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GMS Journal for Medical Education (GMS J Med Educ) – formerly GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung – publishes scientific articles on all aspects of undergraduate and graduate education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and other health professions. Research and review articles, project reports, short communications as well as discussion papers and comments may be submitted. Manuscripts may be submitted in English or German. Each Articles will be translated into the other language respectively. GMS Journal for Medical Education is published regularly as an unrestricted open access journal with at least four issues per year. In addition, special issues on current topics in medical education research are also published.

The journal is the organ of the German Association for Medical Education (GMA) ( Until 2015 the journal was published under its German name GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung.

Published articles are available worldwide to anyone who is interested: Without any delay, permanently, searchable and without costs. We cordially invite you to use our journal as a reader or as an author for the benefit of medical education.

Recent Publications
GMS Journal for Medical Education Volume 33

Issue 3

article Flipped Classroom

An Introduction to the Inverted/Flipped Classroom Model in Education and Advanced Training in Medicine and in the Healthcare Professions

Tolks D, Schäfer C, Raupach T, Kruse L, Sarikas A, Gerhardt-Szép S, Kllauer G, Lemos M, Fischer MR, Eichner B, Sostmann K, Hege I
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc46 (20160517)
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article Ethics of Medical Education

Awareness of ethical issues in medical education: an interactive teach-the-teacher course

Chiapponi C, Dimitriadis K, Özgül G, Siebeck RG, Siebeck M
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc45 (20160517)
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article Quality of Assessment

An algorithm for calculating exam quality as a basis for performance-based allocation of funds at medical schools

Kirschstein T, Wolters A, Lenz JH, Fröhlich S, Hakenberg O, Kundt G, Darmüntzel M, Hecker M, Altiner A, Müller-Hilke B
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc44 (20160517)
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article Medical Communication

Learning Doctor-Patient Communication – Evaluating the effectiveness of the communication training course at Leipzig University from the students' point of view

Cämmerer J, Martin O, Rockenbauch K
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc43 (20160517)
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article Simulated Patients

Working as simulated patient has effects on real patient life – Preliminary insights from a qualitative study

Simmenroth-Nayda A, Marx G, Lorkowski T, Himmel W
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc42 (20160517)
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article Management Competencies

Simulating the physician as healthcare manager: An innovative course to train for the manager role

Gradel M, Moder S, Nicolai L, Pander T, Hoppe B, Pinilla S, Von der Borch P, Fischer MR, Dimitriadis K
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc41 (20160517)
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article Clinical Rotations

Preparation courses for medical clerkships and the final clinical internship in medical education – The Magdeburg Curriculum for Healthcare Competence

Spura A, Werwick K, Feißel A, Gottschalk M, Winkler-Stuck K, Robra BP, Braun-Dullaeus RC, Stieger P
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc40 (20160517)
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letter to the editor Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor regarding the editorial “Quo vadis? – Medical education 2020 between politics and science”

Chenot JF, Steinhäuser J, Bergmann A, Ehrhardt M, Spanke J, Simmenroth A
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(3):Doc39 (20160517)
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Issue 2: Interprofessional Education

editorial Interprofessional Education

Special edition booklet: Interprofessional Training – Published by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung

Klapper B, Schirlo C
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc38 (20160429)
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editorial Interprofessional Education

Collaboration, cooperation, communication, contact and competencies

Thistlethwaite JE
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc37 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

More terminological clarity in the interprofessional field – a call for reflection on the use of terminologies, in both practice and research, on a national and international level

Mitzkat A, Berger S, Reeves S, Mahler C
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc36 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Improving competencies in evidence-based dementia care: Results from a pilot study on a novel inter-professional training course (the KOMPIDEM project)

Balzer K, Schröder R, Junghans A, Stahl U, Träder JM, Köpke S
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc35 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Berlin in Motion: Interprofessional teaching and learning for students in the fields of medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and nursing (INTER-M-E-P-P)

Bohrer A, Heinze C, Höppner H, Behrend R, Czakert J, Hitzblech T, Kaufmann I, Maaz A, Räbiger J, Peters H
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc34 (20160429)
With Erratum (May 3, 2016)
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article Interprofessional Education

Recommendations to enhance constructivist-based learning in Interprofessional Education using video-based self-assessment

Dahmen U, Schulze C, Schindler C, Wick K, Schwartze D, Veit A, Smolenski U
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc33 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Learning – Development and Implementation of Joint Medical Emergency Team Trainings for Medical and Nursing Students at Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Partecke M, Balzer C, Finkenzeller I, Reppenhagen C, Hess U, Hahnenkamp K, Meissner K
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc32 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Comprehension through cooperation: Medical students and physiotherapy apprentices learn in teams – Introducing interprofessional learning at the University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany

Mette M, Dölken M, Hinrichs J, Narciß E, Schüttpelz-Brauns K, Weihrauch U, Fritz HM
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc31 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional peer-assisted learning as a low-threshold course for joint learning: Evaluation results of the interTUT Project

Reichel K, Dietsche S, Hölzer H, Ewers M
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc30 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional practice in health care: an educational project with four learning sequences for students from six study programs

Nowak AC, Klimke-Jung K, Schäfer T, Reif K
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc29 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Fostering interprofessional communication through case discussions and simulated ward rounds in nursing and medical education: A pilot project

Wershofen B, Heitzmann N, Beltermann E, Fischer MR
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc28 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Communicative positioning of one's own profession in interprofessional settings

Posenau A, Peters T
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc27 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Properties, promotive and obstructive conditions of multi-professional teaching and learning of health professions and non-health professions: an explorative survey from the perspective of teachers

Schmitz D, Höhmann U
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc26 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

The subjective experience of collaboration in interprofessional tutor teams: A qualitative study

Weber T, Hoffmann H
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc25 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Design and evaluation of an IPE module at the beginning of professional training in medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy

Zirn L, Körner M, Luzay L, Sandeck F, Müller-Fröhlich C, Straub C, Stößel U, Silbernagel W, Fischer J
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc24 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Communication in Health Professions: A European consensus on inter- and multi-professional learning objectives in German

Bachmann C, Kiessling C, Härtl A, Haak R
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc23 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Evaluation of interprofessional education: lessons learned through the development and implementation of an interprofessional seminar on team communication for undergraduate health care students in Heidelberg – a project report

Berger S, Mahler C, Krug K, Szecsenyi J, Schultz JH
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc22 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

The Conversion of a Peer Teaching Course in the Puncture of Peripheral Veins for Medical Students into an Interprofessional Course

Brem BG, Schaffner N, Schlegel CA, Fritschi V, Schnabel KP
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc21 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

First Contact: interprofessional education based on medical students' experiences from their nursing internship

Eich-Krohm A, Kaufmann A, Winkler-Stuck K, Werwick K, Spura A, Robra BP
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc20 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

Simulating a patient's fall as a means to improve routine communication: Joint training for nursing and fifth-year medical students

Flentje M, Müßel T, Henzel B, Jantzen JP
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc19 (20160429)
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article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional education in Erlangen: A needs analysis and the conceptual work of a student working group

Konietzko R, Frank L, Maudanz N, Binder J
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc18 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

Self-perceived attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration and interprofessional education among different health care professionals in pediatrics

Bode SF, Giesler M, Heinzmann A, Krüger M, Straub C
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc17 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional teaching and learning in the health care professions: A qualitative evaluation of the Robert Bosch Foundation's grant program "Operation Team"

Nock L
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc16 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional education as part of becoming a doctor or physiotherapist in a competency-based curriculum

Sander O, Schmidt R, Rehkämper G, Lögters T, Zilkens C, Schneider M
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc15 (20160429)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Interprofessional Education

Students' Perceptions on an Interprofessional Ward Round Training – A Qualitative Pilot Study

Nikendei C, Huhn D, Pittius G, Trost Y, Bugaj TJ, Koechel A, Schultz JH
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(2):Doc14 (20160429)
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Issue 1

editorial Medical Education

Quo vadis? – Medical education 2020 between politics and science

Harendza S, Fischer MR, Fabry G
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc12 (20160215)
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article Assisted Suicide

Physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia and palliative sedation: attitudes and knowledge of medical students

Anneser J, Jox RJ, Thurn T, Borasio GD
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc11 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Patient Safety

The Learning Objective Catalogue for Patient Safety in Undergraduate Medical Education – A Position Statement of the Committee for Patient Safety and Error Management of the German Association for Medical Education

Kiesewetter J, Gutmann J, Drossard S, Gurrea Salas D, Prodinger W, Mc Dermott F, Urban B, Staender S, Baschnegger H, Hoffmann G, Hübsch G, Scholz C, Meier A, Wegscheider M, Hoffmann N, Ohlenbusch-Harke T, Keil S, Schirlo C, Kühne-Eversmann L, Heitzmann N, Busemann A, Koechel A, Manser T, Welbergen L, Kiesewetter I
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc10 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Veterinary Medical Education

Stressed out or subjective acquisition of competence – how do veterinary students see their curative work placement?

Dilly M, Tipold A, Geuenich K
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc9 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Medical Theses

Importance and benefits of the doctoral thesis for medical graduates

Giesler M, Boeker M, Fabry G, Biller S
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc8 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Admission Tests

Academic Performance of Students with the Highest and Mediocre School-leaving Grades: Does the Aptitude Test for Medical Studies (TMS) Balance Their Prognoses?

Kadmon G, Kadmon M
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc7 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Tuition

A study on effects of and stance over tuition fees

Karay Y, Matthes J
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc6 (20160215)
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article Competence Based Medical Education

Vaccination: Developing and implementing a competency-based-curriculum at the Medical Faculty of LMU Munich

Vogel B, Reuter S, Taverna M, Fischer MR, Schelling J
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc5 (20160215)
With Erratum (Feb 25, 2016)
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article Clinical Rotations

The FAMULATUR PLUS as an innovative approach for teaching physical examination skills

Jerg A, Öchsner W, Wander H, Traue HC, Jerg-Bretzke L
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc4 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Preventing Students' Stress

Peer-led Stress Prevention Seminars in the First Year of Medical School – A Project Report

Bugaj TJ, Mücksch C, Schmid C, Junne F, Erschens R, Herzog W, Nikendei C
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc3 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
article Dental Education

Development and implementation of the Clinical Tooth Shade Differentiation Course – an evaluation over 3 years

Olms C, Haak R, Jakstat HA
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc2 (20160215)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]
thanks Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement to the Reviewers of GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung

Fischer MR, Fabry G
GMS J Med Educ 2016; 33(1):Doc1 (20160215)
[Full Text] [PDF]