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72. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Polnischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

06.06. - 09.06.2021

ePoster Montag, 07.06.2021
Neuroonkologie II/Neurooncology II

Meeting Abstract (P041)

inovivo – a dedicated in vivo system for Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) delivery to mice

Davidi S, Blatt R, Munster M, Shteingauz A, Porat Y, Zeidan A, Marciano T, Bomzon Z, Giladi M, Kinzel A, Weinberg U, Palti Y
Meeting Abstract (P042)

Localisation accuracy in frame-based stereotactic procedures

Bopp M, Kröncke N, Saß B, Carl B, Nimsky C
Meeting Abstract (P043)

MIB-1 index in meningioma correlates to clinical improvement after surgical resection

Lampmann T, Schneider M, Asoglu H, Hadjiathanasiou A, Güresir Á, Vatter H, Schuss P, Güresir E
Meeting Abstract (P044)

Microstructural analysis of endo- and perineurial cells in human neuroma

Dömer P, Kewitz B, Woitzik J, Kretschmer T, Janssen-Bienhold U, Heinen C
Meeting Abstract (P045)

MRI changes after proton therapy for glioblastoma with and without tumor treating fields therapy

Goett H, Jensen A, Struffert T, Uhl E, Stein M
Meeting Abstract (P046)

Outcomes after surgical treatment of cerebellar metastases

Ersoy TF, Mokhtari N, Grote A, Simon M
Meeting Abstract (P047)

Primary cerebral B-cell-lymphoma in Meckel’s cave as a rare cause of trigeminal neuralgia – case report

Grabowski S, Zawy Alsofy S, Wilbers E, Santacroce A, Fortmann T, Ewelt C
Meeting Abstract (P048)

Protocol for mapping of the supplementary motor area using repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rnTMS)

Engelhardt M, Karhu J, Picht T
Meeting Abstract (P049)

Reducing the risk of surgically inflicted motor deficits by accelerated low-frequency repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rnTMS) – a feasibility study

Engelhardt M, Kimmel J, Raffa G, Conti A, Picht T
Meeting Abstract (P050)

Returning to work after glioma-therapy in regard to cognitive functioning

Lortz I, Conradi N, Behrens M, Seifert V, Forster MT
Meeting Abstract (P051)

Surgery of recurrent petroclivaler meningiomas – do the results justify repeated surgeries?

Schackert G, Juratli T
Meeting Abstract (P052)

Synergistic effect of 5-amino-levulinic acid and gold nanoparticles in photodynamic therapy of immortalised human vestibular schwannoma cells

Karadag C, Gull HH, Kahlert UD, Hänggi D, Cornelius JF