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28. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der Deutschen Hochdruckliga

24. bis 27.11.2004, Hannover

Poster - experimentell

Meeting Abstract (04hochP1)

OxLDL stimulates RhoA: impact on cell cyle progression and proliferation of human endothelial cells

Galle J, Gegenheimer K, Wagner M, Wanner C, Seibold S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP2)

ADMA impairs angiogenesis and limb perfusion in a murine model of hindlimb ischemia

Jacobi J, Sydow K, von Degenfeld G, Zhang Y, Wang B, Patterson A, Kimoto M, Blau H, Cooke J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP3)

Statin-induced Inhibition of Rac1- and RhoA-GTPase Activity Improves Left Ventricular Function in an Experimental Model of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Involvement of p38 MAPK

Van Linthout S, Dhayat N, Spillmann F, Du J, Westermann D, Laufs U, Schultheiss H-P, Tschöpe C
Meeting Abstract (04hochP4)

A new erythropoietin gene polymorphism is associated with severe hypertension, endorgan damage and vascular events

Schulz EG, Ibrovic S, Vasko R, Fischer N, Hesse AK, Müller GA
Meeting Abstract (04hochP5)

Sympathetic tone is increased in RGS2-deficient mice

Obst M, Gross V, Tank J, Jordan J, Blumer K, Luft F
Meeting Abstract (04hochP6)

Intramyocardial Human Tissue Kallikrein Gene Transfer Stimulates Therapeutic Angiogenesis and Improves Cardiomyocyte Viability in a Mouse Model of Myocardial Infarction

Spillmann F, van Linthout S, Graiani G, Lagrasta C, Tschöpe C, Madeddu P
Meeting Abstract (04hochP7)

Influence of vasopeptidase-inhibitors on the ACE- and NEP-dependent release of noradrenaline

Raasch W, Dominiak P, Dendorfer A
Meeting Abstract (04hochP8)

Erythropoietin increases asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) in endothelial cells - Role of Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase

Scalera F, Kielstein J, Martens-Lobenhoffer J, Postel S, Täger M, Bode-Böger S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP9)

Non-selective transient receptor potential channel type 3 in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Liu D, Zhu Z, Scholze A, Tepel M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP10)

Hydrochlorothiazide attenuates agonist-induced vasoconstriction by affecting Rho kinase

Zhu Z, Zhu S, Cao T, Liu D, Wang L, Tepel M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP11)

Impaired EDHF-mediated vasodilatation and K+ channel function in chronic renal failure

Koehler R, Eichler I, Schönfelder H, Heinau P, Si H, Hoyer J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP12)

Genotoxicity of AGEs: Protective Effects of Modulators of the Renin-Angiotensin System

Schupp N, Lakner U, Heidland U, Stopper H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP13)

Divergent role of AT1 and AT2 receptors in myocardial ischemia-induced apoptosis and inflammation

Li J, Kaschina E, Elkhrbash K, Timm M, Sommerfeld M, Unger T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP14)

Angiotensin AT2 receptor protects against cerebral ischemia-induced neuronal injury

Li J, Culman J, Hörtnagl H, Zhao Y, Gerova N, Timm M, Blume A, Zimmermann M, Seidel K, Dirnagl U, Unger T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP15)

Diabetic ETB Receptor Deficient Rats Develop Severe Hypertension and Pronounced Renal Pahtology

Pfab T, Thöne-Reineke C, Lange I, Richter CM, Witt H, Ruiz P, Yanagisawa M, Hocher B
Meeting Abstract (04hochP16)

Angiotensiogen (AGT) Promoter Haplotyes are Associated With Bloot Pressure in Untreated Hypertensives

Schmidt-Petersen K, Brand-Herrmann SM, Reichenberger F, Köpke K, Paul M, Reineke W, Zidek W, Brand E
Meeting Abstract (04hochP17)

Statin-induced reduction of inflammation improves endothelial function in an experimental model of diabetic angiopathy

Du J, Riad A, Unger T, Westermann D, Van Linthout S, Spillmann F, Schultheiss HP, Tschöpe C
Meeting Abstract (04hochP18)

Effects of hyaluronic acid synthase 2 (HAS2) on the phenotype of human vascular smooth muscle cells

Sussmann M, Schrör K, Fischer JW
Meeting Abstract (04hochP19)

Perivascular adipose tissue and mesenteric vascular function in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR)

Dubrovska G, Gálvez-Prieto B, de Castro J, Herold D, Aranguez I, Pilar Ramos I, Fernández-Alfonso MS, Luft FC, Gollasch M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP20)

Inhibition of arterial tone of mesenteric arteries by visceral periadventitial adipose tissue and adiponectin in C57BL/6 mice

Fésüs G, Luft FC, Gollasch M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP21)

Differential Effects of Vasodilatory Prostaglandins on Focal Adhesions, Cytoskeletal Architecture and Migration in Human Smooth Muscle Cells

Bulin C, Levkau B, Weber AA, Schrör K, Fischer JW
Meeting Abstract (04hochP22)

The Role of the p38 and p42/p44 MAP kinases in Remote Preconditioning Versus Ischemic Preconditioning

Heidbreder M, Naumann A, Tempel K, Dendorfer A, Dominiak P
Meeting Abstract (04hochP23)

Transfer of the WKY-ACE locus into a congenic SHRSP strain confirms a strong determination of plasma ACE activity that is independent from hypertension

Bernardy C, Schulz A, Kreutz R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP24)

Identification of gene loci that protect against tubulointerstitial inflammation and microangiopathy in the kidney in severe salt-sensitive hypertension

Kossmehl P, Siegel AK, Planert M, Schulz A, Stoll M, Bruijn JA, de Heer E, Kreutz R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP25)

Mycophenolate mofetil reduces blood pressure and proteinuria in salt-loaded SHRSP

Endemann D, Touyz RM, Schiffrin EL
Meeting Abstract (04hochP26)

PPARgamma-Activating AT1-Receptor Blockers Induce Adiponectin Expression

Clasen R, Schupp M, Foryst-Ludwig A, Sprang C, Clemenz M, Krikov M, Thöne-Reineke C, Unger T, Kintscher U
Meeting Abstract (04hochP27)

The PPARgamma-Activating ARB Irbesartan Stimulates Expression of the Insulin-Signaling Protein CAP and Enhances Insulin-Induced Glucose-Uptake

Clemenz M, Schupp M, Frank J, Goebel M, Unger T, Kintscher U
Meeting Abstract (04hochP28)

Depletion of Adiponectin in Pericardial-Fat Tissue: A Potential Role for Cardiac MMP-Regulation

Clasen R, Sprang C, Clemenz M, Krikov M, Thöne-Reineke C, Unger T, Kintscher U
Meeting Abstract (04hochP29)

Weight Loss and the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

Engeli S, Böhnke J, Gorzelniak K, Janke J, Schling P, Bader M, Luft FC, Sharma AM
Meeting Abstract (04hochP30)

uPA-induced signaling, migration and proliferation are mediated by PDGFR

Kilian I, Haller H, Dumler I
Meeting Abstract (04hochP31)

Interferon-gamma influences apoptotic process in endothelial cells

Doerfel N, Kaschina E, Sommerfeld M, Vosgerau U, Unger T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP32)

In DOCA-salt hypertensive rats the vasopeptidase inhibitor AVE7688 shows effective blood pressure control and nephroprotection

Linz W, Busch A, Rütten H, Schäfer S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP33)

Urokinase regulates proliferation and immunological responses of human mesangial cells via JAK/STAT pathway activation

Shushakova N, Tkachuk N, Dangers M, Haller H, Dumler I
Meeting Abstract (04hochP34)

Influence of Angiotensin-(1-7)-Receptor Agonist AVE0991 on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Variability and Baroreceptor Sensitivity

Malberg H, Wessel N, Heringer-Walther S, Schultheiss HP, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP35)

Platelet Serotonin is Involved in Hypertensive Target Organ Damage

Wilhelm CS, Campos LA, Baltatu OC, Gross V, Walther DJ, Bader M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP36)

NEP deficient mice: fat but hypotensive and salt resistant

Heringer-Walther S, Schultheiss HP, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP37)

Influence of Short-term versus Prolonged Cardiopulmonary Receptor Stimulation on Renal and Adrenal Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Rats

Ditting T, Hilgers KF, Amann K, Veelken R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP38)

Enhanced Sensitivity of Peptidergic Sensory Neurons in Secondary Hypertension

Freisinger W, Linz P, Amann K, Hilgers KF, Veelken R
Meeting Abstract (04hochP39)

Increased Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Renal Structural Alterations in a non-hypertensive Rat Model of Myocardial Infarction

Veelken R, Amann K, Linz P, Hilgers KF
Meeting Abstract (04hochP40)

Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in Nephrosclerosis

Bramlage CP, Matouk I, Koziolek M, Müller GA, Strutz F
Meeting Abstract (04hochP41)

Effects of receptor heterodimerization on the angiotensin II stimulated AP-1 signaling

Gembardt F, Heiss A, Zhang J, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP42)

Crosstalk of P2X1 and P2Y6 receptors regulates renovascular resistance in mice

Vonend O, Habbel S, Stegbauer J, Robaye B, Boeynaems JM, Rump LC
Meeting Abstract (04hochP43)

Non congruent signaling of Angiotensin II and the autoantibody against the AT1 receptor

Heiss A, Gembardt F, Zhang J, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP44)

Increased Norepinephrine-Release in Kidneys of alpha2A- Adrenoceptor KO-Mice

Vonend O, Habbel S, Stegbauer J, Hein L, Rump LC
Meeting Abstract (04hochP45)

Increased activation of NFAT by the Angiotensin-(1-7)/Mas signaling pathway

Zhang J, Gembardt F, Wang Y, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP46)

Pattern of angiotensin II-stimulated transcription factors is cell-type specific

Ziegleder R, Heiss A, Zhang J, Walther T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP47)

In chronic myocarditis LV-dysfunction and myocardial fibrosis is associated with an dysregulation in the MMP-system

Rutschow S, Leschka S, Schultheiss HP, Pauschinger M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP48)

Upregulation of a local MMP induction/activation system increased gelatinolytic activity in murine viral myocarditis

Leschka S, Rutschow S, Puhl K, Pauschinger M
Meeting Abstract (04hochP49)

Vascular function in Wistar Ottawa Karlsburg W (WOKW) rats

Frauendorf T, Seidel U, Klöting I, Rettig R, Grisk O
Meeting Abstract (04hochP50)

Expression of endothelial and inducible nitric oxide synthase in diabetes mellitus: AT1 receptor antagonism vs. beta blockade

Dorenkamp M, Riad A, Stiehl S, Westermann D, Schultheiss HP, Adams V, Tschöpe C
Meeting Abstract (04hochP51)

Characterisation of the cardiac kallikrein-kinin system in transgenic rats expressing the human KLK-1 gene

Koch M, Spillmann F, Dorenkamp M, Altmann C, Dendorfer A, Escher F, Noutsias M, Bader M, Walther T, Schultheiss HP, Tschöpe C
Meeting Abstract (04hochP52)

Anti-inflammatory effects of rosuvastatin are dose-dependent: Prevention of leukocyte infiltration, iNOS induction and collagen expression in angiotensin II-induced nephrosclerosis

Park JK, Mervaala EMA, Müller DN, Fiebeler A, Luft FC, Haller H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP53)

Protein kinase C alpha activation is involved in the induction of tubular apoptosis under diabetic condition

Menne J, Meier M, Park J, Boehne M, Goerke A, Lindschau C, Elger M, Bahlmann F, Leitges M, Haller H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP54)

Matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) und -9 (MMP-9) cause glomerular inflammation in Goldblatt hypertensive rats

Wenzel U, Wolf G, Steinmetz O, Zahner G, Stahl R, Harendza S
Meeting Abstract (04hochP55)

Angiotensin II as a modulator of fibrosis in human skin

Artuc M, Kensah G, Henz BM, Unger T, Steckelings UM
Meeting Abstract (04hochP56)

Isolierung und Quantifizierung von AGE-Produkten in Saliva von Patienten mit Diabetes Mellitus

Jankoswki V, Zidek W, Tepel M, Jankowski J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP57)

Vaskuläre Effekte der Dinukleosidpolyphosphate

Jankowski J, Jankowski V, Zidek W
Meeting Abstract (04hochP58)

Blood Pressure and direct Mineralocorticoid Effects mediate Glomerular Inflammation and Injury in Hypertension

Klanke B, Cordasic N, Hartner A, Veelken R, Hilgers KF
Meeting Abstract (04hochP59)

Protein kinase C epsilon protects against high-glucose-induced renal fibrosis via a TGFbeta1-dependent mechanism in vivo

Meier M, Park J, Holtz M, Menne J, Gueler F, Lindschau C, Leitges M, Haller H
Meeting Abstract (04hochP60)

Endothelial damage caused by ageing measured by Retinal Vessel Analyzer

Kotliar KE, Mücke B, Vilser W, Lanzl I
Meeting Abstract (04hochP61)

A novel G alpha q promoter SNP increases transcriptional activity and the risk for cardiac hypertrophy

Frey UH, Savidou D, Lieb W, Erdmann J, Döring A, Schunkert H, Siffert W
Meeting Abstract (04hochP62)

Angiotensin II modulates renal sympathetic neurotransmission through nitric oxide in AT2 receptor knockout mice

Stegbauer J, Vonend O, Habbel S, Quack I, Rump LC
Meeting Abstract (04hochP63)

Aliskiren, a human renin inhibitor, reverses cardiac and renal damage in double-transgenic rats

Pilz B, Shagdarsuren E, Wellner M, Fiebeler A, Dechend R, Gratze P, Meiners S, Feldman D, Webb R, Luft F, Müller D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP64)

Infiltration of immunocompetent cells and complement activation precede albuminuria in angiotensin II-induced renal damage

Shagdarsuren E, Braesen J, Wellner M, Park J, Gratzer P, Fiebeler A, Luft FC, Müller D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP65)

An Aldosterone Synthase Inhibitor Ameliorates Angiotensin II-induced End-Organ Damage

Fiebeler A, Nussberger J, Shagdarsuren E, Rong S, Hilfenhaus G, Al-Saadi N, Dechend R, Wellner M, Meiners S, Maser-Gluth C, Jeng A, Webb R, Luft F, Müller D
Meeting Abstract (04hochP66)

Contribution of rho-kinase to basal vascular tone

Büssemaker E, Pistrosch F, Gross P, Passauer J
Meeting Abstract (04hochP67)

Bucindolol, a beta-adrenoceptor blocker with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity?

Bruck H, Giessler C, Temme T, Brodde O
Meeting Abstract (04hochP68)

Beta2-adrenoceptor mediated intrinsic sympathomimetic activity of carteolol: an in vivo study

Bruck H, Poller U, Lüssenhop H, Pönicke K, Temme T, Brodde OE, Philipp T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP69)

Effects of the Gln27Glu- and the Arg16Gly-beta2-adrenoceptor polymorphisms on agonist-induced desensitization of beta2-adrenoceptor-mediated venodilation in vivo

Bruck H, Park J, Leineweber K, Brodde OE, Philipp T
Meeting Abstract (04hochP70)

Endothelin- and angiotensin II- antagonism inhibit the systemic hemodynamic response to exogenous noradrenaline

Mitchell A, Ferraioli A, Rushentsova U, Nürnberger J, Schäfers R, Philipp T, Wenzel R