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Annual Meeting of the German MLA (AGMB)

23. to 25.09.2008, Magdeburg

About this meeting

Dear Colleague,

it is our pleasure to invite you to the Annual Meeting of the German MLA (AGMB) 2008 themed: "Educating - Networking - Safeguarding the Future".

Currently, the AGMB counts about 500 personal and institutional members (mainly from german-speaking countries) from different types of medical and health science libraries. Four working groups, a discussion list (medibib-l) as well as a weblog (medinfo) enable the exchange of experiences amongst its members. The journal GMS Medizin-Bibliothek-Information is issued three times per year on German Medical Science. The association's website can be found at

Focal points of this year's meeting (scientific programme) are life-long learning, the new educational structures resulting from the Bologna Process, new techniques for networked working processes, and the effects of the new German copyright law.

In addition there will be a poster session, workshops, product reviews and an exhibition.

The social programme offers a variety of opportunities to discover the many facets of Magdeburg, the 1200 years old regional capital.

We are looking forward to seeing you and wish you a successful meeting.

Diana Klein
Ingeborg Rosenfeld
Anna Schlosser

AGMB Executive Board