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15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR)

15.04. - 17.04.2019, Berlin


Meeting Abstract (069)

An online rehabilitation service for people with memory disease by implementing service design principles – Case Muistipuisto® (Memory Park)

Launiainen H
Meeting Abstract (070)

Are ICF-based eligibility criteria the future approach in rehabilitation? Evaluating effects of the Finnish legal reform of intensive medical rehabilitation

Mäkinen J, Heino P, Seppänen-Järvelä R
Meeting Abstract (071)

Assistive soft robotic glove intervention using Brain-Computer Interface for elderly stroke patients: feasibility trials

Lim JH, Yeow CH, Ang KK, Guan C, Cheng ZYN
Meeting Abstract (072)

Assistive technology in the toilet – Field test of an ICT-enhanced lift-WC

Fazekas G, Pilissy T, Sobjak A, Toth A, Rosenthal R, Mayer P, Panek P
Meeting Abstract (073)

Common approach to multi-level outcome assessment in rehabilitation

Shoshmin A, Besstrashnova Y, Rozhko K
Meeting Abstract (074)

Comparison of the efficacy of contrast bath and ultrasound therapy in the treatment of post-stroke Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1

Kulle T, Kesiktas FN
Meeting Abstract (075)

Critical illness polyneuropathy and phrenic nerve conduction study in patients with prolonged mechanical ventilation

Kim WJ, Kim W, Hong SK, Choi NJ, Park SR
Meeting Abstract (076)

Demographic and etiological data of patients with spinal cord injury: in the last 5 years from a national rehabilitation hospital in Turkey

Kapancıoğlu S, Özel S
Meeting Abstract (077)

Development of post-amputation rehabilitation practice based on multidisciplinary expertise

Borchers E
Meeting Abstract (078)

Differential effects of humiliation and injustice in patients in psychosomatic rehabilitation

Linden M, Noack N, Kessemer F, Kobelt A, Bassler M
Meeting Abstract (079)

Effect of activities of daily living training in home environment for patients with stroke: a pilot study

Chiu EC, Chuang PW
Meeting Abstract (080)

Effects of socio-economic status on psychological rehabilitation outcomes among patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP)

Köpnick A, Hampel P
Meeting Abstract (081)

Health-related empowerment in families of children participating in intensive medical rehabilitation

Kippola-Pääkkönen A, Härkäpää K, Kallinen M, Buchert U, Järvikoski A
Meeting Abstract (082)

How is education delivered in pulmonary rehabilitation?

Roberts N, Kidd L, Kirkwood K, Cross J, Partridge M
Meeting Abstract (083)

How has technology affected the practice in pediatric pulmonary rehabilitation?

Kenis Coskun O
Meeting Abstract (084)

Investigation on the physical fitness of community dwelling elders with dementia

Chein YC, Hsu JC, Yang JC, Tsai YC, Chou CC, Lee HY, Tsai HT, Chen WH
Meeting Abstract (085)

Is work capacity in trauma patients influenced by comorbidity?

Schindl M, Zipko H, Wassipaul S
Meeting Abstract (086)

Randomised evaluation of early vs late cranioplasty investigating cognitive and functional recovery: protocol for a single centre, pilot, randomised trial

Mee H, Kolias A, Anwar F, Timofeev I, Helmy A, Turner C, Caldwell K, Tarantino S, Browne G, Woodbury E, Gregson B, Warburton E, Hutchinson P
Meeting Abstract (087)

Rare cause of low back pain, late diagnosis, long rehabilitation – case report

Herczeg E, Nemedy A, Donath J, Fazekas G
Meeting Abstract (088)

Rehabilitation of three women with a necrotizing myopathy

Golež A
Meeting Abstract (089)

Relationship between caregiver burden and the physical fitness and daily functional abilities of people with mild and moderate dementia

Hsu JC, Yang JC, Chein YC, Tsai YC, Tsai HT, Lo CF, Chen HY, Chou CC
Meeting Abstract (090)

Relationship between obesity and lumbar spine degeneration: A cross-sectional study from the Fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2010–2012

Bae S, Lee S, Kim W, Lee Su, Choi K
Meeting Abstract (091)

Responsiveness of the ARAT: differences between multiple time periods

Horbach A, Van Wijck F
Meeting Abstract (092)

Supporting government policies to embed and expand rehabilitation in health systems in Europe: A framework for action

Skempes D, Bickenbach J, Michail X, Stucki G
Meeting Abstract (093)

Supporting people with autism spectrum disorder into employment

Brecelj V, Zovko Stele M, Demšar A, Bratuš Albreht K
Meeting Abstract (094)

Sustainable effects in rehabilitation for patients suffering asbestosis

Dalichau S, Möller T
Meeting Abstract (095)

SWOT analysis of Slovenian Social Inclusion Program for Persons with Disabilities

Tabaj A
Meeting Abstract (096)

The assessment of muscular characteristics using tensiomyography in hemiplegic stroke patients

Park SW, Kim W, Choi KH
Meeting Abstract (097)

The association of sarcopenia with low back pain and lumbar spine degeneration

Kim WJ, Bae JH, Kong HH, Choi KH, Kim W
Meeting Abstract (098)

The development of regeneration orientation and resistance orientation in the course of routine inpatient psychosomatic rehabilitation

Linden M, Otto J
Meeting Abstract (099)

The effect of assisted-robotic gait training on Lokomat device on aerobic capacity in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

Zen Jurancic M, Damjan H, Groleger Sršen K, Jemec Stukelj I, Vipavec B, Pibernik M
Meeting Abstract (100)

The effects of balance training with balance system in patients with multiple sclerosis

Gur H, Karaca G, Alpua M, Demir AN
Meeting Abstract (101)

The effects of low bone mineral density on pain, quality of life and fatigue in the patients with epilepsy

Unal-Ulutatar C, Yazici G, Midi I, Akyuz G
Meeting Abstract (102)

The impact of early intervention in infants preterm and in their familiar environment

Pérez-Bonilla M, Girela López E, Casado Adam P, Jiménez López J, Mayordomo Riera FJ
Meeting Abstract (103)

The influence of response shift on the outcome measurement in patients suffering degenerative knee complaints

Dalichau S, Albrecht H, Möller T
Meeting Abstract (104)

The relationship between pathological worrying and working memory capacity in a psychosomatic rehabilitation population

Held J, Ramadani L, Visla A, Wolfer C, Köllner V, Flückiger C
Meeting Abstract (105)

Upper extremity rehabilitation game motivates persons with Parkinson’s disease to achieve higher functionality

Cikajlo I, Zajc D, Dolinšek I, Peterlin-Potisk K
Meeting Abstract (106)

Using mental imagery in stroke rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia

Alhashil N, Kontou E, Radford K
Meeting Abstract (107)

What is the effect of a community based exercise intervention for people with dementia?

Yang JC, Hsu JC, Lai YL, Chein YC, Tsai YC, Hung LY, Tsai HT, Chou CC, Lee HY, Huang AC, Lo CF, Chen WH