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Fourth International Symposium and Workshops: Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Medical University of Hannover

01.06. bis 04.06.2005, Hannover

Late Potentials/Binaural Interaction

Meeting Abstract (05omci051)

Electrophysiologic Measures of Binaural Interaction in Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipients

Firszt JB, Gaggl W, Birnbaum M, Runge-Samuelson C, Wackym PA
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Meeting Abstract (05omci052)

Assessing neural survival with objective measures

McKay C, Prado-Guiterrez P, Fewster L, Heasman J, Shepherd R
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Meeting Abstract (05omci053)

Responses to electrical stimulation in individuals with residual hair cell function

Abbas PJ, Etler C, Nourski K, Brown C, Miller C
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Meeting Abstract (05omci054)

Comparative study of adaptation properties of components N1 and N2 of auditory near-field evoked potentials recorded in the cochlear nucleus of the rat in response to pulsatile acoustical stimulation

Loquet G, Meyer K, Rouiller EM
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Meeting Abstract (05omci055)

Objective measures and amplification outcome in subjects with Connexin 26 gene mutations (Cochlear implant and hearing aid users)

Kamal N, Said N, Hassan D
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Meeting Abstract (05omci056)

The "pull-back" technique for Nucleus 24 perimodiolar electrode insertion

Todt I, Basta D, Ernst A
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Meeting Abstract (05omci057)

The use of the Bark Scale in children with a cochlear implant

Tonini R, Ballay C, Manolidis S
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