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27. Internationaler Kongress der Deutschen Ophthalmochirurgen

15. bis 17.05.2014, Nürnberg


Meeting Abstract (VI 2.1)

A temperature in corneal endothelium during phacoemulsification (K)

Suzuki H, Igarashi T, Shiwa T, Takahashi H
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.2)

A new way of controlling Venturi pump flow volume in cataract surgery (K)

Kishimoto M
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.3)

Low Infusion Pressure Microincisional Cataract Surgery (P1, P2, B)

Scharioth GB
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.4)

BC flushing (K)

Yoshida H, Matsuura K, Shimowake T, Miyoshi T
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.5)

Neues intraoperatives Kammerwinkelbeobachtungssystem (P2)

Scharioth GB
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.6)

New intraocular lens fixated in ciliary sulcus without scleral suture in the absence of capsular support … (P2)

Sugiura T
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.7)

A modified scleral IOL fixation technique using a suture thread inserter combined with 25-gauge vitrectomy (K)

Nishitsuka K, Yamashita H
Meeting Abstract (VI 2.8)

CSI: Heidelberg – Searching under the surface (K)

Khoramnia R, Kretz FTA, Fitting A, Attia MSA, Holzer MP, Auffarth GU