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6. Symposium Health Technology Assessment

Deutsche Agentur für HTA des DIMDI – DAHTA@DIMDI

03. bis 04.11.2005, Köln

Über diesen Kongress

This year, the German Agency for Health Technology Assessment at the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information (DAHTA@DIMDI) looks back at five years of active HTA work. Five years in which HTA has prospered from a special term used by experts to an internationally discussed concept, which in many cases found its way in legislation already. Enough reasons to examine the knowledge, value and prospects of HTA together with HTA experts from all over the world at the meanwhile sixth German HTA symposium.

With "Biomedical Sciences" a focus has been chosen which addresses all aspects of the HTA concept by its political explosiveness and scientific development. Not only genetic therapies or diagnostic developments may raise many questions concerning efficacy, safety, appropriateness and effectiveness; ethical and legal implications are of great importance here as well.

We want to learn about the experiences and procedures of international HTA organisations and to discuss future measures and challenges. Top-class representatives of European HTA institutions, of HTA networks and of the international association HTAi will present their know-how. They are accompanied by participants from politics and science, as well as from international organisations of the health care system, e.g. the OECD.

Traditionally, this year's HTA symposium programme is dedicated to the exchange between HTA users and HTA developers. Accordingly, the symposium will be followed by the module for education and training; this year it concerns the evaluation of trials and the use of international information sources.

Information about the speakers (in alphabetical order)

Helmut Brand
Institute for Public Health NRW
Helena Dahlgren, Oslo/Norway
Vice Director, Swedish Council on
Technology Assessment in Health Care
Hans-Peter Dauben, Cologne/Germany
Head of Department Medical Transactions,
International Affairs, German Institute for
Medical Documentation and Information
Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, Paris/France
Director of the department "Bonnes
pratiques et prise du charge", Haute
Autorité de Santé (HAS)
Robert Francke, Bremen/Germany
Institut für Gesundheits und Medizinrecht,
Universität Bremen, Fachbereich Rechts-
wissenschaft, Universität Bremen
Malene Fabricius Jensen, Copenhagen/Denmark
Head of library services at Danish Center
for Evaluation and Health Technology
Assessment (DACEHTA), National Board
of Health, Health Information Services
John Gabbay, Southampton/Great Britain
Professor Emeritus, Wessex Institute of
Health, Research and Development,
University of Southampton, Former
Director of the National Coordinating
Center for HTA (NCCHTA), Former Vice
President INAHTA, Director HTA
Iain Gillespie, Paris/France
Head of Biotechnology Division,
Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD)
Alicia Granados, Copenhagen/Denmark
Director of the Health Evidence Network
(HEN), Worldhealthorganisation (WHO)
Niels Wuergeler Hansen, Copenhagen/Denmark
Senior Scientist, Danish Center for
Evaluation and Health Technology
Assessment (DACEHTA)
Finn Børlum Kristensen, Copenhagen/Denmark
Director of the President of the
International Network of Agencies of HTA
(INAHTA), Head of the EU Project
European Network for HTA (EuNetHTA)
Krysztof Landa, Krakov/Poland
Director of the Polish HTA agency
Berit Mørland, Oslo/Norway
President of the Health Technology
Assessment International (HTAi), Vice
Director of the Norwegian Knowledge
Centre for the Health Service (NKH)
Alric Rüther, Cologne/Germany
Head of the German Agency for HTA at
Stefan Sauerland, Cologne/Germany
Biochemical and experimental
department, medical faculty at the
University of Cologne
Claudia Wild, Vienna/ Austria
Manager of the unit for Health Technology
Assessment of the Institute of Technology
Assessment of the Austrian Academy of