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16. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre: Curriculum planning and assessment

19. - 21. April 2012, Timisoara, Romania

The Art to restore a smile on anyone's lips – Aesthetics


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  • corresponding author Brigitta Bogdan - West University,"Vasile Goldis", Arad, Romania
  • author Dorothea Stana - West University,"Vasile Goldis", Arad, Romania
  • Paul Freiman - West University,"Vasile Goldis", Arad, Romania

16. Grazer Konferenz – Qualität der Lehre 2012 - Curriculum planning and assessment. Timisoara, Romania, 19.-21.04.2012. Düsseldorf: German Medical Science GMS Publishing House; 2012. Doc12grako18

doi: 10.3205/12grako18, urn:nbn:de:0183-12grako188

Veröffentlicht: 5. September 2012

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Introduction: Aesthetic education nowadays is dominated by the media that stimulates and refines aesthetic taste, imposing beauty models of advertising campaigns that are promoted to encourage the increase of the hygienic education level among the population in Romania, but from this point of view it seems that we stand on one of the last places in Europe. The Hollywood smile is required, with rigorous dental alignment, healthy and white teeth, well shaped lips and a well-developed facial makeup. People desire to be attractive, it is not the contemporary world privilege but it is more obvious due to the exceeded unprecedented development of interpersonal communication. Today, people are advised to be concerned by a “natural look” so that they feel good when they see their own image.

Aim of the study: The first objective that a dentist must meet is based on saving and preserving tooth vitality, no matter what. The focus spent this recent years on the change of the ego and the freedom to spend money for themselves has led to increased demands in terms of its appearance, including cosmetic dentistry. Compliance symmetry. Symmetry is one of the main requirements in aesthetics; it refers to “regular arrangement of a form or an object” (Furtwander).

Materials and methods: The dentist and the patient will choose together the best option for filling the space depending on the size of the restoration, aesthetics, durability and of course filling materials costs. Modern composite resins present much improved properties compared to the original formula, and the inorganic filler is composed of a mixture of different particle sizes, some sub-micron. The wide range of available colors, special means of restoration and embellishment of polymerization by photoactivation have contributed to significant improvement of this aesthetic qualities. Verti flow – is the first etch composite and adhesive fluid. It is a leader in restorative dentistry at present in Romania with the following qualities: adhesive, high adhesion strength to enamel and dentin and easy to handle. In this project we focus on the direct and indirect restorations and besides them we introduce in the discussion also the materials for them. Direct restorations and materials: ionomer glass, ionomer or composite materials. Indirect restorations and materials: inlay with photopolymerization cements, autopolymerization cements and high strength glass ionomer cement. Also it should be noted that adjuvant materials are used, depending on the patient.


The Smile, a purely human expression, is an expression of inner feelings and it is a primitive form of communication between people.
The Smile, when it is pleasant and attractive it enriches not only the individual that smiles but also those who look.
Today, dental aesthetics is founded on a more ethically sound basis: the general improvement of dental health.
Since the face is the most exposed part of the body, and the mouth a proeminent feature, teeth are getting a greater share of attention.