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German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU 2022)

25. - 28.10.2022, Berlin

About this meeting

Passion for the Patient

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to welcome you to the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 2022 in Berlin!

The motto of our congress: Passion for the Patient!
We want to put our patients again at the centre of our attention and our actions because ultimately all our efforts revolve around people. Medicine with compassion – that is our credo. Individualised medicine tailored to the individual has long been adopted in other specialties and will also be discussed at our congress. Optimal patient-specific preparation and care is just as much a topic as the special needs of elderly patients.
In order to meet these needs, besides empathy and high-quality professional medicine, one thing is needed above all: passion. Honest enthusiasm and joy in our great and magnificent field are our motivation and prerequisite for the best medicine and caring attention to the patient. Orthopaedics and trauma surgery accompany us “throughout our lives”, from infant hips to sports traumatology and geriatric orthopaedics. That is why we want to present our subject with all its facets and possibilities and inspire young talents. Economic framework conditions must be created for further education and training as well as science and research, but new professional fields also round off the spectrum of care and are presented.
We are still in daily conflict with increasing economic pressure, staff shortages and political guidelines. Therefore, we will deal with the compatibility of patient-oriented and individualised care with economics and legislation.

It is our concern not to lose sight of the whole person as a central element of medical practice. Therefore, care of the whole person and trauma care are central tasks and will be a weighty element of the congress. Likewise, conservative procedures as an essential part of our patient care are among our main topics.

The aim of our daily work is to combine humanity and medicine at the highest level. The quality of our care is high and is assured and promoted by the initiatives of our professional associations, such as the trauma and arthroplasty register. Centre formation and certification can serve high-quality, specialised care, which ultimately benefits our patients. Robotics, artificial intelligence and digitalisation are not only finding their way into centres, which is why these topics have a high priority at the congress.
Our guest nations at DKOU 2022 are Belgium and Japan, with whom we will look at and discuss these and many other specialist topics in order to look beyond our own borders. For the first time, we will collect donations for a charitable project at this congress to support a hospital in Namibia and to improve health care there sustainably.

We would also like to thank our specialist societies, professional associations, sections, working groups, academies and industry partners without whose committed support a congress at this level would not be possible.

Together with you, we would like to make the passion for our patients at the DKOU 2022 clear, tangible and perceptible. We look forward to exciting and stimulating discussions with you and to collegial exchange, not least at the attractive supporting programme of the congress.

Join us at DKOU 2022 – it’s worth it!