Lison AE, Eilts V, Zantvoort F, Wullstein HG
Meeting Abstract (04hochP133)

Mycophenolat mofetil - a solution for cyclosporine induced hypertension in kidney transplanted patients?

Lison AE, Eilts V, Zantvoort F, Wullstein H-G