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Fourth International Symposium and Workshops: Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Medical University of Hannover

01.06. bis 04.06.2005, Hannover

Late Potentials/Binaural Interaction

Meeting Abstract (05omci051)

Electrophysiologic Measures of Binaural Interaction in Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipients

Firszt JB, Gaggl W, Birnbaum M, Runge-Samuelson C, Wackym PA
Meeting Abstract (05omci052)

Assessing neural survival with objective measures

McKay C, Prado-Guiterrez P, Fewster L, Heasman J, Shepherd R
Meeting Abstract (05omci053)

Responses to electrical stimulation in individuals with residual hair cell function

Abbas PJ, Etler C, Nourski K, Brown C, Miller C
Meeting Abstract (05omci054)

Comparative study of adaptation properties of components N1 and N2 of auditory near-field evoked potentials recorded in the cochlear nucleus of the rat in response to pulsatile acoustical stimulation

Loquet G, Meyer K, Rouiller EM
Meeting Abstract (05omci055)

Objective measures and amplification outcome in subjects with Connexin 26 gene mutations (Cochlear implant and hearing aid users)

Kamal N, Said N, Hassan D
Meeting Abstract (05omci056)

The "pull-back" technique for Nucleus 24 perimodiolar electrode insertion

Todt I, Basta D, Ernst A
Meeting Abstract (05omci057)

The use of the Bark Scale in children with a cochlear implant

Tonini R, Ballay C, Manolidis S