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1st International Conference of the German Society of Nursing Science

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegewissenschaft e. V.

04.05. - 05.05.2018, Berlin

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Meeting Abstract (18dgpP01)

Adverse events in the adult ICU setting, a descriptive study

Thormann K, Simon M, Zuniga F, Bachnick S, Mueller L, Rothen HU, Rutjes A, Jeitziner MM
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP02)

Digital technologies to support communication with ICU patients during weaning from mechanical ventilation: a scoping review

Balzer K, Henkel A, Hussels B, Kopetz J, Krotsetis S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP03)

Prognostic value of the prediction scale for depression after stroke: the binational study ValiDePreS

Hirt J, Meijeren L, Meyer G, Saal S, de Man-van Ginkel JM
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP04)

Clinically meaningful symptom improvements associated with a cooling intervention for chronic venous disease

Kelechi T, Mueller M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP05)

Non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of sleep pattern changes in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: systematic review

Siqueira Costa Calache AL, Souza Machado F, da Silva Souza RC, Brito Poveda V
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP06)

The path towards peace in intensive care units

Abbasi Dolatabadi Z, Zakerimoghadam M, Bahadorifar H
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP07)

Person-centered technology for people with dementia: a protocol for an evidence map and an integrative review

Hirt J, Hering A, Ballhausen N, Kliegel M, Beer T
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP08)

Comparison of a Norwegian and German case conference concept for challenging behavior in nursing homes

Holle D, Halek M, Bergh S, Lichtwarck B
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP09)

Patients’ satisfaction with gastrointestinal endoscopy

Jarzynkowski P, Piotrkowska R, Książek J
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP10)

Occupational satisfaction and self – assessment of the demand for nursing care at surgical departments

Piotrkowska R, Książek J
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP11)

The use of fairy tale telling for people with dementia as a psychosocial intervention

Kollak I, Luderer C, Dierking D, Fischer S, Herzog A, Woepking M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP13)

Family caregiving of persons with dementia – a concept analysis

Krutter S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP14)

Diversity and ageing: LGBT*I elders and long-term care

Kollak I, Lottmann R
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP15)

Mobility of palliative care patients – a qualitative research

Thordsen I, Strupeit S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP17)

Specialist utilization of nursing home residents and community-dwelling elderly: a regression analysis

Schulz M, Schwinger A, Tsiasioti C, Rothgang H, Czwikla J, Gerhardus A, Gand D, Schmiemann G, Wolf-Ostermann K, Schmidt A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP18)

Stroke – the indeterminable illness. Experiences of elderly patients during the acute phase

Steudter E, Them C
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP19)

How do elderly people in need of care experience the transition to long-term care facilities

Krug K, Strupeit S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP20)

Access to timely formal care for people with dementia: Interview studies in eight European countries

Bieber A, Stephan A, Broda A, Meyer G
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP21)

Professional competence in nursing (PROCOMPNurse) – a European research project 2017-2021

Koskinen S, Leino-Kilpi H, Ayerle GM, Cerezuela Torre M, Fatkulina N, Lehwaldt D, Leino-Kilpi H
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP22)

Ensuring adequate supply of long-term care services in rural areas

Hof-Kleiner B, Büscher A, Seeling S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP23)

The measurement of burnout in Croatian nurses

Bošković S, Skočić Mihić S, Tatlović Vorkapić S, Malnar D
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP24)

Residents under 65 years of age in German nursing homes – a secondary analysis

Heinze C
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP25)

HIOPP-3: Interprofessional optimization of medication in nursing home residents – a cluster randomized controlled trial

Stolz R, Haumann H, Joos S, Doyle IM, Kirsch C, Thürmann P, Bernard S, Altiner A, Wollny A, Wilm S, Mortsiefer A, Kortekamp S, Wiese B, Schneider N, Bleidorn J, Junius-Walker U, Krause O
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP26)

Community care network – how digitalization is transforming health care in rural regions

Stutz D, Hildner A, Suessmuth MC, Teuteberg F
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP27)

Discrimination among migrant nurses in their daily work routine

Heier L
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP28)

Nurse Staffing in mental hospitals and its impact on patient-related outcomes – systematic review

Blume A
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP29)

Enhancing salutogenic work processes in home care nursing

Erbschwendtner S, Hülsken-Giesler M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP30)

Mapping patient journeys: development of a nationwide register based database prepared for risk assessment among patients aged 65+ and above

Kyndi Pedersen M, Uhrenfeldt L, Lundbye-Christensen  S
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP31)

Cultural adaptation and evidence of validity of the demands of illness in cancer patients

Siqueira Costa Calache AL, Ticoma Benavente SB
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP32)

Evaluation using a mixed-methods design: experiences from the EvaSIS-study to evaluate a new nursing documentation

Richter C, Hanf M, Langer G, Aichinger H, Bratan T, Peschke D, Seibert K, Wolf-Ostermann K
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP33)

Short version of the instrument for assessing stress in nursing students – validity study

Siqueira Costa Calache AL, Marques da Silva R, Carneiro Mussi F, Melo Batista K, Serrano PM, Grazziano E
Meeting Abstract (18dgpP34)

Assessment of patient interpretations of the Austrian version of EMUCQ-items with cognitive interviews

Egger-Rainer A, Trinka E, Lorenzl S