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Adenoidectomy and myringotomy in the management of otitis media in children

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GMS Curr Posters Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2017;13:Doc104

doi: 10.3205/cpo001658, urn:nbn:de:0183-cpo0016581

Veröffentlicht: 26. April 2017

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In children adenoid hypertrophy (AH) and otitis media with effusion (OME) are consider one of the most common ENT pathologies. Usually, AH can cause nasal blockage, sinusitis and OME with some hearing loss (HL). In children AH and OME must be examined and diagnosed in early stages in order to prevent above mentioned complications. In inefficiency of medical treatment, surgical measures like andenotomy (AE) and myringotomy (MT) may be necessary in children.

Aim: To study importance of adenoindectomy and myringotomy in the management of OME in children.

Methods: The study was performed in ENT specialized clinic of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Children aged 3-6 y.o who having OME with HL and AH were examined with methods: endoscopic rhinoscopy, microscopic otoscopy, tympanometry with acoustic reflex, ABR/ASSR hearing test, 3D X-ray of paranasal sinusis and nasopharynx. In total 50 patients were examined and 14 (28%) of them recovered with conservative treatment and 36 (72%) patients who is not responding to medical treatment were selected for AE and MT.

Results: Among selected patients for 25 performed AE with MT and for the rest 11 ones only MT operations. Middle ear effusion cleared in all patients who had type B tympanogram in one or both ears. In total 36 MT performed in 65 ears. According to 6 months follow up, in patients who passed AE with MT occurred significant improvement in their hearing level compare to who had just MT.

Conclusion: Adenoidectomy with myringotomy showed significant results on elimination hearing problems compared to just myringotomy procedure in children.

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