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4. Wissenschaftlicher Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Essstörungen e. V. (DGESS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Essstörungen e. V.

20.03. - 22.03.2014, Leipzig

About this meeting

Disturbances in eating behavior occur at all ages. These include abnormalities in the eating behavior itself or in the behavior related to controlling body weight. Though eating disturbances are described relatively well for adolescents and young adults, little is known about the form these disorders take on in childhood and later adulthood. In light of the current revisions of diagnostic criteria for eating disorders, the question arises how to assess what is "healthy" or "non-normative" as opposed to what is "conspicuous" or "clinically relevant". Specially because eating disorders are frequently associated with disturbances in body weight, ranging from extreme underweight to severe obesity often leading to serious health threats, an increased health policy-related and societal relevance accompany these disorders.

Eating disorders at different ages and the methods to handle these disorders are the focus of this year's Leipzig Congress. Nationally and internationally recognized experts will present biopsychosocial basics and evidence-based approaches to treatment and prevention from early childhood to late adulthood.