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1st Symposium of Information and Communication Technologies in Emergency Medicine

12.06. - 13.06.2012, Rauischholzhausen


Dear colleagues,

The care of emergency patients is an interdisciplinary, inter-professional, and intersectoral business with numerous interfaces: Rescue Coordination Center – ambulance, ambulances among each other, ambulance – hospital. Moreover, even in the central emergency ward numerous interfaces among different professional groups and specialty departments have to be managed. In fact, there is probably no other sector where the patients’ survival and wellbeing depend as much on a secure communication and a fast, targeted information processing as in emergency medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to support interfaces with the sensible application of information and communication technologies to turn interfaces into junctions.

With the first Symposium on ICT in Emergency Medicine, we intend to bring different ICT projects together to enable an exchange of knowledge and experiences and to generate synergies between different projects. Hence, besides the classical scientific program with long and short presentations, we plan to hold a workshop to define and to publish the requirements for ICT at the different interfaces.

Kind regards,

Björn Bergh, Asarnusch Rashid, Rainer Röhrig

Scientific Program