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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Posters
Session H: Varia (Chairmen: Bosse & Hofer)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeH1)

Communication skills training in Psychiatry and Portraying psychiatric diseases: Are standardized patients authentic?

Wündrich M, Philipsen A, Peters J, Zahn A, Voderholzer U
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeH2)

The effect of students’ communication on seriously ill patients’ perception of bedside teaching

Beltermann E, Chaix I, Gruber H, Breckwoldt J
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeH3)

How do students learn from lecture-slide handouts? A qualitative analysis

Prodinger W
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeH4)

Teaching anatomy in the 21. Century – Modern approaches to quality standards in medical education research and curricular integration

Böckers A, Böckers TM, Fassnacht U
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeH5)

Revision courses in Internal Medicine as a helpful tool in prearrangement of the German second part of the Examination (M2) for 6th year students. Conception and impact to the learning effect

Simon M, Karges W, Al Dahouk S, Sudmann S, Dott W
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeH6)

Understanding problem-based learning (PBL) using a paper-case about PBL

Roos M, Scholten M, Kuon R, Ledig T, Götz K
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