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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2023)

24. - 27.10.2023, Berlin

About this meeting

The DKOU in 2023 has the motto ‘Competent in Quality and Progress‘.

The striving for high quality of treatment and the constant search for progresses in medical supply are among the most important characteristics of clinically active medics.

Nowadays high-quality medical supplies are taken for granted by our patients. While still towards the end of the last century, patients and relatives often considered medicine as a healing art and rarely questioned the individual course of treatment, now a critical attitude for the quality of medical services has been established.

To display a high and comparable quality, orthopaedic and trauma surgery societies and organizations in many areas such as arthroplasty, geriatric traumatology and care for severe injuries have taken the initiative independently through the introduction of registers and certifications of clinics and individuals. Today, arthroplasty and trauma registers as well as certified arthroplasty, trauma and spiral centers belong to the components of the supply landscape of orthopaedic and trauma surgery.
Medical quality assessment is accompanied by cost units and professional organizations such as medical councils. Cost units review whether they can sanction a comparably poorer quality. In addition, those who become conspicuous in the external quality control of the medical councils have to explain themselves for deviating treatment results.

At DKOU 2023, we will jointly investigate the current quality initiatives to further develop the management of treatment quality by relevant and effective strategies.

Progress in diagnostics and therapy has always been an essential driving force in medicine. The constant search for new solutions in medical treatment turns medicine into science. Simultaneously, we are facing a large number of new scientific discoveries and technical options, the relevance of which for clinical care can only be found through critical examination.
At this year’s DKOU you will again have the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in O(rthopaedics) and T(raumatology) and critically consider their relevance to your personal daily practice. Participation in meetings and discussion groups will help to evaluate the status of medical progress in O and T through well-founded competence.
Our guest nations at DKOU 2023 are China and France with which we will consider and discuss these and other topics to look beyond our own borders.

Our thanks go to our specialist societies, professional associations, sections, working groups, academies, industrial partners and congress organizers, without their committed support a congress of this level would not be possible.

By medical competence we understand the willingness and ability not only to recognize problems in the responsible area but also to solve them. We are very happy to support your efforts to further develop this competence in quality and progress, at DKOU 2023.

We look forward to exciting and stimulating discussions with you and an intensive collegial exchange, not least in the attractive supporting programme of the congress.

Come to the DKOU in Berlin in autumn 2023!