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54. Jahrestagung der Norddeutschen Orthopädenvereinigung e. V.

Norddeutsche Orthopädenvereinigung

16.06. bis 18.06.2005, Hamburg


Prof. Dr. med. Jochen F. Löhr

Dear colleagues and friends of the NOV,

It is a particular pleasure to welcome you to Hamburg and the 54th Meeting of the Northern German Orthopaedic Association.

As we will be discussing various patho-logies, outcomes, and treatments in knee surgery as well as in spine surgery, we will experience the latest advancements in these fields and at the same time test proven procedures against their outcome in the long term. We do invite all of you to actively participate in the discussions and question-and-answer-period, so that we can all improve in our understanding and skills in these fields.

As all of Europe is moving closer together, so are the Orthopaedic Associations of the Northern countries and, therefore, we are very happy to have members and visitors from these areas with us today.

The forum of »Young Science« will be given a platform to discuss their investigations with the audience and has become a fixed feature in this meeting.

The NOV-Committee will present the winner of the Hoffa-Prize at this meeting, a by now well-established award for exceptional and innovative work.

Embedded into the meeting is the session on current concepts in joint arthroplasty in which we invited distinguished speakers to discus current advances in knee arthroplasty and future trends. We shall also hear in a special lecture where orthopaedics as a sub-speciality in medicine is headed in our times.

Non of these meetings could function if we did not have the support of our industry, with which we trans-form the scientific advancement made in research into everyday procedures, benefitting our patients. Therefore, from all of us in the organizing committee and on behalf of the Board of the Northern Orthopaedic Association with its President, Prof. Neumann, we welcome you to Hamburg and wish you a most enjoyable stay within our wonderful city.

J. F. Loehr, MD, FRCSC

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