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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Thursday: Posters
Session F: E-Learning/Virtual Patients (Chairmen: Fischer & Schnabel)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeF1)

Can virtual patients be used to promote reflective practice as part of pediatric trainees’ diagnostic reasoning strategies?

de Leng BA, van Gent R, Donkers J, Hess F, Heid J, van der Vleuten CPM
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF2)

Evaluation of curricular integration of virtual patients: Development of a student questionnaire within the electronic virtual patient (eVIP) project

Haider HR, de Leng BA, Hoffmann GF, Tönshoff B, Huwendiek S
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF3)

Video-based Standardised Physical Examination – An Interdisciplinary Project at Heidelberg Medical School

Simon A, Weber I, Miebach J, Kadmon M, Huwendiek S, Steiner T
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF4)

Using Interactive Images for Embedding Applied Knowledge into Virtual Patients

Hess F, Huber S, Heid J, Donkers J, de Leng BA, Huwendiek S, Haag M
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF5)

The Coordination Centre Homburg eLearning in Medicine – Chelm

Hohenberg G, Igel C, Graf N
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF6)

The Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Virtual Patient Project: Conceptual Design and Preliminary Results from the University of Heidelberg Medical Curriculum (HeiCuMed)

Oberle S, Hanebeck B, Lehmann R, Harter C, Nawrotzki R, Titz S, Koch E, Roggenhofer C, Kadmon M, Jaschinkski C, Schäfer N, Schönit E, Hoffmann GF, Haag M, Tönshoff B, Resch F, Steiner T, Huwendiek S
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Meeting Abstract (09rmeF7)

The use of virtual patients to prepare for skills lab training: results of a pilot project

Lehmann R, Bosse HM, Nikendei C, Tönshoff B, Huwendiek S
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