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87. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

04.05. - 07.05.2016, Düsseldorf


Meeting Abstract (16hno17)

Neuroprotective Effect of Monomethyl Fumarate on Spiral Ganglion Neurons

Ahrensmeier C, Kwiatkowska M, Ellrichmann G, Gold R, Dazert S, Volkenstein S
Meeting Abstract (16hno18)

3-dimensional C-arm technology – a well suited tool for intraoperative imaging in cochlear implantation

Arweiler-Harbeck D, Büchsenschütz K, Hasskamp P, Beer W, Ringelstein A, Lang S, Lochner L, Ilg EM, Arnolds J
Meeting Abstract (16hno19)

Cochlear microphonics for monitoring the function of the inner ear – Comparison of intra- and extracochlear recordings

Haumann S, Helmstaedter V, Maier H, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (16hno20)

Three-Dimensional Culture of Human Skin Fibroblasts on Bio-Resorbable Electrospun PLGA-Tissues in Experimental Otology

Ilgner J, Shen A, Kruse M, Kolkmann A, Portheine F, Kinzius M, Schnieber B, Westhofen M
Meeting Abstract (16hno21)

Hearing Results and Cognitive Skills in Correlation to Preoperative MRI Results in Elderly Cochlear Implant Patients

Illg A, Otte T, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Lenarz T, Bültmann E
Meeting Abstract (16hno22)

Proposal for a new model of the macula utriculi

Koch E
Meeting Abstract (16hno23)

Stenting of Eustachian Tube with degradable und permanent Stent in Blackhead Sheep as a Transfer Study

Schuon R, Pohl F, Lootz D, Grabow N, Bültmann E, Lenarz T, Paasche G
Meeting Abstract (16hno24)

Relationship between objective speech test results and subjective benefits in single-sided deafened CI patients

Strauß-Schier A, Kludt E, Lenarz T, Illg A
Meeting Abstract (16hno25)

The impact of electrode array length on hearing preservation in cochlear implantation

Suhling MC, Majdani O, Salcher R, Büchner A, Lesinski-Schiedat A, Lenarz T