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GMS Journal for Medical Education (GMS J Med Educ) – formerly GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung – publishes scientific articles on all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and other health professions. Research and review articles, project reports, short communications as well as discussion papers and comments may be submitted. Manuscripts may be submitted in English or German. Each Articles will be translated into the other language respectively. GMS Journal for Medical Education is published regularly as an unrestricted open access journal with at least four issues per year. In addition, special issues on current topics in medical education research are also published.

The journal is the organ of the German Association for Medical Education (GMA) ( Until 2015 the journal was published under its German name GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung.

Published articles are available worldwide to anyone who is interested: Without any delay, permanently, searchable and without costs. We cordially invite you to use our journal as a reader or as an author for the benefit of medical education.

Recent Publications
GMS Journal for Medical Education Volume 35

Issue 1

article Patient Safety

How could the topic patient safety be embedded in the curriculum? A recommendation by the Committee for Patient Safety and Error Management of the GMA

Kiesewetter J, Drossard S, Gaupp R, Baschnegger H, Kiesewetter I, Hoffmann S
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc15 (20180215)
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article Clinical Electives

How the Start into the Clinical Elective Year Could be Improved: Qualitative Results and Recommendations from Student Interviews

Beck S, Schirlo C, Breckwoldt J
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc14 (20180215)
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article Interprofessional Education

A model of interprofessional problem-based learning for medical and nursing students: Implementation, evaluation and implications for future implementation

Dreier-Wolfgramm A, Homeyer S, Oppermann RF, Hoffmann W
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc13 (20180215)
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article Clinical Reasoning

Advancing clinical reasoning in virtual patients – development and application of a conceptual framework

Hege I, Kononowicz AA, Berman NB, Lenzer B, Kiesewetter J
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc12 (20180215)
With Erratum (Feb 19, 2018)
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article Outpatient Clinic

Integrating teaching into routine outpatient care: The design and evaluation of an ambulatory training concept (HeiSA)

Hundertmark J, Apondo SK, Schultz JH
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc11 (20180215)
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article Physiotherapy

Case-oriented selection of investigation methods in direct access: A comparison between physiotherapy trainees at professional colleges and in bachelor's study courses

Konrad R, Geraedts M
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc10 (20180215)
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article Medical Biometry

Effect of data self-collection as an activating teaching method in a statistical software course in medical biometry – a pilot study

Mayer B, Braisch U, Meule M, Allgoewer A, Richter S, Muche R
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc9 (20180215)
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article National Examination

Factors that Affect the National Student Performance Examination Grades of Brazilian Undergraduate Medical Programs

Neto TA, da Silva Fucuta Pereia P, Nogueira ML, Pereira de Gody JM, Moscardini AC
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc8 (20180215)
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article Mentoring

Peer-mentoring Program during the Preclinical Years of Medical School at Bonn University: a Project Description

Lapp H, Makowka P, Recker F
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc7 (20180215)
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article Outpatient Clinic

Competency-based learning in an ambulatory care setting: Implementation of simulation training in the Ambulatory Care Rotation during the final year of the MaReCuM model curriculum

Dusch M, Narciß E, Strohmer R, Schüttpelz-Brauns K
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc6 (20180215)
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book review Patient Safety

Michael Rosentreter: Patientensicherheit lehren. Bedarfsanalyse und Konzeption eines integrierten Lehrprojekts für die medizinische Ausbildung

Quandt C
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc5 (20180215)
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book review Life Sciences

Susanne Kühl, Michael Kühl: Die Abschlussarbeit in den Life Sciences

Schmitz D
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc4 (20180215)
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book review Health Care

Interdisziplinäres Autorenteam Witten (Hrsg.): Heal Your Hospital. Studierende für neue Wege der Gesundheitsversorgung

Störkel F
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc3 (20180215)
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conference report Interprofessional

Interprofessional teaching and learning in the health occupations – A conference developed by and for young scientists in the field of education

Wild H, Thierfelder I
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc2 (20180215)
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thanks Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to the Reviewers of GMS Journal for Medical Education

Fischer MR, Fabry G
GMS J Med Educ 2018; 35(1):Doc1 (20180215)
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