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Symposium Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (Pseudotumor cerebri)

07.10.2017, Düsseldorf

2nd Scientific Session

Meeting Abstract (17siih05)

Effects of Long-Term Elevated Intracranial Pressure on Neurocognitive Functions – What do we know – What should we look for?

Arendt G
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Meeting Abstract (17siih06)

Morphologic signs of ICH using MRI and MRA

Lutterbey G, Brassel F
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Meeting Abstract (17siih07)

Medikamentöse Therapieoptionen, Nebenwirkungen, Komplikationen, Therapiekontrolle, Langzeitergebnisse

Willenborg KD
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Meeting Abstract (17siih08)

IIH therapy with octreotide

House PM
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Meeting Abstract (17siih09)

Technic, Results and Complications of Stent-PTA in Dural Sinus

Aguilar-Pérez M, Henkes H
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