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Urban Health Transdisciplinary Forum

Machbarkeitsstudie Urban Health Ruhr

15.02.2023, Bochum


Foreword to the proceedings of the Urban Health Transdisciplinary Forum  

Urban health is a key issue in the Ruhr area, a former coal and steel region characterised by ongoing structural change. The history of industrialisation and the population density are to a large extent comparable with other regions in the world. The region faces many challenges related to urban health and environmental justice. Urban health analyses the risks and benefits for the health of people living in urban areas. Environmental justice focuses on inequalities based on environmental determinants and decision-making processes. With the Urban Health Transdisciplinary Forum, we provided a transdisciplinary learning space that brought together people from academia, practice and diverse communities from around the world. The Transdisciplinary Urban Health Forum is part of the Urban Health Ruhr Feasibility Study, a transdisciplinary research project in the field of urban health with the socially diverse Ruhr region as its central reference and study area. The project is being carried out by the Bochum University of Applied Health Sciences, the Technical University of Dortmund and MedEcon Ruhr. It is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW.

We would like to thank the entire MUHR team for organising this event and publishing the proceedings.

Special thanks go to Svenja Gallasch for her comments and suggestions in the preparation of these proceedings.

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